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  1. Thread is way before my golfing time as I started 5 years ago so didnt know about him. Didnt the top court in your country deem him allowed though? So it's a matter of not agreeing with the court decision? PGA Tour, Inc. v. Martin - Wikipedia I'm not a lawyer but often deal with Queens Bench decisions because of my job. The stuff I read about the decision seems pretty thought out
  2. Only 1 really, I use driveway markers for practise that I bought from Home Depot as alignment sticks
  3. I feel bad for golfers in Asia. I never found out howexpensive/exclusive it was until a few months ago. Really sucks that type of golf environment evolved where it's pretty much a status thing.
  4. On mobile so cant post the tweets I saw, but are questioning why Denny McCarthy got penalized today while Rickie didnt on one of his shots.
  5. Love the idea.....I got a tripod thing that has 3 little arms to manipulate into my bag. I can instantly see why your product would work much easier as my tripod thing can be hard to setup the same everytime.
  6. Repeating this, but my gps unit really helped me. It also was not overnight as it took a few rounds to accumulate hits, but gamegolf helped me get an accurate take on my distances which paired with the Garmin GPs really helped.
  7. In Canada so that store doesnt exist. I have heard what they offer though from online forums. We have Golftowns that offer 55 min bookings for about $24. They use the Foresight GC2 which online opinions seem to say is pretty decent.
  8. First post......just got this book from the library. Already a few chapters in and enjoying what I'm seeing so far. The visuals provided are clear and easy to understand.
  9. I have heard that in some places as well that Golftec offers practise plans on their software for a monthly fee. I also know Golftown offers an hourly fee on their simulator, but I'm not sure about the quality of the equipment. Anyone know?
  10. When I lived in Winnipeg, they have a dome that is maybe 70-80 yards deep and heated outdoor range. You had to know good times to go to the outdoor range as the glare off the snow made it impossible to see the ball flight Saskatoon has a dome that seems similar to size as Winnipegs. I use it mostly every 3 weeks to keep some semblance of my swing. I always bring footspray to know hit quality. Like Zander said, it's so short that sometimes you can barely pick up any curve in the shot. It's still useful for at least knowing start line as they have targets on the wall.
  11. Having started golf 4 years ago, I was quickly told to get hybrids into the set over the long irons. I could understand/imagine how that change would have helped with little effort in a swing change.
  12. On Christmas, I got a gift card from Golftown so went into the store on boxing day to check it out. In my mind, I wanted to find a lob wedge as my performance with my current Nike one with 12* of bounce was noticeably worse than my performance with other clubs. I had read enough about low bounce wedges suiting certain turf conditions and swing styles and thought it sounded suited to me. Within 4 swings, I knew right away the club was performing amazingly so I purchased it, it was 6* of bounce. It wasn't the only 6* bounce wedge I tried either. It also easily outperformed the Nike wedge I had which I brought in to compare. So yeah, went in with my stock swing and improved the club category for the next season. It was a Cleveland Rtx3. What's your example of this?
  13. Read the first 4 pages and felt like posting. As someone who follows various types of racing sports (auto,moto, track and field, horse) I'm used to talking about a track/course being slower/faster on a given day. That kind of thinking easily relates to golf once I started playing this game. As someone who likes to see the numbers and has an intro level of stats knowledge, I'm just curious about stuff behind the scenes. I would like to see the daily adjustment number and how many rounds were used on a day to get it. I'm also just curious what the sample size needed is to establish the adjustments.
  14. I know iacas already mentioned it, but my course is still going through scorecards with the old ratings. There's slight differences, but this was my first year at the course SK I couldn't tell if anything vastly changed about the course.
  15. I would say underrated. The more distance you can cover in a shot, the better. It would take a pretty hazardous guarded green area to make me layup. Personally, my home course does not have highly guarded greens so I always go for it. (One out of the 4 is unreachable for me from my tees) Anyone have an example of a green where the distance is fine, but the trouble around the green makes you layup?
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