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  1. if my miss is left, do i want a face balanced or heel balanced? do i want a heel shaft or center shaft? thanks.
  2. hello! so i am a scratch golfer. i just finished four years of collegiate golf, my play was average. i say my golf has always been average due to average or below average putting. I will say i practice putting as much as the next guy. For my entire career i have used a "answer" style putter. An offset blade style i guess? For the last three years i have used the Nike Method putter in a 34 inch. I am just tired of this putter and the stroke i have had with it so i am wanting to switch! ( this comes after losing an AM tournament by one and missing four puts on the last four holes!. Frust
  3. that was what i originaly tried to do but could not find that old rombax. Do you know what new rombax is similair to the 6wo6?
  4. its a tough decision. i am currently on my second set of the 2009 ZM's i battled whether to switch to the ap2. Had i had the opportunity to do so again i would go with the ap2. When you have your game rolling ofcourse there is nothing nicer than the zbs or zms. but... the ap2 is the best iron out there IMO. the workability is great and they cover up your misses nicely. If youre worried about hitting it lower just beef up your shafts a bit. go with the ap2. thats my advice.
  5. hello! i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a after market Driver shaft similair to the Fujikura Rombax 6W06 X-stiff. I am trying to check some new shafts out. I prefer lighter shafts but still extra stiff. Anyone have any recomendations for a shaft with spec similair to this one. I prefer lower ball flight, low spin. I will be putting it in a 909 D3 9.5*. I appreciate your ideas and help. Thanks!
  6. Ben, i havent been on the sandtrap all summer but am so glad to see you are actually out on the asain tour qualifier! congrats! goodluck!
  7. Did anyone else notice how Tiger did not let Yang have the last put on the 18th? assuming tiger makes* (which he didnt...) Yang would have had to three put from 6 feet, unlikely. Numerous times including just last week players have opted to play out of turn to give Tiger the last past. Its often common courtesy on tour. This was the case last weekend when Harrington played out of turn to give tiger the last put and ultimately the win. I was a little disappointed to see tiger insist of having the last shot. Anyone else notice this?
  8. Put this shaft in my TP burner and mann am i killing it. The shaft more than anything is incredibly workable, ive also seen more distance and a higher ball flight which is interesting moving from an pluss stiff to an x. Regardless im killing it with this new shaft and glad i made the switch
  9. Your tee hight should be respective to what type of shot you're trying to hit. The problem with teeing the ball low is it creates more spin and consquently your misses will have a higher deviation. You want to hit the ball of the high side of your driver club face, this creates less spin and stronger trajectory. Even im hitting a driver punch into the wind, im typically will tee the ball high. However, teeing the ball low is also an effective way for lower trajectory.
  10. thinking about getting this Grafalloy Epic Driver Shaft in x stiff. Anyone playing it right now? any reviews comments. Let me know!
  11. hey guys i'm in the market for a new x stiff shaft. I'm currently playing a still plus diamana. I think i know what specs of what i'd like but what brand makes the best x stiff? whats your favorite? what looks the best etc? let me know!
  12. watch your ball flight, and also make a hard effort to listen to your shots.
  13. The legend of TW continues. We are all so lucky to be spectators during Tiger's Era.
  14. Good evening all! So with a new season starting up there of course are all new 2009 lines of balls. I have always played the Titleist Pro V1 and have always loved it. But this new one just doesn't seem the same. It seems like it have significantly more spin than last years, too much spin. Anyone else frustrated with the new Pro V1s? any advice for replacements? what new ball have you taken a liking to?
  15. Pracitce habits will vary with your skill level and playing abilities. I however like to practice more than play, its more time efficient, more convenient and more effective. IMO, with that being said some shots you can only learn on the course. Whatever you do practice or play, do with full committment and enthusiasm. From what I've read this is Tiger's usual practice routine - - WAKE UP, run 4 - 7 miles, Stretch. put, chip, range. LUNCH 9 holes, put/chip. Weight Training, stretch. Pretty cool, From what i understand Tiger spends just as much time on the green as anything else. y
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