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  1. @boogielicious I won't delete videos ever again. Happy New Year first all! It's 2016 and thanks to you guys I have got some positive feedback to share. I feel a lot more comfortable flaring my feet I feel a lot more comfortable rounding my back instead of sticking my butt out @mvmac's video helped a lot to improve my takeaway To cut a long story short: I stopped shanking the ball. I feel a lot more comfortable again hitting my shorter irons. I am still fighting a hook though - especially with my longer irons and woods (which I currently removed from my bag). I took a lesson from my local pro before Christmas and he identified an unstable lower body (I am not keeping the right knee flexed) + over-rotating/over-active hands (especially my right hand). He wants me to work on a much smoother rhythm, making a full shoulder turn during my backswing and rolling my right ankle through the downswing. The FlightScope is showing an in-to-out path - he wants me to swing a lot more left. Rolling the right ankle is a completely new feeling. Unfortunately, due to -6 degress Celsius outside, I can't do much filming right now. Could you guys recommend any good swing thoughts for a proper shoulder turn?
  2. Many thanks for the feedback @mvmac. The videos really helped. I will work on my takeaway and come back with an update asap.
  3. OT: I think the video quality is great. I am due a free phone upgrade due to my contract extension and I am planning to get an iPhone 6s+ too to capture proper swing videos. The Sony Action Cam looks good too. Many thanks for your feedback.
  4. Which camera do you use to capture your videos, if I might ask?
  5. Hi all. Update: I am still shanking the majority of the balls on the driving range - no problems on the course though. I having a tough time working on my hook too. I am trying to work on my takeaway a lot - looked very flat earlier on. Unfortunately I deleted my previous videos on YT and I am not able to edit my existing posts anymore. Any suggestions?
  6. Hi all! I thought, after dealing with all your input, the videos and the lessons I had, to post a proper feedback. 1. I have been working a lot on my swing throughout October and November. 2. Mid-October I played my best-ever rounds of golf. I was able to eliminate my slice and improve my impact. 3. Instead of losing balls to the right I hit fairly straight shots for 10 days. 4. Another 5 days later I started losing balls to the left, especially off the tee. 5. Another 5 days later I started shanking the ball on the driving range (45 shanks out of 50 balls). 6. I have no on-course shanks - but I am still facing a pull-hook off the deck and tee. 7. Went back to the range yesterday - still shanking the ball. After I played my best-ever rounds I asked my playing partner to take a video of my swing and still wasn't happy with my OTT move and the slowly developing hook. I tried to work on my backswing a lot and combined with a lesson I had recently I ended up being completely confused and shanking the ball all over the place - left and right. I feel out of posture again addressing the ball. Please find below a video I recorded last week Monday. I hit the same "shots" yesterday evening - so the swing shouldn't be different. For me the takeaway still looks to flat and I have problems rounding my back due to the lack of balance at address. For me it is still a mystery how I can fix my OTT move. Up and down! :)
  7. Hi @mvmac & @b101 - I'll do my very best and work on my posture. Sorting out my lower back shouldn't be a problem at all. I am still working on Key #2 right now - not an easy one for me to be honest. I just thought I have an inside takeaway or I am well under the plane during my takeaway. I will shorten the backswing as well.
  8. I have been to the range twice and hit the course yesterday. To be honest: it is hard to play properly right now. I still feel uncomfortable flaring my feet and I keep fighting my weak right hand. After yesterdays round I asked my father to take some videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FV1VvpVusYc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8N53hcwMYfs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGQ27vSP3Gw I think my takeaway is an absolute mess right now - way too flat/deep? P.S.: I am not sure why just one of the videos is actually really coming up?
  9. I am a Sales Manager for a German company, running the UK market.
  10. I don't think I am much of a help to you being a high handicap player - yet: I played them for 12 months. Good clubs, had lots of fun with them. I bought PING clubs just because I don't like TaylorMade's marketing and their approach to releasing a new golf club every month. Cheers Christian
  11. Hi @mvmac We had some beautiful sunshine yesterday and I decided to play 9 holes in the evening. I decided to focus onto a.) optimizing my grip (I am not that far off), b.) flaring my feet , c.) some proper axis tilt and d.) moving my weight forward during impact . I must admit: due to all the changes and swing thoughts I felt sceptical at the beginning. As it turned out: I was all wrong. I played a solid round of golf with some decent shots. I especially remember some amazing approach shots where I was able to put 2-5ft next to the pin. I was able to hit the ball a lot better as well. Sometimes the contact felt crisp and good off the club face. Due to the changes I fight two new problems. 1. Due to flaring my feet I have problems aiming correctly. I feel a little bit lost standing over the ball and I hit a couple of hooks into the woods. I though it might be best approaching the ball with square feet and flare them after I have aligned to the club face. 2. Due to the axis tilt and a lot more forward shaft lean at address I can't help but having a weak right hand. If I try to move it stronger again (the V of my right hand point more towards my right shoulder) I start hitting chunky shots. I'll try to upload some new videos on Thursday. Many thanks for the help so far - much appreciated guys. Cheers Christian
  12. Hi Mike Many thanks for your input - great stuff. I am already busy writing down the key facts ( How to Draw the Golf Ball (or How to Stop Slicing) ) from here and will include the 5SK into my practice on Sunday/Monday. Right now, especially with the new posture, the forward shaft lean and the slightly changed grip I have got so many swing thoughts rushing through my head whilst taking back the club, that every single movement feels odd - absolutely normal I know. Could you guess where my shanks are coming from? I never had problems shanking the ball to the right. Is my downswing to steep? Am I standing too close to the ball? Perhaps the new input will fix this problem automatically. Cheers Christian
  13. I've been Playing Golf for: 17 months (May 2014) My current handicap index or average score is: 26.4 My typical ball flight is: slice/fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: slice, fat & thin shots Hi TST I already introduced myself twice ( here and here ) and don't want to bother you guys again with my story. I decided, for my own progress and discipline, to start a swing thread and use it as some sort of a blog and an opportunity to learn from you. I thought it might be best to kick-off my blog with an absolute nightmare of a swing - you're welcome! I went to the range today and focused entirely on the two drills my new coach gave me on Monday. After I finished my warm-up I started hitting right-handed chip shots - as suggested on Monday. The key points I focused on: flaring my feet (which I never did before), forward shaft lean, hands forward at impact. In total I hit 30 balls that way and was able to hit 3-4 good shots. I shanked, thinned and chunked all the other ones and wasn't able to connect with the drill. I felt confused at address and throughout the entire swing, which is simply a half-backswing. I really felt I learned nothing from the drill. Hitting the previous 30 balls I took small breaks in-between and used my pitchmarker to draw a line through the grass. I started swinging my gap wedge and focused entirely on making impact after the line - never before it. To cut a long story short: I managed. In comparison to the previous drill at least I finally had the feeling of learning something and improving at the same time. To end todays practice session I decided to hit a couple more 8i's and 7i's. A couple of times I had the feeling of hitting down and compressing the ball for the first time of my life - yet every shot of the day started right instantly. Out of 50 balls I hit at least 35 of them low and to the right. I think I shanked them, which I never did before (apart from the odd shank once a month). Perhaps my hands are too far forward right now and the angle of my backswing is too steep? Cheers Christian
  14. I would like to thank you guys @mvmac @Patch @Missouri Swede for your responses and input. I just booked the next lesson with him in two weeks' time. I will focus onto the two drills he gave and sit down after work to read the instructional content you linked - great stuff! I need to learn to be patient and focus onto one thing first before moving on - many thanks for reminding me and sorting me out here. I will keep you posted about my progress. Perhaps it might be worth starting a blog/diary? Cheers Christian
  15. Hi TST To cut a long story short: I need your help! I have been able to reduce my handicap from 33.9 down to 26.4 over the last 6 months - yet I am not happy with my progress, mainly due to the inconsistency of my game. I am mainly fighting a manageable slice/fade, but unfortunately I am able to hit draws & hooks, fat & thin shots, pulls & pushes as well. I haven't been on the range for 3 months and decided to play 2 more tournaments in 2015 before I focus a lot more on swing changes and the next season. In 2015 I had 5 lessons with a teaching professional I got on with pretty well. He was able to help me hitting proper draws (even though I would prefer hitting a fade) for a week, before these draws developed into really tough (pull) hooks. To be honest: I let myself down and felt demotivated. At that point I stopped going to the range, I stopped reading my Ben Hogan books - I just hit the course 2-3 times a week and managed to get rid of all the swing thoughts in my head. My goal is to pick up Ben Hogan's books again, read through the forums here, gain as much knowledge as possible and improve my swing on the range 2-3 times a week - yet I still like training with a teaching professional once a month. I was able to book a lesson with a different teaching professional yesterday evening. Both his son and daughter play on the European Tour. His approach was completely different to the one I was used to. Instead of dealing with multiple issues of my swing he asked me to hit a couple of wedge shots, followed by only a few 7 irons. He identified an open club face throughout my takeaway/backswing, a flat backswing and flipping hands. He said that it should be my first goal to hit/compress the ball solid and immediately started showing me a one-handed drill to improve impact/contact. I think I got on pretty well with the drill, so 20 balls later he used a pencil to draw a line through the ground where normally the ball would be sitting. He asked me to swing with both hands and focus onto hitting a divot behind the line. I understood his explanations etc. and again improved immediately. Another 15 swings later (w/o a ball) he finished the lesson, asked me to focus onto the drill and sort of left me in the dark about the "bigger picture" (Where am I going? What is coming next?). I paid the lesson fee and felt a bit .. I don't know ... confused and disorientated? He asked me to come back sometime soon. What am I supposed to do? Was it a good lesson? How does a good lesson look like? I thought it might be best to ask you guys for help which is much appreciated! Cheers Christian
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