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  1. Hello from Minneapolis!

    There's a course back in RI with a barn that looks EXACTLY like that! You just brought back some good memories. Hopefully they'll get the funding and support they need to bring it back to it's former glory.
  2. Slice turned into a hook!

    I agree 100%. A lot of times, I over-analyze when in the tee box. Tee height, stance, ball placement--the list goes on. Some things I've tried that have helped: - loosen your grip - allow that face to come through square - make sure your tempo is controlled - tee it low and let it go - when all else fails, quit thinking about it, GRIP IT AND RIP IT
  3. Long Iron problems

    Try the tee drill! I had the same exact problem (and still sometimes do), but I found this drill very helpful.
  4. Hello from Minneapolis!

    Thanks! The site is wicked cool and I am loving it! Noticed you were from Boston. I grew up in RI. Had to throw it in there.
  5. Hello from Minneapolis!

    That's what I heard about Baker as well. From my understanding, they used to receive funds from Scott County, but a few years ago, the County started its own parks board, and Baker was left with less budget to maintain. It's really too bad when things like this happen. Most of the ones on my list are East Metro and South Metro area.
  6. My personal opinion: Definitely go to a golf shop, get fit, tell them your background, and try out as many clubs as possible. Inevitably, you WILL get golf fever, and you WILL want to upgrade if you spend bare minimum. A lot of the full set clubs at the general big box sporting goods stores are a great start, and allow you to improve your game and find your preferences over time. It will also help you figure out if you are missing a certain something in your bag. For example, pay attention to any gaps in distance between clubs. Make sure you know the loft and lie of the clubs you use. If you find any major holes, that's a club you'd might want to do some looking into to cover the gap. Wedges, putters and drivers are always something that every golfer wants a new one, even if they just got a brand new one. It's just part of the game! When it all boils down, the clubs you start with are less important than the practice you put in. Take time to find your game. Make sure you have good form and focus on the basics. Build your bag around those skills you've learned, and then you'll be so much happier using a club that you KNOW you want rather than being stuck in a huge investment with something that doesn't fit your needs. Hope this helps a little! Good luck!
  7. Which golf stereotype are you?

    This has to be the funniest video I've seen in a looong time! "You sit on a throne of lies, you scumbag!" Best line ever! I think I'm a combo of Mr. Excuses, Mr. Mood Swing, and of course, the Insists on Trying a Happy Gilmore Guy :-D
  8. Hello from Minneapolis!

    Thanks, cipher! Are you far into Whizzconsin or just over the border? I play everywhere I can to get a true GHIN reading. My favorite courses: Hiawatha Golf Course - just a mile or so from my house, and the practice facilities are amazing! They had to shut down the back 9 this season due to flood damage, but I will always support them because it's my home away from home and a course that close is always a nice thing Oak Marsh - my MGA membership is at this course, and they just renovated the entire course about a year or two ago to my understanding Legends Crystal Lake - got married here as well! Got a bunch of free golf for having the wedding here, and then during the dinner tasting, bride's had a random prize drawing for hair and photos and all that stuff--my wife won four more free rounds! I can say i was the only groom that jumped for joy after their wives won something :-D Highland 18 Inverwood I'll have to search those MPLS folks out! Thanks for the heads-up!
  9. Hitting Net

    That's a sweet setup! How are you liking the TrueStrike now that your back has hopefully healed? Do you wear spikes when using it? I'm a big fan of practicing true to actual game conditions, and sometimes I find my spikes get a little too caught up in AstroTurf. Grass has that little bit of give or slide when hitting, so I was just wondering. Does it have a rough option? Another question I could probably look up online, but figured I'd get an opinion from an actual user than the website.
  10. Hello all! My name is Greg. I've been playing golf since I was about four years old. I currently live in Minneapolis and work in finance. I am always looking to improve my game and learn more about everything golf-related! Looking forward to being a part of the sand trap community!