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  1. Hello. I’m in VA also. Williamsburg now.
  2. Last week I returned to Golf practice as rehabilitation after a long stint away and several medical procedures.  Got the move to Williamsburg completed in March, but before that had a huge pulmonary aneurism (clot) cut loose from my left leg and lodge in a lung after playing and a little rest.   Started with a cramp that I shook out and bam...

    Drove to the hospital and was admitted.  No structural damage thank goodness.  Working on the lower legs-DVT’s-where the veins will be stripped next month.   Walking felt like 20 extra pounds carried per leg to help rebuild cardio.

    Also, 3 weeks ago I has the cancer removed from my cheek to left eye.  Wondered why my putting had slipped, yea right.

    No restrictions now so I’m able to get back to playing - practicing, 72 holes on 3 local courses.  Walked 18.5 miles.   First day back was quite challenging confidence wise.    Anyway, glad to be back.

  3. That is the most sensible post I've read yet on this string.
  4. A little slow these days with work travel and trying to move. But able to get in practice on my Evolvr lesson drills. We are liking the progress on the set up and a little taller position he has me viewing DOL. We reanalyze FO's next set. Looks like the top is better, but at A5 I'm too steep still pulling down over the top and need to work on swallowing the shaft angle through the bicep as shown. The skinnies and fatso's are improving with the drills and having better results on the course, in between.
  5. A reaction can occur when mixing meds. Happened to me at home.
  6. Yes, agree. #6 and others are something else. College competitions play there.
  7. Hello. I've tried several combinations and have the shafts now stored in the garage. With my swing characteristics, as flawed as they may be, it was best to go to a fitter who had various shafts to try. Now working on the swing with an instructor since I was always a low ball hitter, no matter what shaft was installed. FWIW.
  8. 9 holes after range work. Nice 38. Two 3 putts cost me. Striking the ball better lately, but putting poorly. 17 putts. GIR, NGIR and U/D's good.
  9. Had a nice afternoon practice, 9 holes of golf with league buddies, then several holes on the course taking my Goldilocks Drill for dispersion to the course. Worked left and right dispersion at the range to within 7 yards as instructed. Wind came up but was able to adjust with the clubs assigned. Shot a nice 38 with two 3 putts on the bogeys. Both balls center on the green, long putts but pulled second putt right misses. Haven't been practicing putting for several months now. Last, after playing 9, teed 3 balls with my mark aligned 12-15* to inside. The three were pretty much
  10. May Update: Been working with Preston from Evolvr who is really a good communicator. A+. Back from travel but was able to work this last month on LWS positions A4-A5. I've been able to lessen the lean over at address and close my feet alignment position. Puts the shaft in a better position to the target where I developed pulling across my body. At the A-5 position, we are going to focus on the path to the ball for a while similar the the Face Contact drills I enjoy doing before playing. We are liking the starting ball flight point that is straight out, or slightly left, more with le
  11. Hi Po. I too recommend completing your degree. Completing things are very important and will provide stability when your professional career ends one day. Good luck.
  12. I couldn't do it. Here's a 147 slope, 6,800+ course in Williamsburg I play that will put you in reality quickly. This sloped, hilly with carries par 5 (and many others) are beautiful but make for a long day.
  13. Welcome and enjoy the thread. Nice tall posture.
  14. Try it. You get to use other clubs. My club champion advised me I must be able to carry to the green at least 50 yards. We have some water and waste areas to carry with yardage books in the carts to reference.
  15. Been continuing with the Driver Face Contact with Preston from Evolvr. Also doing work on my alignment where I have competing angles causing an over the top move with a right ball path flight to target. We are moving my alignment slightly. When it feels like I'm hitting to the center of the green to play safe I still wind up closer to the edge, than I want, or slightly off. It will take a little work but I'll get there. The driver is almost reliable now. Even, with picking up a new one last week. The first two tee shots. Still a little high. The right miss onto
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