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  1. Anybody use a Chipper?

    I used one for a little bit. Worked like a charm.
  2. Upgrading clubs

    I really like to have a hybrid in the bag. Just a good long range club that is easy to hit.
  3. Practice wedges and short irons

    To me playing golf better has a great deal to do with knowing, and applying feels. Hitting a 9 iron feels very different from a driver. Each requires practice, and it's more fun that way anyhow.
  4. What have you changed?

    Congrats on the handicap trending downward. Without going into all the details, the biggest change I have made is achieving a better Key #3. Sounds pretty simple, but it sure as hell wasn't. The hardest part for me is replacing something that feels comfortable and has brought you success with something that feels different and is uncertain.
  5. Engaged, square, balanced, lag, cure... Mans got all his key words in check. Has probably made tons of money off people.
  6. What keeps you from playing more golf?

    Practice is fun to me, and it's free so that's what I often do. When I do play I find myself often repelled by the pace of play. I seem to thrive in the winter season when the course is nearly empty, and the golf is cheaper to boot.
  7. Most "Heroic" Shot You Have Made

    It feels pretty heroic when you drive or reach a green in one. The least heroic feeling is when you do that but don't make birdie.
  8. Blaming Strategy? Or Execution?

    This misconception is an issue because the way we practice is responsible for our good and bad shots. If we don't adjust, and improve our practice methods the best we can hope for is to maintain whatever our ability to execute is. Obviously not ideal if we're uncomfortable with our current scoring trends. Being oblivious to this is a reason you know guys that are athletically competent who fail to emerge into lower scoring thresholds.
  9. Bag set up

    I used to hit 3w over driver, and dropped my 3-5 irons to use a couple hybrids. It made me feel more comfortable at the time, and there's nothing wrong with that. The issue was obviously my swing, particularly swinging steeply into the ball.
  10. Why do all pro's swing X stiff?

    Feel, spin, and wind I would guess.
  11. Weekly Lessons?

    I initially chose weekly but after taking lessons, I changed my mind. The piece my instructor showed me was a lot to chew on. If I went weekly, I'd probably be exposed to too much information, and get a bit confused. While it's good to have a professional to help, a very important and enjoyable part of golf for me is self discovery. I like to drill a move, explore it, sleep on it, then wake up and do it again. Gotta show improvement the time, and respect it requires. Suppose it all depends on where your game is though, and then your talent, discipline, and creativity. For me changing the picture in a weeks time is pretty ambitious.
  12. Have you ever lost a ball in the fairway?

    Not happened to me in awhile, but I played at some junky courses when I first started. It is disturbing in that twilight zone kind of way.
  13. The above advice is sound, but assuming you purchased the set with the same length/lie, perhaps the different profile is affecting your aim or setup? Concerning your question about shafts losing stiffness, I would assume not. They are the same make/model shaft correct? Stiffness of shaft is not a universal thing to my knowledge. Various brands have a wide variety of swing weights/stiffness which can feel and perform differently.
  14. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Shot 90. Had a 355 yard drive which was cool. Hit a few OOB at the start. Oddly enough I was hitting the ball very solidly, and stupid long. Ball flight was great, direction was fine, just had very poor control of my yardages.