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  1. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/aaron-rodgers-chris-paul-to-host-nfl-vs-nba-ryder-cup-style-golf-event?mbid=social_facebook Aaron Rodgers and Chris Paul are looking to put one together. I would watch this over Shotmakers. I'd love it even more if MLB/NHL were included.
  2. cutchemist42

    My Swing (cutchemist42)

    Thank you very much for the kind post, it means a lot. This game is a fun one. It's almost cringey looking back at old swing videos. Its like looking back at high school photos. Yeah thats odd. This swing was 1 of many in a 10 min vid. I decided to include the middle swing from the video. I went back and watched other swings from that video and none of the other the swings am I doing that extreme watch, so I accidentally included a bad example.
  3. cutchemist42

    My Swing (cutchemist42)

    Yeah I gave it a few watches, I think I liked it more than the iron swing but it might just be the sound of it throwing me off. I actually haven't sent a driver video yet through evolvr. Kinda wanted to wait until I could get outside and see the full flight.
  4. I had never watched the More Pars girl. Checked out a vid and I cannot unhear Sandra Bullock from Miss Congeniality..
  5. cutchemist42

    My Swing (cutchemist42)

    So the iron video will be my latest submission to evolvr, and will be my 1st in about 3 weeks based of what I sent last time. The thing is, i still I am failing at stopping the club from going over-the-line. Im going to emphasize that Im struggling with this and might need some pointers to help. I also included a driver video. As well, these will be my last indoor vids, as outdoor driving ranges opened today in Saskatoon. My course's driving range might take a bit longer as its grass hitting
  6. cutchemist42

    Winter Depression Thread

    I think Saskatoon will be fine soon. We are projected double digits from today with nothing below -1 Cel at night. Hopefully a hitting mat driving range opens up in the next days.
  7. Yeah was coming to post a similar thought but you too have it. I would need seperation of abilities for the years measured to believe this I think. Barring that, the only other thing that might cause it is age, but it doesnt seem to cover a lot of years.
  8. Lately I've been thinking about the design of things and how they handle inclusion/exclusion. Part of this comes from my discussions with my partner; she is a landscape architect so we often talk about parks/playgrounds/landscaping and this leads naturally to golf course design. Part of my thought is also inspired by the Longleaf system of tees that was briefly discussed a few months ago, as well as thinking back to rounds played with my sister who would fit into the white category of the Long Leaf system. I think back to rounds we have played together both at a par3 and normal municipal courses in Winnipeg. I think back to my experience of the par 3 and contrast it to hers. She hit driver on 7 holes; 5w on 1 hole; 7i on 1 hole I used 7 different clubs from 3hy to SW I think back to that round and try to put myself in her shoes.......would that variety of tee shots be enjoyable? I enjoy variety in that situation and would not have liked it. I also know par is just a number, and that all women are playing from the same tees and have the same comparability. I just think the variety could be improved. My sister is a 3-4/month golfer who isnt too serious; she will keep score and is obviously pumped when she legit nails par. If I had to guess her legit HI if I understand women's HI right, it would be max. It just got me thinking though about how large the demographic is that current tee designs dont ideally fit them? How big is the inclusion/exclusion for people that should maybe have 4000ish yard courses? I think of the upcoming Summer and mapped out a more ideal round for her yardage on Google Maps. What I put together looks a lot more fun for someone like her. I could see myself suggesting she tee off closer on the fairway the next time we play.
  9. cutchemist42

    My Swing (iacas)

    Stupid question but is your shoulder getting under your chin? It looks like you shoulder almost covers your mouth in some shots. Ive been starting to do the same a bit as I wear glasses so gotta keep my chin down a bit to see the ball through the lens.
  10. cutchemist42

    "7 Laws of the Golf Swing" by Nick Bradley

    My library had this as an ebook so I read it recently. I can honestly say some of the stuff was eye opening and are now making my swing better. Grip strength/tension was something I had never thought of before. I really realized how much I was overgripping the club for borh my swing and putting. That chapter helped a lot. As well, this visuals are very good at getting across the message. Might turn this into an annual reread.
  11. cutchemist42

    How good does a Touring Pro need to be?

    Dumb question maybe, but are there many PGA rounds that play on rated tees that any other person could play once the tourney leaves? I voted 5.0, based on reading past opinions about this. Hmmm? Your friend to me sounds like someone who should crack that level? Wouldnt his HI be in the +5 range? You meant qschool for the Web or McKenzie?
  12. cutchemist42

    George Gankas Golf

    I was part of the monthly fee for his website and will say the stuff on there added distance to my swing. I signed up during the winter/spring between my 2nd and 3rd summers playing. What really bugged me though is how juvenile he is. I got what I needed from the site and cancelled my subscription after 6 months. About a week later I notice Im not seeing his IG posts anymore. He actually blocked me a week after cancelling my subscription!! I confirmed this by going onto another IG account. Dont know if it was him or someone else truly, but I was disgusted by it.
  13. cutchemist42

    Winter Depression Thread

    Its projected to be reaching plus double digits Celc by Friday finally. This means mat driving ranges might open for next week. There isnt too much snow to melt so hopefully that helps. Its basically just been too cold. For the courses though that want to do proper maintenance, I think late April is still the start most expect.
  14. cutchemist42

    2018 Masters Tournament Discussion Topic

    Patrick just seems like a human turd to me....I'll be cheering against the heel.
  15. cutchemist42

    How To Break 80. Read Original Post!!!

    If I had seen that swing before seeing the score, I would have guessed he doesnt hit 80. It did take some good short game to get there. Im guessing his average score is a tiny bit above 80?

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