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  1. 4 under Really thought I had "figured it out," but the game long since humbled me and continues to. If I can birdie once a round now I'll be cocky all day 💪
  2. 210yd Par 3, 5 iron The ball climbed quickly and began turning over slowly with a draw, landing left side of green, pin high. It just looked pretty cool more than anything special
  3. I tilt my trail knee toward the target a little to direct pressure to the inside of my trail foot.
  4. I'd give it a shot (or 7499 and take a quick trip to Mexico...) No matter what happens my wife will be happy 😋
  5. bm85


  6. Online mostly for used equipment. Most clubs I have bought I had not hit beforehand. eBay is generally where I shop, though I have bought used locally. Having been in the game over 3 years now, I'd consider myself a more serious player, and getting more performance from a fitted set is appealing. Since I tend to play more than practice now, I won't generate as much wear and tear so I'll get more out of the investment too.
  7. For me it's just not simply being good enough yet. I can play even for awhile, but eventually the difficulty gets to me in some way. Of course that's also what makes it fun! With more practice, more changes and etc. it may not be so hard to maintain. Been a year since my last lesson, so I think I might be due another one.
  8. You do something that absurd, and careless with the ball you should be kicked out of the tournament. Nothing against Phil Mickelson - the man, the person - but Phil the golfer shouldn't be allowed to play today. Makes the PGA Tour look comically soft.
  9. @TheDukester I have an Adams Tight Lies Ti 3wood with the Bassara shaft. Very fun to hit and easy to launch with its shallow face and lightweight shaft. It's also quite cheap on eBay (~$50). You can watch a review of it here.
  10. Dropped a few strokes, and the better rounds are easier to come by. Not yet where I want to be in terms of scoring, but golf has already given me quite a bit.
  11. Working out can help, but if you have poor mechanics it won't matter much. Gotta swing those arms down faster. Not the shoulders, hips, or etc. Just the arms.
  12. You're basically trying to spontaneously become good at something doing that. Golf is too hard for that to work. Find something specific to work on, take your time with it, and enjoy the process.
  13. (34) Focused on down swing today; rotating better and speed, speed, speed. Feeling that my lead arm is wrapping around my chest under my shoulders as I turn through the shot. This reduces a sense of stiffness in my arms which can stall my pivot.
  14. (33) Weight forward drill, making sure my lead shoulders going down, and trail hip churning back. After that I worked on impact, setting up with my hands feeling soft behind the ball, turning back and firing through that spot staying soft. Smooth, and fast. Laggy swing, just licking the ground with the club face.
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