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  1. off a 3rd practice swing ...haha I was waiting on forward groups so what the hell. the tee box was behind this one, it carried the green and sand shot in the air(aerated) I went past green by 10yds
  2. shot a 90 49 front (easier half) 41 back (harder) shave off .3 on my HI go figure.
  3. been on a bit if a tear lately. Birdied last friday birdied last night I went on a 3 month birdie drought. ughh also missed a 4 foot birdie putt last night, but only by an inch, even repeated the putt after we holed out, missed in the same spot again!
  4. my last 10 are a low 86 high of 103 and the rest 90,93 95' 97's. but im a 22.1?
  5. Ahh brand loyalty maybe. Cant wait to see the results this week.
  6. Good point. Who else was there? choi? I saw 10th was leonard or stricker i think but really....he has to go for Buick.
  7. I played a crap muni course a while back and the old codger ranger followed me around on 3 different holes, get this: He parks along my fairway on a par4 200 yards out and is in my field of view and I wait and wait for him to drive towards me. He doesnt. I swing and pull hook into the woods, basically in his direction, he is on the left side of the fairway. He then drives by us. My pop tells me to drive again( ihave to anyway) I proceed to drill one left side not too far from where he was but on the fairway and it went 270 uphill. 6 holes later he stops at a par 3 to watch me tee of
  8. yea the 3 foot barrell, I heard. lately, my putting has been decent. 10-45ft lags falling within a foot of the cup. made one from 30 ft today. I am attempting to cink every putt from 1ft to 90ft, with confidence and certainty that I can make it. I had 31 putts. BUT gir was 0% LOL
  9. I play a round today and im a 22hi. I have a horrible topping problem with driver. Tee off on EVERY par 4 and 5 on my front nine to less than 120 yards and some less than 80 yards. I had zero approach shots from within 160 ZERO.Most wer 180 -220 I shot a 46. 2 par 3's I par'd and Dbogey. Back Nine every par 4 or 5 i shoot the same, shot a 47. I did have one from 160 yards for my approach the rest were 200 yards or more from tee. Par 3's were bogey bogey. ALAS on the 18th hole my pop has me open the face of my driver almost 2 inches. I drive a solid 265 no roll. In di
  10. well i kept the driver in the bag for 3 or 4 holes and couldnt stay away. awful round.
  11. the only rule i will intentionally break is if i find i hit an ob and take a drop there. usually i will hit a prov. but when i dont. otherwise i hole out everything I can and play to the rules as best as i can. when a course is backed up, and no $ is on the line, going back to the tee to rehit is not always a good idea.
  12. I say no, but if he does miss it ....
  13. Im playing a short 6300 yard, tight course today. real short, there are no 400 yard par 4's. My 7 wood worked well last nite 220-240 slight push. If that isnt clicking ill use my 8i off the tee and drop the hammer for a steady 180-200 down the middle. I am putting the big stick away just for tomorrow.
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