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  1. My swing (rcb054)

    Thank you- I went to the range to work on this today. Work in progress. I also purchased a "inside approach" to help with my swing path. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't hit the foam pad once today - although I still had some slices while using it. Can anyone help me to understand how I am still slicing the ball when I am swinging inside to out (or swinging underneath the 'inside approach' which is technically the correct swing path)?
  2. My swing (rcb054)

    Thank you for the reply and links- I will take a more detailed look at these today. I can feel my arms working across the ball but am having trouble controlling this. One questions I had was regarding hands at impact. Do you want your hands to be in the same position (ahead of the ball) at impact for both the driver and irons?
  3. My swing (rcb054)

    Hi Everyone- thank you in advance for the review and advice. It is much appreciated! I've been Playing Golf for: I have been playing golf for 2 years. I have taken lessons from 3 different pros, all with different takeaways and outcomes. I currently play in a golf league (9 holes per week). With that being said, I typically play 1-2x per week with 1-2 range visits per week. My current handicap index or average score is: My average score is between 95-100. When I play golf league every thursday I am usually in the 47-50 range in terms of score. My typical ball flight is: My typical ball flight is normal to high with my irons. The driver is typically the same depending on how high I tee up the ball. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: I struggle mightily with a slice on my driver/3 wood. My irons are fairly straight with a fade at times. My last lesson resulted in some video analysis which showed my take away and top of backswing is pretty close to on plane. I begin the downswing on plane as well and then tend to push the club outside at the bottom of the swing (causing slice). One of the fixes that the pro made- was for me to work on not turning my hips as deep and my knee (left) not bowing right (in). Basically the quieter my lower body is on the backswing, the more weight I end up having transfer to my back foot at the top of my backswing. Videos: The videos are swings using my 7i & driver.