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  1. Slobs on the Course

    Pretzel - I suppose it has to do with my early golf training. In So. Cal. where I was raised, golf was one of the sports that you could take as an elective class in H.S. Before we ever picked up a club or went near a range or course, we had a week of classroom instruction - including etiquette. I just remember it getting drilled into my head that after your drive - you pick up your tee or the broken parts of it, and move on. It was a sort of "leave the course as if you were never there" mentality on the instructor's part.
  2. Slobs on the Course

    I'm looking for sympathy and maybe, some advice. I'm a returning golfer - played in college, now retired. Husband and I have a membership at a local 9-hole public course. I learned the basics of the game in high school, and continued playing through college. One of the basics of my golf education was golf etiquette. So, now, when we are golfing at this course, when we get to the tee box, any tee box, we have to spend a couple of minutes cleaning up the broken tees, and the tees left in place, all over the place. It drives us nuts. Am I crazy, or is it sort of good manners to clean up after yourself after your drive off the tee? Thanks for listening.