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  1. You're basically trying to spontaneously become good at something doing that. Golf is too hard for that to work. Find something specific to work on, take your time with it, and enjoy the process.
  2. (34) Focused on down swing today; rotating better and speed, speed, speed. Feeling that my lead arm is wrapping around my chest under my shoulders as I turn through the shot. This reduces a sense of stiffness in my arms which can stall my pivot.
  3. (33) Weight forward drill, making sure my lead shoulders going down, and trail hip churning back. After that I worked on impact, setting up with my hands feeling soft behind the ball, turning back and firing through that spot staying soft. Smooth, and fast. Laggy swing, just licking the ground with the club face.
  4. (32) Worked on my pivot for a few minutes, then made several pitching motions with a wedge. Feels really smooth. Finished up with a few full practice swings without a ball, no video.
  5. (31) Picked up a club and swung it around for 15 mins. Trying to keep the feel with my irons that I had from yesterday, and exploring some mechanics on the down swing with driver that I was using to get the ball launching straighter/higher toward the end. Finished up by hitting a few putts into a cup at home for fun.
  6. Driver-Wedge at WGC Mexico

    Altitude is one thing. Mexico City is ~7,300ft above sea level.
  7. (30) Went to the range and started to practice normal things, but I switched things up at random. Decided to practice on my pre-shot routine. I wanted to focus on getting setup quick, and swinging quick without giving myself too much time to analyze etc. Then I went to a nearby course and played 9 holes in about 1 hour, shooting 3 over. Hit a lot of good shots, and few bad. Good times!
  8. (29) Practiced on speeding up my arms on the downswing. Thrusting hard with my hips and body, I made it a point today to speed up the club-head with my arms. Didn't record video, and didn't hit balls - just wanted to hear a quick swish, and fly into a strong balanced finish position.
  9. (28) Went to the range and practiced an hour and a half. Did a lot of work, but I would say the emphasis was just on rotating well through the shot. Swing feels great - sensation is that I'm swinging more with momentum now, and less and less by directing my hands.
  10. (27) Worked on taking the hands more inward, and the back straightening on the takeaway. Once satisfied with my position, I did some slow motion down swings exaggerating everything, and then making some quick full swings.
  11. (26) Just some fast swings today without a ball on video ~10 minutes. Made smooth back swings, and exploded from there. Finished up with a few minutes on pitching.
  12. Which move changed your game for good?

    The most significant "move" would be one my instructor had me work on. I could say a lot about my feels/interpretation of it, but to keep it short it's basically the reverse motorcycle rev from the top. He called it flexing, or bowing the lead wrist - but it's all the same stuff. Not sure how to hit a lower lofted club consistently without a flat left wrist, and working on this move was essential in achieving that.
  13. (25) Practiced full swing ~15 minutes, focusing on my delivery through impact. Lots of slow motion partial swings, and exaggerated movements through impact with an emphasis on Key #3.
  14. (24) Went to the range and hit a bucket. Range was in really bad condition. Mostly divots, mud, and a few warped patches of grass. Needless to say I struggled to hit the ball well, which wasn't much fun. I think it's best to let these types of days go.
  15. (23) Swung a 6 iron around for 10 minutes. Worked on some fundamentals, and pivoting. Making sure I'm turning well through impact, and not getting too armsy with my body stalling.

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