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  1. Short and quick back swing.
  2. I practice when I don't have something more important to do. Either I practice indoors at home, in my back yard, go to the practice greens, the range, or do a practice round. For me I love the practice rounds - mainly I just like being on the golf course, and you get to do a little bit of everything.
  3. I'm going with Sergio Garcia. You always have to say Spanish people's full names, because they sound cool. Obviously all of them are great, and can win - I just like the steady pace he has kept.
  4. It just looks like such an incredible place to play golf.
  5. 38. Had bogey, birdie and was even through 6. Got aggressive on a dog leg left par 4, and hit a great looking drive that almost carried the trees. It caught a branch and flicked into a 150 yd fairway bunker blocked a bit by trees. Failed miserably from there, getting a double. Think I'm going to play a practice round during off peak, where I hit out of every bunker on the course.
  6. Hitting drives "straight" for an entire round of golf is not something high handicappers can typically achieve. In addition to the advice above, I suggest trying to develop a more reasonable pattern to play golf with. Shaping the Ball is a smart thread to read if you haven't. It contains the ball flight laws, and some advice about playing golf with a pattern.
  7. I would read the following thread, and make setting up to the ball better part of my routine. Good Golf Posture (How to Address the Golf Ball).
  8. Kind of hard to tell on your video, but here's a thread that might benefit you @kegan116: Why Flaring Your Feet at Address Makes Golf Easier. Nice crackin' drives there!
  9. Not sure if this is allowed, but I played in a "best ball" scramble. First time for me, though I figure everyone on here knows the game. Won 7 bucks, with our team shooting 9 under. Seemed like a good score considering it was pretty windy. My foot is still pretty messed up, lost a few balls w/driver, but overall played well and more importantly just had a blast!
  10. I liked the Get Sum quite a bit. Just a straight up and down good ball, like some of the lower end Titleist. I'm pretty interested in buying the MTB's now too. Pretty hooked on Chrome Softs feel, but I hate thinking the MTB is just as good, yet cheaper. Plus they apparently redesigned the appearance. Originally that SNELL logo was a bit too bold for me, but now it looks sharp.
  11. What if you hit a lot out of the center, but didn't hit with a predictable pattern? Would you glean that path is an issue, or are things not so simple? I imagine most golfers don't hit the center very often, and if they do, they probably swing too steep.
  12. I get some good ones in a round, but carrying 290 normally would be fantasy. Option 3 is fine with me, but my god does it sound a little boring. "Drove those bunkers, hit it 310! KING KONG" or "Oh yeah, think I made par there."
  13. These things sound like fun alternatives if you could get used to them. Shooting an 88 sounds good to me. I've been on the one at Dicks, and I couldn't even hit it straight.
  14. I'm torn between laying up or seeing if I can get close to that front edge. It depends on the weather, and what shot I saw from the tee box.
  15. Shot a 77 yesterday. Was 5 over on the front, but had 3 birdie putts that lipped out so I felt like I was still in it. Started the 10th hole out with a 310 yard drive(!), and made birdie on the subsequent par 3 with a PW stuck 4ft from the hole. Things got interesting on the 13th hole when I was running off to pee, I snapped my ankle in a hidden pothole on the back of the tee box. Panicked at first as I heard a pop, took a 10 min break, and just used my putter as a cane for the rest of the round. Would say I'm die hard, but might just nuts. Shot even on the back overall, and had an awesome sense of accomplishment. Going to work today was a bit embarrassing, but it was worth it.