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  1. Thank you Kyle. I guess it's the level headed unfrustrated approach that made the most sense, didn't even think to ask the course about a driver to borrow.
  2. So this is the story I buy a new golf club set on Golfsmith.com it comes in on thursday and I can't wait to try it out. Friday rolls around and I head to the driving range to get a feel for my new clubs. At about my 20th swing I got that unusually light feeling as I watched my club head fly about 95ft out. I call them up and they can do a full refund as long as I send the whole set back in which I can do as late as monday, and I have a tee time tomorrow with a couple buddies from work. So for my question what should I do? Should I just go ahead and use a 5 or a 3 wood? I am a beginner so any advice would be helpful.