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  1. Twilight hours here is just beautiful.
  2. The only things I dont like about him is his pace of play and general attitude. Hes not the only one either but i wish the arm lock putting style wasnt allowed personally. JMO
  3. So with many complaints being made about them still after Brysons pace of play, did they actually enforce this rule enough?
  4. I like the 3min rule, but hate that the pace of play isnt enforced on the PGA as I find it more wasteful. I'm not sure what you would do here rules wise when balanced against pace of play in a regular round.
  5. I'm rreally bugged by how much better ESPN is at golf vs CBS. CBS does not do the game any favour without creating a good tv product.
  6. I have family in Windsor so Ive probably spent about 100 days of my life in Detroit attending sports and other activities. I havent been back to Detroit though ever for golf. What are the best public options in the area?
  7. I like the modified stroke and distance rule for non-serious rounds. I think it's a good solution for a more valid score on the hole while not holding up people on a packed Saturday course with walking back. After that the rule changes about the ball accidentally moving in the various situations they addressed. I mean, my home course wants golfers to treat the heavy rough as a lateral hazard for speed of play but if playing by the rules and looking for your ball , it was very easy to step on your ball in the tall prairie grass if looking. (I played another great course called Tobiano that wanted the heavy rough 2ith similar prairie grasses to be treated as a lateral hazard as well for quick play) I also like the ball search time limit change.
  8. Dont agree with the article...but as someone semi-new to the game, I wonder why some of the rules changed in 2020 didnt change sooner.
  9. I've taken my time to post in here because even Covid aside, 2020 has been a bad year for me. I wanted to get serious and do lessons over the winter but car troubles led to financial problems and totally put that plan aside. Then Covid hit and ruined any way to practise anyway. On top of that, being a single golfer in the Covid era has made getting rounds hard. Golf opened up May 15th and I've only played about 6 rounds. Thus...my goal this year is just to play as much as possible and enjoy the game as much. Thus....I didnt get a membership this year in Hope's of playing more courses and a few bucket list courses and top courses in Canada. So far i got to head out and play beautiful Tobiano and am really enjoying the year. So yeah....I have no handicap goals this year to improve from 19. I just want to enjoy the game and maybe focus on 2021 being a year of winter development.
  10. Just to follow up, they had to furlough a few employees but are starting to come back. They solved my problem so I put my tags back on my clubs.
  11. Not sure anyone will know this as it might be app specific.....I have the Golf Canada app so always posted my scores there. However, this year I didnt pay for my club so membership expired a few days ago. I'm not sure I will do the public player route this year. Not sure I see the value.... I still enter my scores in the app anyway though as I like the app for record keeping. Would my scores entered still count for PCC measurement?
  12. Yeah I dont expect much service from them for awhile. Might try again in a month or so. Otherwise I took the tags off my clubs.
  13. Yeah I still am waiting on a response to an email i sent 10 days ago for the following problem....the thing is I have had very good customer service from them in the past. My Microsoft .NET is fully upgraded to the newest version.
  14. I haven't played a lot this year (hard being a single golfer in the Covid era) but the few times I have, I have loved the 10-club bag for walking. I'm playing alone anyway so it's not a handicap round. The one round I knew I was playing with others I carried my full set. I think I could remove the wood and not really suffer anymore to be honest I'm doing: Driver, wood, 21* hybrid, 4, 6, 8, PW, SW, LW, Putter
  15. Yeah that's the download that's no longer working when I try to run the install. Theres nothing special about the new comp, just running the most recent versions of software. Their contact support page had broken links when you try to select what device you need support for.
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