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  1. 3/26: Swing and contact patten work followed by course tee practice.
  2. I might, if it's in your mindset now. If time permits, practicing and playing more golf enjoyable.
  3. Yep, depending on the cover material they tend to hold up pretty well. I tend to keep my ball down a bit with roll out so I have them smooth a little.
  4. @JonMA1 sorry to hear about the muscle injury. Don't over work it with repetition if it hurts. I injured my elbow and shoulder then played a full season. Major surgery. Good luck.
  5. Well I'd look at the par 3 course as all you can play for the season for a set reasonable cost closer to the house. However, you'll only use a few clubs off the tees, even the back set. The other course, about one hour away, after paying the annual membership, what would be the playing fees, walking, cart, etc. plus you can hit all the clubs in the bag, if desired. But you can do that at the range at the par 3 depending on its length. Can't lose either way. I've done both.
  6. 3/25. Continued with swing path, contact drills.
  7. Welcome Noob. You'll enjoy the site. I thought you might be a baseball or softball player by the firmly braced front leg, head back, in your my swing video. Might not work as well for the golf swing. Good speed through the impact zone I might add! You'll get good feedback here. Enjoy your new journey.
  8. Off to the range soon for more swing plane work. Yesterday hit a few balls then powdered an 8i before playing with league friends. I'm liking this drill from Evolvr. Glad I hooked up a few months ago.
  9. The shadow man standing in front or the the side doesn't bother me. Can you concentrate on the ball?
  10. Age: 63 Height: 5'-10" Where are you from: CA. Now VA. How long have you been playing: 6 years (on and off) Best score: 76 Favorite club in the bag: (2) 5w & putter Golf books / DVD's, etc, that helped you so far: Phil Michelson's Short Game Secrets, YouTube, TST, Golf Channel Where do you play: Member at Cahoon Plantation and Riverfront in VA. Most outlying courses. Best courses you've played so far: Kings Mill, Dye's VB National, Doak's Riverfront. Things you enjoy most about golf: The outdoors, the challenge, playing with friends. Goals for 2017: Learn from instruction and the better players. Return to better play in league and play again in local events.
  11. Well I was able to start the swing path work this morning in 34 degree windy weather, but still fun. Until I got called back into work after the first ball of the third set. The results are as follows: First set, ball one teed way too high and off center high drive result left fairway. Ball 2 still teed too high then started teeing down. A little better pattern. Second set, first two balls above center again. Teed top of ball height. Last three better precision. Center fairway, 30-35 yards longer. Third set, first ball almost center. Teed just below ball height. Light grass marks on bottom face of club. Darn, phone call from work... Start of set 3. First swing, teed below top of ball.
  12. Agree. 5 hours starts to get a little long regardless of style of play. Blitz, competition, etc. I tend to shy away from them now.
  13. I've been working on a few basic things from my instructor I really like that's pretty revealing. Since I'm restricted in my swing top and bottom we're working on trying to make repeatable contact to help maximize what I do have or can get out of it. I thought I made pretty good contact but see today I'm up on the club face after teeing off two (2) balls on holes one and two while playing with a buddy to get a starting baseline. I start the training reps of 4 sets of 5 balls in the morning. I know there is a loss of distance up there with the reduced spin. Plus I've teed it just a little higher lately. Wonder if I should use one of those fixed height tees?
  14. I like that concept. And swing doctoring perhaps with guidance. Keep up the good work.