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  1. cutchemist42

    Cameron Champ (Web.com Tour) Driving Distance

    In your opinion, would most PGA players likely have that similar distance capability if they wanted?
  2. cutchemist42

    Cameron Champ (Web.com Tour) Driving Distance

    Whats the reason? Course layouts dont allow it?
  3. cutchemist42

    Handicap-Forward vs Back Tee Box

    I've always kinda second-guessed my course's rating, as I thought it was a bit harder than other comparable CR/SR. Here's an extreme from yesterday on a 9-hole course I played for the 1st time without Google Mapping my round before. Could have been a +2 had I known the layout of hole 3 better. Not sure if this lines up or not despite the low CR/SR?
  4. cutchemist42

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $10M

    Oh I still watched Mayweather-Pac despite me hating them both for not giving it to us sooner. I atleast didnt pay for it....
  5. cutchemist42

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $10M

    Feels like Mayweather-Pacquioa to me, where its 10 years too late
  6. So really, how "off" are the green reading books and holenlocations that he thought this was needed? I still dislike green books in general
  7. cutchemist42

    My Swing (billchao)

    Im sure you know this, but I like to gauge my iron shots with the Insights page on GG by mostly looking at tee and fairway iron shots. I figure I can than see how the wayward driver is affecting that.
  8. cutchemist42

    GAME GOLF vs. USGA Handicaps

    Just to add to this, I have a Golf Canada HI and use Gamegolf. I only have 6 rounds being used in my official HI as I play alone a lot, while GG captures all my rounds. I've actually wondered if GG applies ESC behind the scenes as well. Golf Canada- 20.6 GG-20.4
  9. I dont think its big in the USA at all but I use kijiji a lot. Ebay became bad to me when it got flooded with Chinese ads. Its a lot more useful to apply the "North America" filter on that site.
  10. Someone posted this on reddit, congrats to them breaking 80 their 1st time. What also stood out to me was their ball search rules and 2 stroke drop. My course as well has something similar, where balls hit into the dunes/prairie grass are to be treated as lateral hazards to speed up play. (Will post my scorecars when I get home) This course carries a CR and SR. For your handicap, arent you expected to observe the rules of golf as well as local rules. Can a course actually make that change as a local rule? Would you simply mark those holes as not played under the rules of golf, and mark it with an x?
  11. cutchemist42

    GolfScope Green Reading app, would you try it?

    Aahh ok, that was actually the only way I could envision myself personally using it.
  12. Saw the app on MGS and initially all I thought was how much time it could add to a round. This is an augmented reality app that will read greens for you after walking the line of the putt. I personally hate having my phone in my pocket during a round, but part of me is interested in how the tech actually works accurately. Would you try it?
  13. cutchemist42

    TST Explores GAME Golf

    For putts, I combine it with my pencil scorecard. I will write down a Putts row where I write the amount of putts and length of my initial putt. Not sure how huge a difference it makes for the 2nd putt distance? Im usually putting 1-3 feet unless I vividly remember missing the 1st putt bad and having 5-10 feet for a 2nd putt.
  14. cutchemist42

    Personal Goofy Rules

    Sometimes for bachelor parties, we do goofy rules for a few holes. We do a 2-throw hole and a 2-kick hole. 2 throws really add distance depending on the thrower. However, the soccer players I knew said kicking a golf ball is hard. Hell, some even missed the ball whem thry tried to boot it.

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