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  1. Haven't tried that! will let you know on Thursday after the range
  2. So I've managed to cure my dreaded run of the good ol shank and been working on my iron play. While I believe I have a fair enough understanding of ball flight to understand the my problem, it seems that my problem sits between a hook and pull ( BUT I could be totally wrong). Let me explain At address, I feel that I'm fairly squared at the target, depending on my intended approach, but most of the time I feel pretty squared up for a straight approach shot. For the life of me, the ball goes left, its doesn't start of straight and then peel to the left, neither does it shoot of very sha
  3. Apologies if this is in the wrong section. Just thought I'd share this with you So I been an avid reader of this site for a while now and while I have made almost no contribution to it in term of posting etc, just don’t think my personal game is up speed as yet to comment on others. Some background into my experience with the game: I started playing about 18-24 months ago and I have recently come down to a 16. But my performance has not been consistent, especially my iron play, I always had to lean my putting and play around the greens to shoot a decent score. It hasn’t got any better
  4. Guys, Just wondering if any of you current play / played with these irons? I've been using these for the last 5 months and find them really comfortable, however i recently played off a set of CG gold which felt fantastic and dropped 5 shots out my round, now i cant contribute the lower round to the irons or rather cannot guarantee it was the clubs, but it felt really comfortable and easy to hit, now my mate played of the XC's (he normally plays of the CG's) and he said the Niacklaus feel better than than the CG's? comments...
  5. having a problem uploading the vid... will try my best to get it up ASAP. You right I seem to take the same stance with the irons, guess its just habit, i will try to stand closer and will let you guys know.
  6. you kinda right, i stand further away in order to create the "sweeping" action, standing closer makes me feel confined for space... if that makes sense..
  7. here are some pic's, will get the vid up shortly
  8. Thanks for this... Well, with me the ball starts of straight and goes right... I have got a vid and a few pic from this weekend...comments welcome, i will have it up in a bit
  9. So some feedback as promised... I spent sometime at the range last night, and tried out most the suggestions you provided. I really impressed, off all the suggestions about, the tip by TIM off aiming towards the left corner of the ball helped me swing more from outside in... although the fade has not completely gone, it has certainly improved. I will have a chance to try this out at the course tommorrow,and will report back thank you again.
  10. really apperciate this guys... thank you
  11. this brings me to me 2nd question, while I'm tempted to sort out one issue at a time :), i figue whileim at the range i shoudl try both :) with regards to irons...i was always under the impression that on the down swing, just before making contact with the ball, one should have the club face slighty foward .i.e. infront of your hand, or should the hand lead the club until impact... gusy excuse if my wording / phrases are incorrect...as I've just started.
  12. thanks for all the help guys - im eager to try this tips out, will report back on Friday morning.
  13. yip, think slice is the better word
  14. so number 4, is basically swinging down at the ball slighty if that makes sense?
  15. Hey Guys Hi from sunny South Africa . Great site! So I'm going to jump straight into it. I need some advice. I've been playing for the last 4 months or so, and I'm making steady progress... currently playing in the mid 90's (on a great day) Lets start with the Driver. A month ago i couldn't hit the driver at all, I will hit it fat, i would simply just miss the ball etc, which is rather embrassing, when there are a line of people waiting to tee off so i have progress from there and now in a position where im making constant contact, making a clean connection etc, but with tha
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