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  1. Something positive about Chambers? Impossible! "I had a blast," said Snedeker. "I understand guys were complaining about the greens, whatever it might be. But I played on quite a few greens that were just as bad, if not worse, than this on the PGA Tour. I think we get kind of in the moment of the tournament and get wrapped up in everything, and everything at majors seems to be turned on overdose. "Every little thing sets you off. I thought the ball rolled fine, and if you hit good putts they'll go in. You can't beat the venue. The vistas out there were gorgeous. I thought the golf course played great. And you're going to have a great champion. The guys on the top of the leaderboard are all quality players and are going to be great champions. I think it's a great venue."
  2. I agree. I wouldn't be surprised if this was one of highest rated US Opens ever with all the controversy
  3. It's not the poa they are complaining about its that the fescue greens got some poa that invaded it causing the bumpy greens With that said, the greens are obviously not perfect but the course looks cool and it's been a great tournament. I'm really enjoying the open this year even with all the controversy