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  1. Group, In setting up with my irons - or hybrds - should I distinctly have the club on its heel with the toe in the air or just on the heel with the club flat to the ground? Thanks
  2. Group, I lose distance when hitting from medium to high rough - I know this is obvious, but two questions: * For club selection, on the average, how much distance does one lose when hitting from the rough versus fairway or light rough? * Would it help distance wise putting the ball say further back in my stance? Thanks for all help - any other tips would be appreciaed.
  3. Hello all, I have a tendency to hit my ball 20 yards left when I try to get extra distance with my irons! I typically have a normal width stance with the ball dead center - or slightly left with a longer iron. I have a well aligned swing and dont lift me head - any advises? Thanks
  4. First off, I currently have an Aldila NV 65 R.....I am thinking of going to a stiff shaft (I have a 460CC head, offset, Kobra M speed, 105. loft) as my swing speed is 95+. Can someone help me understanding what all the different options are when it comes to shaft choices: Torque - Many ranges from 2.6 to 3.5. Why is this important? Tip and Butt diameter: ? Bend point? I hit the ball 175+ consistently, but further when I swing fast (and the ball go's 200+ but right). All help appreciated. Thanks
  5. Looking for a ball with low spin off the tee - as I tend to fade - but also able to stop on a dime on the green? Don't want to break the bank either..... All suggestions much appreciated. Thanks
  6. When I went on the launch monitor and teed it lower, I was hitting with the toe!
  7. I have a Kobra M Speed Driver with 10.5 loft and an Aldila NV 65 Regular shaft (high kick for lower flight)........ I tee 2 joints high and have a 98 mph swing speed (105 mph ball speed). Although I consistently get the ball on the fairway, my high, arcing drives are only traveling 175 to 190 and I feel I am losing distance. I do have a high launch angle! I had changed my stock shaft for the Aldila NV to rectify this! Can anyone guide me as to how get more penetrating flight and distance? Thanks
  8. A friend convinced me to get an oversize (Jumbo) soft grip for my driver and hybrids - said it 'might' compensate for my strong grip. I have noticed a tendency to slice now - could this be from the grip? I have medium/regular sized hands (but my endowment keep the ladies happy, thank you!) - what might be better for me. Thanks
  9. Need a little advise on low spin balls........ Am thinking of the Nike One Black Bridgestone E6+ Topflite Game TaylorMade Burner TopFlite D 2 Straight TaylorMade Burner LDP Dont want to pay more then $30. All advise much appreciated. Thanks
  10. I have a Taylor Made R7 5 Wood which I love and hit about as far as my 3iron. Will chaning the stock shaft to one with a higher kick add some distance for me? Obviously it will be a lower more pentrating flight - but will this add some yards? Thanks
  11. I guess what I am trying to accomplish is to get a lower, more penetrating trajectory..... I picked up a Cobra Speed LD F (9.5) loft, Regular over the holiday and was thinking of changing the shaft to an Aldila NV 75 (Reg) shaft. This has more of a high kick - will this help with lower drives? What about the loft, will it work ok with the different specs?
  12. First time poster..... Wanted to get some advise on what is the optimal loft and kick for my specs. I currrently have a Cobra Offset M Speed, 10.5 loft, regular shaft and hit it 250 consistently. I am a 15 Handicap but feel my somewhat lack of distance on my drices are holding me back. Would more loft help me? Higher kick less spin? I am 6 foot, 205 and athletic but now in early 40's. I have a 95 mph swing speed..... Any help or recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks
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