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  1. Mine Is A my putter 425 Pound it cost me ah ha whats the big deal with it umm i never miss a putt under 10 feet...lol
  2. I used a coin a i got from a caddie called Andy bladen(looks like Rod Stewart) he bagged for Richard Boxall,Gordon Brand Jnr and other tour pros!
  3. Its Just A Very Old Story that if u hit an Ace u must be good and if ur good u can buy the drinks.....lol
  4. ah so u have 1 of them pros, well i would go out of town or 2 a good driving range and find a good pro who knows what he is talking about, not all pros knows what is best, Good Luck
  5. No Tiger Met A Chelsea Player At The Matchplay and he gave him tickets after his early Exit(ha ha),
  6. Its Not The Club Never Blame The Club, Unless Its Bent...lol Just keep Swinging And it Will Work Its Self out, Other Good tip Get see Ur Local pro get him 2 video ur swing and see if he can see anything wrong!
  7. if i was u i would talk 2 ur local pro, prob the best way 2 get it done!
  8. Last four rounds at par 70 1- 71 2- 64 3-67 4-65
  9. Sorry but i think u r very unfair on Clarke he has just losed his wife but yet he comes out and does what he has 2 do and beat whats infront of him and he did and i think the Euro team, was a team and not like the US they looked spilt from each other! do u not think?
  10. scottish blood dont mean a thing, u play off 17.7 and ur trying 2 start with me , look i am sick of loud mouthed Americans thinking there great was just getting a point across that we will walk all over u!
  11. I Am Sorry whats ur Hanicap 17.7 wow great looked at mine i am just sick of Loud Mouthed Big Headed USA so called superstars!
  12. Hey where in Sweden u from, i have been there a few times flommen is where i go not far outside of malmo get golf courses and the women r hotttttt!
  13. I Just Got that Shaft Fitted and its 1 of the best shafts around i love it so much i might get this of my clubs fitted with it!
  14. I Have Had 4, 1 of them came on a par 4 312 yards,
  15. Casey Will Kill U All, His Power and he has his driving going and he is hitting greens and his putter is red hot, but Monty showed how good he is, he will lead us like Normal 2 a Good Victory, USA Watch Out!
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