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  1. My Swing (Used to Be a 3)

    No sir, it's not just to view flight. Swings with a ball are often mechanically different than swings without one. Maybe in a practice swing without a ball your swing looks okay, but in a video while hitting a ball you notice early extension, flipping, a stalled pivot or something that might need some work. Yours to me looks good, and quite similar really - but I'm not an instructor. I can say I like the lag you're getting, and that follow through looks like a 3 for sure!
  2. My Swing (Used to Be a 3)

    For accurate proper advice on your swing, I'd recommend posting a swing video with a ball.
  3. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I work in a hospital laboratory as a Medical Technologist. Our primary role is to perform tests with body fluids or other materials which assist in the diagnosis, treatment, and control of disease.
  4. What are Your 2018 Golf Goals?

    Get out and play more golf. I simply didn't play enough last year, often only 1-2 times a month. It would be great to find some friends to play with.
  5. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Hadn't played in a while, and shot a 41 through 9 the other day. Been practicing non-stop ever since. Nothing seems to motivate me like golf, and I really love that about the game.
  6. How long is your golf commute?

    There are lots of courses here, but it's odd my favorite one happens to be the closest ~5 mins away.
  7. Beware of the sick Golfer

    While I've not shot a score that impressive @Nutsmacker, I think there might be something with the whole wounded animal thing (i.e. Michael Jordan "flu game"). Who knows, but maybe becoming vulnerable activates some basal motor skills. I broke my trail ankle in some god forsaken gopher hole on a tee box early on the back 9. It was devastating at first because I had just started a new job. In addition I had begun to get a handle of my swing that day, and the hole right before things went snap, I had hit a flushed 3h ~260 yards reaching a long par 5 in two. Put a lot of work into being able to achieve that, and it was suddenly gone. There was a drill I learned here where you preset your weight forward, and while I'm not a master of drills or anything like that - I felt it saved the day. Shot even par for the remainder of the round, broke my foot but still broke 80! That experience solidified this site as a good source of knowledge, and also served as a wake-up call that my spring chicken days are numbered.
  8. No contest for me. My short game revolves around the 58. In general I use a SW 0-2 times a round, and a PW 0-3.
  9. How much time do you need to maintain...

    I practice until I feel I'm no longer making much progress, then I take a little break and do something else.
  10. Just throwing another shout out to the Snell "Get Sum." It just seems to suit my game. 6/doz for $85 makes it a no brainer.
  11. I would expect: -Slow motion video -Identification of a priority piece Only had one lesson, but it was great. It's nice to have help, and know you are working on something productive rather than just tinkering with random stuff. Probably wouldn't hurt to show up early and hit a few balls so you're loosened up/relaxed.
  12. Anybody use a Chipper?

    I used one for a little bit. Worked like a charm.
  13. Upgrading clubs

    I really like to have a hybrid in the bag. Just a good long range club that is easy to hit.
  14. Practice wedges and short irons

    To me playing golf better has a great deal to do with knowing, and applying feels. Hitting a 9 iron feels very different from a driver. Each requires practice, and it's more fun that way anyhow.
  15. What have you changed?

    Congrats on the handicap trending downward. Without going into all the details, the biggest change I have made is achieving a better Key #3. Sounds pretty simple, but it sure as hell wasn't. The hardest part for me is replacing something that feels comfortable and has brought you success with something that feels different and is uncertain.

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