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  1. Thomas, I could not agree more. I developed a similar swing to the A, by mistake when trying to get rid of my hook. Only way was to pick the club straight up rather than inside. My index went from 11 to 7 and routinely in the 70's. I got away from it because it seemed so unorthodox, and pro's were commenting on my high right forearm and vertical takeaway. as I went back to more conventional swing my index went right back. Took the A swing to the range yesterday; but this time with the conviction it was an Approved swing, not an Annomoly. Flushed 4-irons and perfect divots go a long way to compensate for an unorthodox takeaway. Prefer to compare the A swing to Garcia's or Fowler's (old) than Furyk - though hard to argue with the purity of his iron contact.