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  1. So, I got my new MP-60 irons from UPS today. And as the paranoid person that I am, I wanted to make sure these clubs weren't counterfeit. I looked throught the internet for hours but couldn't find out a way to make sure. Help?
  2. I dislike both teams. W/e. Zidane's last game. GO france
  3. Nah, hes not necessarily famous for playing dirty. He plays hard; it may seem like hes playing dirty but its just hussle. Now, what he's famous for, is his horrible temper. Umm, ya I just saw the clip again, he definitely did it on purpose. However, just because you're a pro athlete, does not mean you have total control over your feet; especially soccer.
  4. I shot a 80 today at my homecourse. 41-39. I'm kinda dissapointed. I hate shooting in the 80's. o well. My drives and iron shots weren't very flush. My putting was excellent though.
  5. hey sup man. i play varsity golf at my high school too. what grade are you in?
  6. well it may have seemed boring cause there were no goals. however, there were a lot of great chances. beckham's injury was dramatic because he was the captain of the team. he felt like he let down his team...that's why he started crying. recently, he told the press that he would no longer be captain of the team for future world cups. ummm wow....rooney's red card was def controversial. some people said that he didn't mean to step on the dood's crotch. so all he really did was push the other guy. he also got into a fight with christiano ronaldo, teammate on manchester united. sooo can't wait to
  7. I bought a set of Mizuno MP-60 irons on ebay 3 days ago for $645. At first, I was a little skeptical of buying stuff off of ebay. Especially merchandise over $200. And now after reading Wood's comment, I am scared. As soon as I get these clubs I'm going to check with the manufacturer. How do we do this again? Is there a website?
  8. As I was watching the Women's US Open, I noticed a little surprise on the leaderboard. ABC includes the players' nationality by putting a little flag next to their name. I glanced over the leaderboard and saw Michelle's flag. The star spangled banner. Now, I understand that she was born in the United States; confirming her citizenship in the US. However, I think she should be considered a Korean; since her parents are both Korean. What are your views?
  9. ya as a korean living in the Virginia, I have yet to see a gorgeous korean girl. However, western chicks are fine for now ...yaa going back to the topic. Koreans on the LPGA. YAY!
  10. First one for Hurst! I feel that Hurst deserves this one. Sorenstam wins too much. Going back to reality...I believe Hurst is more calm. Although Sorenstam has a tremendous amount of patience, Hurst seems wiser in my opinion. GO HURST!!
  11. hmm...is it just me, or is getting practice clubs a horrible idea? I think it's a better idea just to hit with your regular clubs. This way, you could get a better feel and get used to your actual clubs.
  12. ok heres my "support" In my opinion, the result of the Mexico vs. Argentina game was inevitable. Argentina is a much better team. (No offense to you) It surprised me that Argentina barely came out with a win against Mexico. Argentina's team is basically stacked with the best in the world. Not only that, but they play well together. The game wasn't very exciting though. Couple of good goals, but that's about it. There was no controversy or drama. For example, the England VS. Portugal. Wow what a game. Beckham's dramatic injury. Rooney's controversial red card. And then the big PKS. Ronaldo bl
  13. I have the same wedge; except its not gunmetal. However, mine rusted as well. umm there are some positives and negatives about the rusting. I get more spin with the ball; this helps me stop my ball faster on approach shots. However, I don't really like the feel of the wedge when it contacts the ball. It just doesn't feel solid. That's just my opinion
  14. hehe. I can tell by ur avatar.
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