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  1. Plenty of food opportunities in the area. Kiva Dunes is a very nice course, not easy. Good amount of sand and water, and you will likely see an alligator or two or three.... Pricing is not bad and you will find it challenging. There are a couple of other courses not far away that are nice and are reasonably priced. Check out The Peninsula Golf and Racket Club. It is open to the public, or at least it was a few years ago....
  2. Osnola

    What's your biggest problem in golf?

  3. Osnola

    You're Down to 4 Clubs in Your Bag...What Are They???

    3W, Putter, 7i, and GW
  4. Osnola

    Top ten things to yell after a tee shot

    Did you see that.....
  5. Osnola

    Faster Play - Is It Hurting the Game?

    10 minutes per hole is 180 minutes or 3 hours. 12 minutes per hole is 216 minutes or 3 hours and 36 minutes 15 minutes per hole is 270 minutes or 4 hours and 30 minutes 20 minutes per hole is 360 minutes or 6 hours me personally, I am more comfortable with the 3 hour mark... How about you.
  6. Osnola

    Club for long par 5

    3 hits with 170 club is 510 yards. My goal is to try and get on Par 5’s in 3 (and don’t do it often)...Hit whatyour comfortable with and keep practicing.
  7. Osnola

    Left Arm Pain: From Practicing FULL backswing

    I had sore neck, pain in shoulder, down my upper back, tingling and burning down my left arm into my thumb and index finger. Also, intermittent spasm/pain in the bicep. I fought this for 15 years. Tried meds, massage, PT, injection, everything. Nothing really worked, somethings would mask the pain but never the tingling and numbness. I had 3 level ACDF surgery a week ago. I came out of surgery with no numbness and the neck/shoulder pain is gone. Yeah, there is some surgery related pain and I feel like I have whip lash, but it will pass and the I’ll effectd of the nerves being compressed are gone. I was told that it would likely be 2 or 3 months before I can play golf or fish, but my hope is that I can make a complete swing from start to finish without pain. I will be able to see the hole when I putt from 15+ feet away because I will have more mobility in my neck. I tell you all this because they will treat you for a pinched nerve in the shoulder, give you injections and meds. They will not fix the problem. I am an older guy (69) but very active and have been athletic my whole life. Don’t wait to long to get good diagnosis and treatment.
  8. Osnola

    Within 50 yds ....

  9. Osnola

    Levels of Play Among Amateurs

    I am a Senior Recreational Golfer....and have no false hopes of ever being anything else...I play once a week...very seldom go to range or even hit balls before a round...Closest course is 45 minutes away and there are no driving ranges in the area.
  10. Osnola

    Golf Grip Change

    at age 69 i struggled with sore fingers for a few days after a round of golf. About 6 or so months ago, I made the change to a "baseball grip". Took a little getting used to it, but I do pretty good with it and my fingers do not hurt as much at the end of a round...
  11. Osnola

    To all you golfers who drive a pickup truck

    Soft tonneau cover and a non-slip bed liner. shoes, hat, gloves, balls, towels, and bag of clubs stay right where I leave them. Tail gate locks automatically when I lock the truck and tonneau cannot be opened. If they want what is in the bed of your truck they are gonna get it one way or another...This has been my method of transporting and storing with two trucks over the past 8 years...
  12. Last four rounds have been in mid 90's....then last round was an even100...I like to play tees that are from 5700 yards to 6100 yards. Senior that has lost some distance off the tee. I have found that the following really affect my score: 1. Tee shot---playable is good, unplayable or terrible lie making 2nd shot tough kills me 2. I do not hit a lot of greens in regulation, so I live and die with how I do from 40yds in....getting on the green in position to have a chance to make a putt is crucial. 3. Putting....3 putts are a killer, especially on par 3's 4. Have a good round going then I score a 7 and 8 on back to back holes...
  13. Osnola

    When do You Take Your Grip?

    As I start to address the ball, I grip the club with it extended straight out and parallel to the ground...(I do use a single plane swing so it would be different than a multi-plane swing). Hope that makes sense.
  14. Osnola

    40 Putts per Round, Average of 96 (Dave Pelz)?

    You have described me and my golf game to a tee.....no pun intended. I am probably a realist and hope some day to shoot under 90 two rounds in a row.....two 89's will work for me....

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