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  1. "So it's a Jim Furyk swing with a strong grip and closed stance." Ryan Moore, Jim Furyk, Calvin Peete like swing. To me the difference is the height of the hands and arm body connection. Hands are lower in A swing and elbow doesnt fly which makes it easier to keep synchronization of swing. Definitely huge similarities especially the "loop flattening" of swing plane.
  2. I am not sure if what i am doing is correct either but there are elements of it that are working. 1)Hands in club out is difficult to groove. I almost have to make a move dragging the handle inside. As i go back I imagine i am drawing a line down my right leg with the butt of the club as my wrist cocks. 2)Hard to not have right biceps come off the chest. For me that is caused by overswinging (as in i am going to kill this drive) or if my hands get above my right shoulder on the backswing .The arm body connect is to me the most important aspect. If my right elbow goes up high all sorts of bad things happen (including shanks) Also right inside upper arm has to sit almost on the side of my body and not in front as i have always done (if that makes any sense). This helps me get behind the ball. If my right arm is in front i tend to be way more "hookey" 3)Am finally grooved into shallowing out the club. (Well maybe this is the most important thing) Took me a while but it feels like a loop . I definitely dont have shaft leaning forward on the way back and am probably not even quite vertical even though it feels like i am. Not worrying about it. Also am probably a little strong with my right hand but am not worrying about it either. I dont think at all about my left arm. I dont pull right foot back. One more thing to think about and i am trying to keep it simple. No video yet. Not sure if i want to . May make me want to change what is working :)
  3. Just wanted to share my thoughts 1 month in to the “A swing”. I have been playing golf for close to 40 yrs. I was always told I have a “great looking swing” but have never been able to score on a consistent basis. The frustration of the inconsistency has driven me crazy and caused me to walk away from the game every few years as it just becomes no fun. I have been a bad 6 handicap in the past. Shoot one low 70’s and then back into the 80s for the next month . I have reasonable swing speed and the short game needs work but am not really interested in working on my short game if I am swinging like crap . My handicap has come down by three strokes in the past 30 days. The most important metric to me is the fact that I have lost three golf balls in the past six rounds. I have never been straighter and I have never been longer. Have gained at least 1-1.5 clubs in distance but the quality of the contact and the consistency of the contact has made golf a blast. I cant wait to get out to the golf course. To me the biggest benefit of the A swing is that it teaches you to shallow out golf club on the downswing. I don’t think I have ever really understood how to accomplish this or how it feels to hit the ball like that. Arm body synchronization – much easier and more consistant Finger grip- easier on hands, way more power through the ball. Not wearing out gloves anymore and no blisters on the hands. Don’t need to tape. Way less tiring. Not exhausted coming of the course or the range like I used to be. High right fade slice off the tee- GONE. Occasional hook but all my misses are left. I would rather live with that. Very few swing thoughts and getting fewer and fewer . Easier to fix if things are off. I have no professional aspirations. I just want to enjoy the game and hit the ball solidly and consistently. Cant imagine ever going back to way I was swinging before.