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  1. cutchemist42

    What Would a PGA Tour Player Shoot at Your Home Course?

    Ending up finding past results for my course for the MacKenzie Tour so adjust accordingly. Cut line was 142. Once again, black tees are rated 74.9/129, 7300 yards. https://www.pgatour.com/canada/en_us/tournaments/siga-dakota-dunes-open/past-results.2011.html
  2. cutchemist42

    What Would a PGA Tour Player Shoot at Your Home Course?

    Hmmm...well my course hosted the MacKenzie Tour for about 4 years. However I don't know how to find historical results for that tour while on my phone. I will say the course has a few places where a mishit might not be found without some group help. No fairways are adjacent. A lost ball is decently in play on a few holes Black tees are rated 74.9/129, 7300 yards.
  3. cutchemist42

    USGA Seeking Feedback on Distance "Issue"

    Filled it out. I would say my survey will skew pretty heavily towards distance not being a problem. The only times I thought tech was too much was the over-abundance of instructors online talking Trackman when maybe !% of us would even have access to getting on one. I will take the general findings from Trackman into consideration, despite not knowing my "numbers". I would say the questions were fair, I didnt feel like they were "searching" for an answer.
  4. cutchemist42

    Stableford Strategy

    Would the strategy be much different for modified stableford seen at the Barracuda? Looking at my game, I think I'd be a better Stableford player than stroke. Saw this from mygolfspy, but compared to my handicap, I have more pars but more triple/quad bogeys than the average 20 HI.
  5. cutchemist42

    11 Reasons You Stink at Golf

    My thoughts on a few that really relate to me. When I play at my home course, it took a month but I figured out I just cant make a swing out of the extreme rough farther than 50 yards or topping it. I just concentrate on getting a hard pitch 30-40 yards sideways onto the fairway instead of attempting a hero shot. I think it has saved me strokes not trying hero shots. I dont track it, but I would honestly guess my cart rounds have slightly higher scores than my carrying scores, maybe 2 strokes higher. I find I dont see the green shape as well when driving up, as walking up I see it better. As well, I think about my game more when walking. I dont do well when I feel rushed. I only do carts when my freinds insist, 3-4 times a season.
  6. cutchemist42

    14 rules of golf Etiquette

    I guess I'd be guilty really of talking about someone's ball. I just can't help but cheer it on, albeit I'm not jumping up and down and yelling. It's pretty soft cheering it on.
  7. So higher handicaps, do you play in your non flighted club championships? If you do with little chance of winning, do you do it for other reasons? What are your reasons for not playing if you dont?
  8. So lately, according to Gamegolf I've been losing a decent amount of strokes due to my putting. (Screenshot attached) What I would say is my problem is not so much starting line as Im hitting the hole quite a bit, but rather speed in the 3ft to 10ft range. I find that my natural stroke length that feels natural and squares my putter face (Ping Zing, big toe hang) well occurs outside 10ft. Inside of 10ft though, i feel like i have to cut off my backstroke too quickly and than the putter face doesnt square. It feels like I have to stab at the ball and and rush my transition in the backstroke length to hit it slower. So yeah, basically inside of 10ft, I often hit the hole but its going too fast to go in, or I miss the hole but end up 5-6ft past the hole instead of 2-3ish. Anyone got any sped drills that worked well for them?
  9. cutchemist42

    Anybody play a 2 iron?

    I have a 18* hybrid, is that what a 2i would be? My Lynx Parallax set has a 2i, but I keep it and the 3i out of my bag.
  10. cutchemist42

    Top Golf

    Wasn't familiar with Edison so I see its NJ which definitely gets winter weather. I still think the utility bill on a Minneapolis one would be another level, along with future Toronto expansion.
  11. cutchemist42

    Top Golf

    I would definitely try one if I was near one. Closest one is a future one in Minneapolis Im curious to see how they make Canadian/northern locations work. As I understand it, the bays are very open and the amount of unit heaters needed for winter would be a lot?
  12. cutchemist42

    Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    http://www.gamegolf.com/player/cutchemist42/round/2299099 Only like to post rounds with some unique happenings. I would love for someone to post a more extreme windy round than what I played tonight. What tonight and Friday (Friday was extremely windy, with a 300 yard 3wood...) made me realize that I need some sort of shot for windy days. I felt useless standing on some tee boxes.
  13. cutchemist42

    Cameron Champ (Web.com Tour) Driving Distance

    In your opinion, would most PGA players likely have that similar distance capability if they wanted?
  14. cutchemist42

    Cameron Champ (Web.com Tour) Driving Distance

    Whats the reason? Course layouts dont allow it?
  15. cutchemist42

    Handicap-Forward vs Back Tee Box

    I've always kinda second-guessed my course's rating, as I thought it was a bit harder than other comparable CR/SR. Here's an extreme from yesterday on a 9-hole course I played for the 1st time without Google Mapping my round before. Could have been a +2 had I known the layout of hole 3 better. Not sure if this lines up or not despite the low CR/SR?

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