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  1. Yeah, I know. I never said it wasn't. It's actually linked on my site. I was just pointing out the forum part of The Sand Trap, which is a pretty unique aspect to golf on the internet.
  2. Will Woods or a top seed win it this year? Or will a surpise (like Kevin Sutherland in 2002) win? Other than the majors, this is the tournament I look most forward to every year. What can I say, I'm a sucker for match play!
  3. Thanks Stacy! I'm having a blast covering the Tour on the blog. There isn't enough good writing on the internet about golf. Hopefully bloggers like me and forums like The Sand Trap will help spread the good word!
  4. Hello everybody. I'm The Tour Reporter (my birth name is Joe) and I wanted to drop in and say "Hi". I just started a new blog on the Most Valuable Network. I welcome all of you to comment, critique offer suggestions, etc. I found The Sand Trap by accident (don't we all?) and I love it. I will be a regular to the blog portion as well as the forum. Joe
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