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  1. So just seeing this thread for the 1st time and obviously a few things about the golf world have changed since the 2015. So how would the rule change from 2019 for lost ball/ob work in these situations? I know the rule wasnt meant to be applied for serious tournaments but was allowed for less serious rounds. In the first situation the person could decide not to go back to the teebox either for pace of play or laziness but drop into the fairway at the crossing point, lying 4.
  2. I actually something may have changed as it does look slightly different tonight when I checked. Maybe the app updated in the background. So the new WHS system would have gone through our old scores and made any ESC to net double bogey adjustments as well?
  3. But yeah go after just Cam for something he said? You have Bryson calling him a cheater on his Twitch channel as well. Feel like the warning should be uniform and not just going after Cam.
  4. I just dont understand why the Tour is sticking up for him so much....
  5. Yeah I might just splurge on it for my bday. I tried asking my library to do an inter library loan for it but they weren't able to get it.
  6. Dakota Dunes Golf Links in Saskatchewan. I think it's easily a 6, could see some saying it's a 7 as its regarded as probably the 2nd best course in the province.i think it's a great example of a course that was found and not hugely created from a blank template. Speaking of the book....I would love to read the Northern guide at some point as those are the courses I would mostly have the chance to check out. Anyone who has the book know if hes rated many courses in the Prairies or northern USA that I could travel to? (Alberta, Saakatchewan, Manitoba, Montana, North Dakota)
  7. So I checked in on the Golf Canada app for the first time since they updated it. My HI went from 19.6 to 20. I think the app might need work as they arent showing the different pars of the teeboxs yet but is automatically giving CH.
  8. No but I think the format is a fun concept. It's just my friends and I dont play at a membership golf course where I think it smore common. They have the mindset that they dont want to pay a full green fee to hit half of the shots which I get and believe as well mostly.
  9. I just wish worldwide that the sporting orgs would get a bit more modern on this issue. I much prefer the NHLs/CFLs and now MLBs stance on hot caring about players using THC and 2 of those are Olympic sports
  10. Ok so dumb question.....a round played with capped stroke play can still entered for handicap if a group of friends as a committee agree to it right? So for the change to ESC.....that's only for handicap purposes? Like you would not say you shot 84 if you actually shot 88 with picked up balls? (Unless it was a agreed-to capped stroke play round)
  11. Something that I missed before with the new rules as the rule about a committee allowing a max score to be applied for stroke play? What was the actual point of this if stableford already exists? Was this a really a problem?
  12. I've heard Australia and the UK and that they arent afraid to call out someone for ruining a game by being slow.
  13. 4.5 hours being considered fine is just an American view of the game I think most Americans would find themselves unwelcome if they didnt adjust to the pace in their weekly rounds elsewhere in the world.
  14. Yeah I think the sport would have been better as well with 12 being common. Saskatoon has a 12 hole course that is pretty popular. The women I've played with there from work lived 6 holes more than 9 and anecdotally people find 12 holes works better than 18 or 9. If I were ever to do a course that still wanted to be rated by the USGA for 18 holes I'd make the 12 hole loop come back to the clubhouse. Keller GC in St Paul's has you play 11 holes before the clubhouse which I liked.
  15. I know the post is old but I dont understand why stableford or matchplay isnt more encouraged. Really helps pace of play in my experience. I know stroke play is very strong in the USA though.
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