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  1. I've heard Australia and the UK and that they arent afraid to call out someone for ruining a game by being slow.
  2. 4.5 hours being considered fine is just an American view of the game I think most Americans would find themselves unwelcome if they didnt adjust to the pace in their weekly rounds elsewhere in the world.
  3. Yeah I think the sport would have been better as well with 12 being common. Saskatoon has a 12 hole course that is pretty popular. The women I've played with there from work lived 6 holes more than 9 and anecdotally people find 12 holes works better than 18 or 9. If I were ever to do a course that still wanted to be rated by the USGA for 18 holes I'd make the 12 hole loop come back to the clubhouse. Keller GC in St Paul's has you play 11 holes before the clubhouse which I liked.
  4. I know the post is old but I dont understand why stableford or matchplay isnt more encouraged. Really helps pace of play in my experience. I know stroke play is very strong in the USA though.
  5. Saw a video from Martin Chuck about the subject and it's something I never thought of. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=%23&ved=2ahUKEwjMr-mv6p7kAhUkSN8KHWaYA7UQwqsBMAB6BAgHEAQ&usg=AOvVaw0VTJzWxrN8ZFOD4xbU2nov It talked about setting up with the strong grip with cupped wrist and square face vs taking the strong grip but allowing a straighter wrist and allowing the club to sit closed. (The reverse could also be true of people who make weak trips work but setup with open clubface vs square faces.) So what would be the difference? Wouldnt both still get to the same closed clubface at the top? At parallel?
  6. Very neat to know. Related question then....how many tour players have coaches then? Are they just looking it up in addition to what their coaches or are there guys figuring it out solo?
  7. The Dangers of YouTube and Instagram Golf Swing Tips YouTube and Instagram are popular places for golf swing... I've been guilty of the YT rabbit hole and have been enjoying getting off the videos finally trying to find the next tip. Anyone else fall down the rabbit hole?
  8. So what is he doing, just zero forearm rotation during the backswing to grt the club in that position?
  9. Last year was the first year I had a club where Golf Canada fees were included. I play probably 95% of my rounds alone with not many being from this year. I've played alone enough that I wouldnt even be eligible for Golf Saskatchewan events this year if I wanted to play. Anywho...I have Gamegolf and still use an unofficial handicap tracker alongside the Golf Canada app/website. GG 16.7 (Just noticed I'm missing a few rounds there actually) Unofficial HI 15.6 Golf Canada HI 19.7
  10. I saw it today for the 1st time at Golftown. Really loved how it looked in terms of colour and design. I do think the smaller head looks better at address but didnt ask to hit it. Saw the loft went as high as 13.5.
  11. So watching the "Best Rounds" on Golf channel where they showed the old Tiger footage from Pebble. A few times hes standing outside the teebox with the ball at the edge. What was his reasoning? Did he do that a lot back then as I dont recall him doing so in recent rounds I've watched? It was hard to tell if he was doing so against a mis aligned teebox.
  12. Yes to shorts, dont know why the need for pants. Its 2019, clinging to tradition is so silly to me.
  13. Personally I like the clubs are just golf focused, and of the semi private variety. I'm a twilight member with practise facilities at a very nice course but with no requirements to spend money and no other amenities. Didnt pay the extra for storage and cleaning. Basically as a twilight golfer, the decision was twilight member costs vs paying each time I played. It's really the only course in my area to offer the twilight membership. I would join the muni courses here as I like them, but they only offer memberships that make it cheaper if you are a retiree playing during the day a lot.
  14. https://www.gamegolf.com/player/cutchemist42/round/2621470?hole_id=45247559 First round I want to post this year after about 5 weeks into the season and I would say I shot my best round ever. Was really tempted to keep going after 9 but I still had stuff to do today I like comparing myself to a 15 HI as thats my goal for reaching this year (20.2 HI on Golf Canada, 16.5 on GameGolf) and this was the 1st round I ever shot scratch off the tee for 9 holes. Whats awesome is that even included a topped tee shot on the first hole as my eyes still weren't adjusted to the contact by the time I walked up to the first tee. (This year Im trying going glasses-less during rounds to see how I like it) 2nd shot after the topped tee shot was a topped 4iron so I might need to adjust my contacts routine. This might sound crazy but literally a grip change resulted in straighter drives. I was feeling the club twisting in the backswing for a few weeks now and no matter how hard I gripped it, I was losing the handle by the time it reached the top of the backswing. Looked into my grips again as I recently changed it a few months ago and just realized now I bought the W5-standard size of Winn grip. Bought the midsize W6 grip and instantly imrpoved my recognition of the clubface and it was no longer twisting. Kicking myself for not realizing the problem sooner. I'm also really enjoying my vow to not keep score during a round, which is a tip I heard on the Fried Egg podcast.
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