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  1. Haha I must be the worst litter bug...when I caddie and find balls, if it is not a Pro V1/x, Tour i/iX, TP red/black, I just drop em, no use for me to weigh my pockets down. In the last 6 months alone, I have found over 500 premium balls. And thrown back at least 500 crappy ones.
  2. Its all about being comfortable, sometimes I play my best when Im in an intense match with my scratch buddies, but I also shot 71 (bogey bogey on 17 and 18) last week with my dad and uncle, who are both 20+. There were in a cart and I just hopped on the back with my sunday bag and tore through the course, could not have had more fun. I shot 72 when I played a +1, who ended up shooting 74, so I say, its all mental.
  3. I have 6 putters, all of them are different lengths, from 31"-35". And I switch every week just for fun, just go with what feels good, people make putts all day, its the one thing you dont need to over-analyze.
  4. Pro golfer = Get any girl in the world. I say take advantage of it.
  5. I was caddying for a 9 hole scramble tournament at our club, and on the par 3's (2 of them) the member's bet on closest to hole from shots hit by caddies. This is where my two best shots in a round came from. #3 162 yds, first guy chunks it 30 yards, second guy hits it short of the green. I grabbed my members 7 iron, and in my whites, put it 4 feet. Won $60 #5 167 yds downhill. first guy puts it on about 40 feet, second guy puts it to 6 feet past, but looked inches from the tee. I grabbed same 7 iron, and hit 6" past the stick and rolled to 2". Almost holed it. Won another $60. Made over $3 bills that day from that. Ironically, they were the only two shots I hit the entire day. HA
  6. Im im sitting at 175, ill be happy, but I could push it to 190 if needed. Not my style though. I hit Titleist 735cm w/ S300.
  7. I agree and disagree. I think you should go to a blended set if anything, not pure blades. I had some Hogan Edge and as a 15 index I got my titleist 695mb and in three months i was a 7 index, and when I got my blended set 735cm, I found the best combo 5-7 muscle cavity, 8-P blade. Try the ZB blended set if you want blades.
  8. Im a caddie, please trust my opinion on this, Ive seen every bag out there, the Ping Hoofer and the Voyager are the best bags ever. the Sun Mountains are a close second and the titleist bags are 3rd.
  9. I pretty much have my dream set now, although I would take a look at the new Titleist CM irons when they come out, and there is a little itch to check out the Scotty Newport Squareback
  10. Yeah bud I use the same wedges as you 50, 54, 58, 64 vokeys, I will either game all of them, and take out my 4 iron, or I will leave my 4 iron and take out either the 54 or the 58 for a round, because I found it easier to manipulate the yardages between those clubs. Imagine that you probably would only hit your that certain wedge twice per round anyway, most holes if you play longer courses you should have longer irons in, and would be using it for par 5's and pitch shots. But I think if you have a Hybrid you can hit easy to replace the 4 iron, those are great loft intervals. I play the following yardages 46*- 125-35 50*-105-25 54*-90-105 58*-70-90 64*0-65 Hope this helps...
  11. A buddy of mine likes to say "hit puberty" when he hits a long putt that looks on line. I laughed pretty good when I heard him the first couple times.
  12. The ap2 feel the same on slight mishits as when you hit flush. They are very straight though. The ZB or ZM are much better for spin, trajectory, and feel. Some of the best clubs on the market by far. But dont buy new clubs, buy the 735cm that I have, blade to muscle combo set, look beautiful and hit much more pure than the ap2.
  13. I apologize, but i disagree slightly with what you say. The R9 will fix his misses and straighten out his drives. It is an awesome head, very hot like the R7 when it came out. And if he gets fit for the R9 with the right shaft, right lie angle, loft, offset, for his swing. He will hit 30% more faiways and gain 25% more yards easy. I currently have an r7, but spent 30 min in a taylormade demo session and hit the R9 15 yards longer with some 30+, and I was straighter on slight mishits. It is a sick driver, and looks and sounds beautiful. Between the new 909D and the R9, not sure what Im going with.
  14. If you go to the range, never hit the same more than twice in a row. Keep yourself making good swings will all clubs. When is the last time you hit 10 shots witha 6-iron in a row on the course? I would hope never.
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