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  1. just be yourself.

    Well said i agree 100%
  2. Driver: 240 21*hybrid :200 5 iron: 150 6 iron: 140 7 iron: 130 8 iron: 125 9 iron: 110 PW: 100 60*: 40
  3. Twice a week and i try and shoot for two hours of practice but its a give and take i just have to remind myself that im not there just to hit balls. I like to try and work on something specific. Sometimes i get dragged into a pissing contest to see who can drive it the farthest and i learned that when that happens i tend to pick up bad habits and screw up my swing.
  4. Whats your favorite golf slang term or saying..

    When u hit a long drive u say "someone call child services cuz that baby got smacked" heard it on a T.V. show once i laughed.
  5. What car do you have?

    09 Jeep Wrangle unlimited Set up for off roading and Plenty of space for golf gear in the back nothing like driveing around with the top down. 2nd car a 1956 Chevy Bel-air only comes out on special occassions and i could put 3 or 4 golf bags in the trunk and a few dead bodys if i wanted. lol
  6. Hello from SoCal

    Hello and welcome
  7. money jumped outta my pocket again...

    It sure does now imagine those of us that have a few hobbies that all require time and money. lol But its all worth it in the end right
  8. WELL hi guys!

    Howdy and welcome.
  9. Not to go off target but how would wearing a glove affect your putting?
  10. Lost ball or not

    So quick question and any input would be appreciated. We were out playing a late round acouple days ago and a question came up. A buddy of mine tee'd off and hit it stright down the middle there was no dennying that the ball was flying stright. We all agreed the the flight of the ball was stright on but because it was getting dark we dident see it all the way. We searched up and down the with no luck. Does he need to take a lost ball penelty?
  11. Light's Out for the rest of the NHL

    What is the presidents cup. sorry just started watching hockey. lol