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  1. The 1 iron...

    I simply do not see the value in removing any club in my bag to put in a 1 iron. Get you a 2 iron and when you need to hit a low shot simply hood the club for it. This is what I do when I am faced with the need to hit a low shot.
  2. Advice for beginner

    It aint how far...it is how many. You would do yourself a lot of good by working from the green back. Where is the pin located on the green....so what side of the fairway do I need to hit the ball in order to have the best angle for a quality approach. Next would be to look at the distance of the hole....if the hole is 370 yards. Take a club off the tee that you can hit consistently and hit it to a distance that you can most consistently make a good shot with. Example. If you are playing a 370 yards hole and you hit your PW 130 yards then what do you have in your bag that you can consistently hit about 240 yards. Then hit it...right down the middle, or to the right side of the fairway or the left side of the fairway. Course management is the key. If you can play this way you will take a lot of headaches out of the game and it will allow you to relaz and make the kind of shots required to score better...and that means you have more fun!
  3. On a flush hit, which feels best to you?

    I choose an Iron. Not so much because of the "feel" as much as the satisfaction I get from hitting it well. Example...a couple of weeks ago at the club on the 12th hole. It is a short par 5. I hit a great driver...absolutley flushed it...flew about 300 yards. I was left with about 185 yard shot to the center of the green but the pin was back which added another 8 yards to the shot. I took a 5 iron and hit it as good as I possibly could. It landed about 4 feet from the hole and stopped at the back of the green leaving me with about a 20 foot putt for eagle. I had to hit this iron pretty good to get it there because the hole is a little uphill and then you have to fly over 3 sandtraps to reach it. I figured the worst thing that was going to happen if I hit it a little thin was end up in the bunker and I would still be able to get down for par.
  4. Kick Point and oversized ball

    TheNatural, I would not worry too much about kick points and the like. Hitting the ball consistently is what will make the most difference in distance and score. What most people do when it gets windy or conditions are tough they try harder...grip the club tighter and change their swing. If you will just keep your swing smooth and your grip firm but make sure you do not have tension in your swing but swing fluidly. This is what will lower your scored the most and will do it the quickest.