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  1. The Drive for 5...

    You may be correct there my friend. I have been very inconsistent in my practice, and don't have a set routine. I shall have to ponder. As for carding the 13, that's what I shot so that's what goes on the card. How are you supposed to gauge your improvement accurately if you don't count all the strokes? :)
  2. The Drive for 5...

    Well it was an up and down day. I went to the range yesterday with a pretty big hangover and shanked about 60% of my shots. No joke. Have not shanked a shot in about a year so I was freaking out a bit. Played today and thankfully that was gone, I think due to reviewing a lesson I took. Just focused on staying centered in the backswing and hinging up in the back swing. I shot 95 on a 131 slope rating with a 13 on a par 5. Just a horrific hole. I bounced back with 3 pars in a row so that was a consolation but still. Sometimes this game is so tough, just damn. My adjusted score was 89 so my HC sits at 14.5, still a long way to go.
  3. The Drive for 5...

    Haven't been out on the links in two weeks. Have gotten some practice in but not that much. I'm going to the range today and hitting the course tomorrow. Looking forward to it! Going to be working on a shorter back swing and staying more connected.
  4. Great updates and look forward to seeing the process and swing changes Pete. I have to echo that changes don't have to mean a big leap back in scoring. I've had coaches that it was the case and others where I got better right away. Depends on the teacher imo and of course the students dedication which is not an issue here.
  5. The Drive for 5...

    Nice. Taking them with a local pro?
  6. Yeah absolutely this is my miss so I'm going to experiment with it. Cheers!
  7. The Drive for 5...

    Ok here is the latest swing. My 7 wood from dtl. I am certainly improving as far as not sucking the club so far inside but still have a big gap between my right elbow and my body at the top of the swing. Face is more square though and I'm encouraged by this that's for sure.
  8. The Drive for 5...

    That's fantastic man, I'm chasing you as we both started as 15's. I'm at 14 but ready to make a move....!
  9. The Drive for 5...

    In my opinion you're wayyy overestimating how much further your distance ball goes than range balls. If they aren't limited distance most range balls go just as far as your prov1 or damn close. I've been on a launch monitor and only about a 5 yard difference between shitty Nike range balls and my Prov1x with Driver. You're saying your distance ball is 20% further, just not possible unless they are limited distance.
  10. The Drive for 5...

    Seems like we're all struggling right now. I was at the practice course today and my swing was off and on. No consistency at all. Very close to not one but two hole in ones which I'm glad didn't go in as it would have vexed me on a practice facility... Took some video of the swing so if I get time I'll upload.
  11. The Drive for 5...

    Range balls are not always shorter than real balls fyi. Are you sure they're limited distance?
  12. Great post Pete and looking forward to seeing that video as well. It's pretty interesting for a 14 cap to see what someone in your situation works on. Really appreciate the detail you put into your posts and I'm sure that we all get a lot out of it.
  13. The Drive for 5...

    Nicely done, grats
  14. The Drive for 5...

    People in this thread have been very cool. Nobody has blasted my swing too much if at all. Post away fella's, I'm feeling lonely in here!