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  1. Changed a bit since I have gotten older. If I have the first tee time at 6:15 AM, i just go hit one from the tee box and play it. If I play a little later, I generally hit 10 to 15 balls. 5 wedge, 5 with 7i, and 2 to 5 with driver. I like to putt on the practice green for 5 to 10 minutes if I can. That's it...
  2. Let me say up front that I am not complaining....I play with 2 guys every week for fun, no money or wagers involved. I am not setting myself up as perfect, but I generally play by the rules. I do not take mulligans and try to play every ball into the cup. The only time I get a "gimme" is if I hit it close and one of my playing partners picks my ball up and we move to the next hole. i only hit one ball off each tee, and I take my medicine, but my playing partners may hit 2 or 3, especially off the first tee. From the fairway, I take my medicine and play it like it is and live with the resu
  3. How does moving interval from 7 minutes to 15 minutes affect the COVID 19 issue? Nothing has changed at the course I play except for an inverted cup and do not touch the flag. You can purchase food/beverage but you cannot eat or drink in the clubhouse. They never closed and have had more people playing and using the range than they ever did; INMHO, changing the intervals between groups is an over reaction and for appearance only. You want to stop "No Show", make them pay in advance with no refund if canceled within 48 hours of the scheduled tee time.
  4. I have never written a review before so this is really just what I learned/experienced. I needed some golf balls so I went to the Golf Shop, looked around and decided to venture out and try some different golf balls. i bought 2 dozen Mizuno RB566V ($29.99/dozen) and played 2 rounds. Right off the bat, on the first tee, i knew something was different. The ball just did not feel right off the driver an i hit it pretty good. Right down the middle and slightly left of center. The problem was that it was about 15 yards shorter than I am used to. Next shot was a 6i to the green. Ball went a
  5. Sorry, typo....Slope Rating at Royal Golf Course is 115, not 155....
  6. Usually first or second tee time in morning, 6:15 AM. Put shoes on at home, pull into parking lot, grab bag, put on a cart, pay for round, go to 1st tee and i am off...Generally finish between 8:30 and 8:45, then off to coffee shop for hot Mocha and Blueberry Muffin....that is my routine...I play with my two younger brothers and their routine is the same, except they don't do the coffee shop. I'm 71 and they are 63 and 62...
  7. Shot 85 at Royal in Slidell...45 on front and 40 on back...
  8. Yes in Louisiana...played Friday and playing again tomorrow....
  9. I don't care....i'll be 78 and hope to still be playing...
  10. Callaway SuperSoft...been my go to ball for about 3 years...
  11. Make the assumption you are 150 yards out and your club for this distance is a 7i... 1. Ball above your feet 2. Ball below your feet 3. Ball on Up Hill lie 4. Ball on Down Hill lie
  12. shot 86 yesterday, 43/43....This is lowest score I have ever shot...No 7's and only one 3 putt...Gonna give it another shot Friday...
  13. Played yesterday and will play again Friday. Will keep playing as long as it stays open. The course I play at said they will stay open as long as they let them...
  14. Osnola

    Love and Hate

    I hate a slow pace of play---I need to keep moving and play better with a little quicker pace of play. I love golf because I love to be outdoors and I always enjoy playing against the course...
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