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  1. It's crazy but I have also stumbled upon this too in the past few weeks.
  2. I see Lous new obsession on Twtr seems to be why people are fine with yardage books but dislike greens reading books.... I just think theres a difference between the two without really being able to explain it well. What's the sentiment here between the two comparisons.
  3. I feel bad for laughing at the marijuana/medication memes on Twitter now. I really hope it's not a DWI again.....
  4. Initially, I really like this first step. I just always find the average driver distance so low to me. I cant think of one 30 year old in my playing groups who is below 230. Have they ever shown an age breakdown of that driver distance?
  5. Initially, I really like this first step.
  6. Member of Golf Canada....I dont post solo rounds. (Golf Canada still allows you to post solo rounds for score keeping purposes though) The app is pretty clear about asking about playing solo each time so I'd find it hard to believe app users wouldnt know the rule at this point. This was before I got serious about golf but I later went back and discovered many were upset that Golf Canada initially didnt agree with the USGAs decision but got dragged into it eventually due to North American pressures. Has there been any insight into how it has impacted handicaps? Is the solo
  7. I think my main takeaway from this is how this looks as a betting product. The Tour is pushing gambling hard and bettors hate stuff like this.
  8. Ah, yeah your points make sense. I dislike the thought behind the first though personally. I dont think less of a soccer or football player when their play looks worse in conditions that arent perfect. You 2nd point would work really well for me. If some courses simply cant play firm and fast, it would result in the variety I would want if I were PGA commish. Is firm and fast a southern or northern thing??
  9. I have read commentary that's because you can hit wedges at those speeds out of that length of rough fine. A 6i/7i could produce a different result Not my original opinion but I think it might make sense. Putting that aside...I do think the Presidents Cup was a better golf/tv product than anything the PGA puts out. Seemed like it was popular too. So I'm honestly asking.....why doesnt the PGA like their events being more like that? My preference would be to not have every event like the Presidents Cup, as I think variety is good. However the PGA product does not give me th
  10. Seems like it was an easy decision for Belichick. Sorenstam has shown herself to associate with some of the more extreme right wing nutters so I understand why she went. I actually dont know much about Players politics.
  11. There was a whole book done about his golf cheating.....hes good for his age but his handicap is probably inflated by 8-10 strokes from what I've read.
  12. It's the right call, and I personally find it an easy one. He represents the worst of golf and your country.
  13. Yeah the curling system is great and I like your time amount although I disagree with it being a shot clock. I prefer the circling system you get say 48 minutes but you decide how its allocated. You dont waste time on easy shots so that you have extra time for other more important shots as you see fit. In curling you do get a timeout for a very important situation to freeze the clock totally. The curling system is even more applicable to matchplay.
  14. When Lou Stagner asked this on Twitter a few weeks back, ALOT of people brought up how well the curling timing system works and how it alleviated the tv ratings problems of teams taking too long. I think the curling system would work very well in golf.
  15. Saying this as a Canadian where 90% of Canadians wouldnt vote for the guy.....I will not watch that tournament if it's still played at his course. The guy represents the worst of golf in my opinion and associating with that brand is just.....offputting to me. But yeah, I'm from a country where we would not tolerate a guy like that even before yesterday.
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