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  1. Not getting a lesson sooner a few years back. Chased a bad hook for months and wasted lots of money at the range thinking I could figure it out. I'll admit part of my fear though was not knowing who to go to and feel I wanted money on bad instruction. I think going too long without making videos was a slight mistake.
  2. I feel dumb for not realizing this sooner but I've had better luck lately with not losing tee shots by staying to the right side of the teebox and slightly adjusting my to the middle right of the fairway. I had never stumbled upon this suggestion until a few days ago as I would always line up in the middle. Its helping some of my hooks stay atleast in the rough instead of lost or out of bounds. I'm now though slightly confused about how this approach should work for consideration when you have doglegs that can be cut down with a full driver shot. Say your bad miss is a stronger hook and you are facing a dogleg left.....does lining up on the left side of the teebox still give you more fairway to land on? What if it's a dogleg left? I'm just curious to hear others considerations for where they choose to tee it up inside of the invisible box we have to work with.
  3. Yep. I think a lot of golfers arent hanging out online and hearing the pace of play critislcisms. They are still continuing how they were wrongly taught by their dads/moms/friends to play when it comes to pace. I actually believe the criticism of pace of play wrongdoers likely never reaches their ears 95% of the time.
  4. Been a while since I taped but I found the slomo on my phone is fine enough. I just trim the video for the tmextra stuff it captured to save space. The slomo on my Samsung is flgreat when theres lots of sun.
  5. An example being the Malbon glove Puma put out recently that I missed out on as it's mostly sold out online. I feel like it's such a nice classic retro colour that Im surprised it's not more popular.
  6. Yeah lots of reverse happens too. Forgot where I saw it but someone was using how Phil actually has a really good arm for throwing righthanded.
  7. It's not an exact replication, but try hitting a golf ball with your hands separated and theres something that's the cousin of the golf shot....the two motions are related. Personally, I played hockey but as a goalie. The take above is from friends who were junior hockey players who have became decent golfers now. This is anecdotal but every hockey player I know who golfs has atleast a 260 drive with accuracy varying. Lastly, many summer hockey camps will include golf components as well. It's not uncommon to see players call golf, "summer hockey." I was 10 years removed from baseball before golf but baseball is a slightly downward swing and I've heard doesnt translate well. Lastly, Im not a tennis player but I have heard of those guys transitioning well to golf, and that they easily grasp the concept of ball flight laws.
  8. I'm a walker but like @saevel25 said, I do notice those same problems of cart guys when playing. I've actually come around to 1 practise swing this year from Rotellas book and my results are the same from when I took 3-4 last year I still take 2 for chips. I personally am good as well about placing my bag in a good spot, but that's another timewaster I see a decent amount out there. Would love to see what my time would be on an empty course for curiosity.
  9. Not sure if these cotnradict each other really, but...... I want to improve to a 15 HI while not caring about my score as much(20.2 from Golf Canada after a few rounds this year and most rounds played alone, 17.2 from Gamegolf) I've been listening to a lot of The Fried Egg podcast and a lot of the tidbits from episodes with Tom Doak and an episode with Ran Morissettt has slightly changed how I approach my rounds so far. Basically, the tip of avoiding being the "scorecard-and-pencil guy standing on the green has GREATLY improved my psych. Another aspect that has made me enjoy my rounds a lot more now has been playing alternative versions other than Stroke play, especially playing Par against the course with my handicap. I'm now only writing my scorecard down when I get home, and its honestly helped my mental game so much. So in a way, I think I can improve already to a 15 HI as I'm approaching the game with less anger and its already working. Its only 2 weeks into a 6 month season but I'm already shooting like I was 5 months into the season last year. As well, I've come to terms with my driver being too wild for most holes, and will be applying LSW moreso to my tee shot decisions which will help my score I believe. I will be losing distance, but will be avoiding stroke-and-distance a lot more. I will even start a spreadsheet charting my results of driver vs other-club to see how the scores differ.
  10. Took it to my Golftown. The guy jokingly said that I atleast had an excuse for bad hits as it had been likely twisting and coming out a bit on shots. He also said he hadn't seen this problem before on an M2.
  11. I cant with my hand but I think I could with vice grips. Looking at it closely it looks like the tip went down from the ferrule. (Have now learned that term) it sort of does like dried glue residue in between the 2 pieces.
  12. I hadn't really looked at it closely for a while but just today I noticed there was a gap where I didnt think there was one before. I remembered the 2 black parts being flush together and the few images I can find appear to be so. Did it shift downwards?
  13. I've started listening to Tom Doak on the Fried Egg podcast and read his book on golf architecture. I both read and heard him say good golfers usually dont experience every part of the course compared to a lower handicap. He said this is both because of better course management as well as less wayward shots. The only thing the architect can control consistently every round is a person's view from the teebox.
  14. Incredibly lame.....wish other countries would leave the 20th century in the rearview mirror like my country has. Just find some countries and states are clearly on the wrong side of history on this issue and are just too stubborn to admit they got duped by American lobbyists and pressure in the early 1900s.
  15. Thread is way before my golfing time as I started 5 years ago so didnt know about him. Didnt the top court in your country deem him allowed though? So it's a matter of not agreeing with the court decision? PGA Tour, Inc. v. Martin - Wikipedia I'm not a lawyer but often deal with Queens Bench decisions because of my job. The stuff I read about the decision seems pretty thought out
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