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  1. Try it. You get to use other clubs. My club champion advised me I must be able to carry to the green at least 50 yards. We have some water and waste areas to carry with yardage books in the carts to reference.
  2. Been continuing with the Driver Face Contact with Preston from Evolvr. Also doing work on my alignment where I have competing angles causing an over the top move with a right ball path flight to target. We are moving my alignment slightly. When it feels like I'm hitting to the center of the green to play safe I still wind up closer to the edge, than I want, or slightly off. It will take a little work but I'll get there. The driver is almost reliable now. Even, with picking up a new one last week. The first two tee shots. Still a little high. The right miss onto the green aiming for the center. Over water with bunker to the right of the pin. LSW not executed well.
  3. Sorry guys just picked up my note from @Hardspoon from Tuesday. Have to pass. Busy at work, and scheduled on the road now starting May 4-16.
  4. Eger described the drop to Bradley. Their call ended, and Eger sent Bradley a text message about it as well. Bradley immediately called Ridley and Russell, the veteran PGA Tour administrator who is on the three-man Masters competition committee that is chaired by Ridley, a former U.S. Amateur champion and USGA president. Bradley also forwarded Eger's text to Russell and Ridley. In his text, Eger wrote that Woods "didn't appear to play by Rule 26-1-a." He wrote that he "appeared to be 3-4 feet back" from his divot mark. Bradley forwarded Eger's text message at 6:59 p.m. Tiger was still on the course.
  5. Oh, ok thanks. I see.
  6. What happened?
  7. Here is info from R&A's site. They also apply or advise golfers infraction on the spot as I was suggesting here. Should they be in position or wait for the phone call in? It's always fun to bust the perp later. If she was incorrect, remind her. (d) On the Putting Green On reaching the putting green, the referee should select a position where he can observe play without interference to any spectators. A referee should be in a position to observe that a ball lifted is replaced in the correct place. Problems in this area are most likely to arise when a player has had to move his ball-marker a putter head length or more to one side so that it doesn’t interfere with others. The referee should take particular note of this action and ensure that the marker is put back in the right place before the ball is replaced. Many experienced referees have individual methods of ensuring that they observe the replacement of the marker in the correct place. For example, when observing a player moving his marker a putter head length to one side, a referee may take a coin out of his pocket or take his watch off and will not put it back until he has observed the correct replacement. In this way, the referee is unlikely to forget that the player has moved the marker away from the original spot.
  8. No, he waits till he farts to the side and the mouth closes, probably. Then he calls in about the infraction.
  9. Yea, they do it here too, 4-6 paces, and on slopes, or both. Challenging and fun. Pace of play enhancers for sure.
  10. Agreed. But consider the baseball pitchers toe slightly off the rubber seen with the naked eye by umpires. Not television. Now zoom in with a camera to a player placing a ball, or contacting a hazard area under grainy magnification. The tools of observation now are much different as well as the reporting devices. Where do we go?
  11. Speaks for me.
  12. Agree. The taste it leaves behind is not sweet, but bitter.
  13. If they broke the rules there is a penalty. The Rules Officials help enforce, I thought. Apparently they are there to assist players based on comments I've interpreted. Something doesn't ring true to me however. Just my opinion.
  14. Then why put the Rules Officials out there. Oh, there to help the players as some have stated. Then the players don't even know the rules so how can they be penalized? What some have claimed. Goes back to the rules officials and rule enforcement. Argue all you want.