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  1. Golf Bag Envy

    The top has gotten better over the years...the revolver bags are still kind of new (less than 10 years) as far as some companies go, and they have done a wonderful job of replacing flaws with previous designs...better bearings being needed inside of the top were an issue early on, as was fraying with the piping on the bag...however most of these problems have been addressed in the 2015 mode and also they have added a detachable cooler which is really convienient
  2. What Do You Do for a Living?

    Manage a retail golf store in The Villages, Fl...have worked there for 5 years now...
  3. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Am new here...saw in my welcome email I should post something here so I will...last i played was Monday last at Stonecrest in Summerfield, fl...par 72, yardage is 6852...shot 79 with a double on the 3rd hole after driving out of bounds, and a triple on the par 3 11th since I dunked one in the water and refused to use the drop zone...then proceeded to blade the second tee shot into the bunker behind the hole...2 birdies though with 4 bogeys and 10 pars...a fairly nice round, a little Better than usual but considering my buddy shot 108 it takes a lot of concentration for me to play well while watching my friend struggle to do anything...but we all started there so I don't mind it...