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  1. Greatest short game player of all time... who is it?

    Does it include putting??? If it didn't then I would say that it would be Phil but if it did include putting then its definately not Phil.
  2. Antique Range Balls Marked Bethpage Black

    Wait are those bi colour ping balls actually valuable? Ive got one at home that i practise my putting with, i think i found it somewhere.
  3. When you strike the ball, hear the sound and feel club hittng ball and then ground (hopefully) and you know that its a good a shot and you look up to see it sailing away towards the green or when putting, diving into the cup, that is just magic
  4. nike sasquatch 3 wood

    yeah i have one. I really like it, its great off the tee and off the deck and very forgiving. Its not the longest three wood out there but it works for me. The only problem i have is the shaft as i got it in regular steel, changed to regular graphite and its way too flexy so now i need stiff. Other than that, its a great club BTW i think it's tiger's 3 wood ( correct me if i'm wrong ) except he has a steel shaft in it
  5. How often do you hit it "pure"?

    Both of you have misunderstood the meaning of 'pure'
  6. Thats not true Pros who make adjustments often win tournaments its only the Pro's who drastically alter their swing who go through bad patches and this is because their old swing is so engrained that the have a hard time getting the new swing engrained so that its flawless. For the average joe, coming out of a lesson you should be hitting the ball better because the pro should have made small change to improve your ball striking. There was a thread on this a while back btw.
  7. Isn't an alarm bell supposed to go off when you say this?!?
  8. Official US Open Thread

    Umm yeah not really, hes 34th in GIR this season so not a surprise and he's near the top or top of the GIR this week.
  9. Official US Open Thread

    This just isnt fair!!!!!!!
  10. Official US Open Thread

    Tiger wtf!!!!!!!
  11. Official US Open Thread

    Yeah I tend to agree with you now that DH hit it clsoe but for the past 2 n a half hours I hadn't seen anyone hit it even near close. Just saw a fist pump that i haven't seen in a long time
  12. Official US Open Thread

    I take that last post back, DJ just made me eat my words
  13. Official US Open Thread

    Man Poulter was fuming at the 7th but I do agree with him that its a bit ridiculous, even Phil couldn't get it to stop near the hole with his 64 degree wedge
  14. Should I pull the trigger?

    HAHAHAHA LOL! Kevin is getting ripped into now