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  1. Just came across this now....thanks a lot for doing these.
  2. Speaking of Covid....I think the Golf Channel has been handling this worse than the other sport channels I have in Canada. I know they are likely trying to appease sponsors but I like the other sport channels showing cool retro games. I would love to see more retro rounds be shown.
  3. In Sask and still dont know with the handicap season being about 20 days away. There is a muni course that always let's people walk on free and shoot at temp greens in the time between the show melt and official opening so I will have that at least.
  4. Still dont know how courses will be impacted in Saskatchewan but any indoor hitting areas are closed so no practise for probably the next 2-3 weeks...
  5. Came across this randomly when searching about Sweetens Cove. I can appreciate that a hole and tee position have a likely optimal path for amateurs who are rolling the ball into greens sometimes. Also might depend on how firm a course plays. At the same time, I'm choosing my teeclub based on my best balance of distance vs dispersion to avoid a lost ball penalty. On any given hole I will just acknowledge that my shot dispersion will lead to the best spot or worst spot sometimes and I know holes at my course where that shot distribution screws me haha. Dont think many have a shot dispersion with a driver that is so tight that they can pick their spots. That being said, width and angles actually applies to the golf game I'm currently into, TGC2019. The fandom does complain that ball spin on landing is not accurate and even wedges have an inaccurate roll distance to account for. On long irons you do have to account for 10-17 yards of roll. However, dispersion with the clubs is pretty tight so it's very easy to apply the strategy in the game. So it's weird but I appreciate width and angles more in a video game than I do in real life.
  6. So let's say the driver is going up at impact but travelling out to in with the forward tee, does that mean the ball should be teed up more on the heel of the driver as it would also be travelling slightly inward on the loop?
  7. Forgot the trainers name but he was recently on The Fried Egg podcast. He said golf is a very rotational sport that has many attributes related to the sports you always see players from on Pro Ams. Basically hockey players, baseball pitchers, and tennis players. Personally a lot of my friends were good regional hockey players and not one of them is under 270 for drives without much practise. The dispersion might be higher hut the natural rotational strength is there.
  8. For anyone that has the Doak books, do alot of the courses listed overlap with top100 courses website as I often check that site out.
  9. My regular game irons are still the Lynx Parallax my dad let me use as he no longer plays golf. As I understand they are about 30 years old at this point but I love the look of them. A bit similar to Eye 2s. I dont see a reason to change to another iron set. I have some old Ben Hogan Persimmons acting as nice looking wall items also from my grandpa's old set. They look nice but I was afraid of hitting them because of what was mentioned above about urethane covers.
  10. Went to Minneapolis for a bachelor party in the Summer. The group might have gone with this course but the price scared us off after currency conversion and how expensive the trip already was planned to be. We ended up playing Keller and still loved our pick.
  11. Not necessarily trying to argue the point with you but related.....the recent distance report already said a lot of amateurs are driving it around 210. Gamegolf data says the same too. If I dial back to my mini driver at 240 or even hybrid at 220, arent I keeping up with most of the golfing world anyway? Also to add....before I fell down a staircase last summer and ruined my golf season I was hitting my approach shots at the same level as a 10hi and even had a round that approached a 5hi level according to gamegolf. I actually think avoiding the penalties while keeping my approach shots as is would lower my score. I'm still 2 months away from testing that theory though...
  12. So my 2nd farthest was 52 yards offline from the centre of my aim point. So I'm saying my dispersion is 104 yards at 268 total distance off my 1 test. Thus that pretty much takes my driver out of my hands until I improve my swing which I cant right now dur to money issues the past few months. Like I posted I will try this again with more lofted clubs to see what my next usuable club might be without penalties. I would guess your dispersion would mean you're not losing many shots to OB and lost ball penalties?
  13. Technically as I understand it, it was illegal in the sense the rule says "no technology" to be used for sign stealing. Sign stealing is not illegal as long as it's done through in game and naturally. Its using outside factors of the field to gain an advantage that is the problem. So yeah, not much really close in golf as this activity was prolonged. So for prolonged cheating.....how possible would it be to play with an illegal club or ball without being caught?
  14. Yeah I did own LSW, bought it my first year of starting the sport. I've since donated it to my library as I thought many would get a good read out of it and the library's golf section was sparse. Like I said next time I go back and use the GCQuad I might do a comparison of my 16* mini driver, 18* and 21* hybrid and see if the payoff in accuracy and less penalties is there in terms of distance lost. I'll also redo the driver test just to get another sample of the 15 shots. I had no money for lessons this winter since I had to buy a new car. I'm stuck with this swing for this season so just want to plan it better. I'll take screenshots next time too.
  15. So with it being the offseason still, I find myself reading and watching a lot of topics on the sport. Lately i came across Scott Fawcett and his strategy for teebox decisions. YouTube has a few videos of his but basically, for people who drive it over 270 pretty consistently, gameplanning should consider any trouble that is within a 70 yard dispersion. Now I already have gamegolf so i can see some dispersion patterns but I obviously dont tag the shots where I completely lose a ball so data is missing. I decided to go to a sim bay using a GCQuad and did a 15 shot driver test. In the end I averaged 268 off the tee in total distance. However off those 15 shots....3 were massive misses of 45, 52, and 60 yards offline. In real life at my home course and most trees courses I play those are lost balls with bad penalties applied. They would only be slightly salvageable at a course with adjacent fairways really. I would say when you look at my gamegolf rounds, the GCQuad result of 3/15 being lost/OB is accurate. So it made me start wondering as someone who has read LSW and Every Stroke Counts and understands advancing the ball far but safely.....how wide of dispersion is considered unusable for a driver? Until my swing improved would I be better off statistically going down to my 16* mini driver or just 21* hybrid? ( next time I do the simulator I was going to do dispersion tests for those)
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