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  1. Levels of Play Among Amateurs

    I am a Senior Recreational Golfer....and have no false hopes of ever being anything else...I play once a week...very seldom go to range or even hit balls before a round...Closest course is 45 minutes away and there are no driving ranges in the area.
  2. Golf Grip Change

    at age 69 i struggled with sore fingers for a few days after a round of golf. About 6 or so months ago, I made the change to a "baseball grip". Took a little getting used to it, but I do pretty good with it and my fingers do not hurt as much at the end of a round...
  3. To all you golfers who drive a pickup truck

    Soft tonneau cover and a non-slip bed liner. shoes, hat, gloves, balls, towels, and bag of clubs stay right where I leave them. Tail gate locks automatically when I lock the truck and tonneau cannot be opened. If they want what is in the bed of your truck they are gonna get it one way or another...This has been my method of transporting and storing with two trucks over the past 8 years...
  4. Last four rounds have been in mid 90's....then last round was an even100...I like to play tees that are from 5700 yards to 6100 yards. Senior that has lost some distance off the tee. I have found that the following really affect my score: 1. Tee shot---playable is good, unplayable or terrible lie making 2nd shot tough kills me 2. I do not hit a lot of greens in regulation, so I live and die with how I do from 40yds in....getting on the green in position to have a chance to make a putt is crucial. 3. Putting....3 putts are a killer, especially on par 3's 4. Have a good round going then I score a 7 and 8 on back to back holes...
  5. When do You Take Your Grip?

    As I start to address the ball, I grip the club with it extended straight out and parallel to the ground...(I do use a single plane swing so it would be different than a multi-plane swing). Hope that makes sense.
  6. 40 Putts per Round, Average of 96 (Dave Pelz)?

    You have described me and my golf game to a tee.....no pun intended. I am probably a realist and hope some day to shoot under 90 two rounds in a row.....two 89's will work for me....
  7. I have been playing this set and made the change to the SL irons about 8 months ago. Very comfortable with them and like the whole setup in my bag. Prior clubs were 8 year old set of irons, mixed wedges, KZG driver and FW and an old putter. I am 69 year old and feel like this will likely be my last set of clubs,.. TaylorMade M2 Driver Cobra FlyZ 3-4 FW Wood Thomas Golf 3 & 4 Hybrids Cobra King F8 Single Length Irons 5 thru SW (All 1" over standard and 2* up) Odyssey Red O-Works Putter (I really like this putter) Callaway SuperSoft Balls (Good price and does everything I need a ball to do)
  8. Driver-Wedge at WGC Mexico

    Thanks to all for the replies and information....I guess I was kind of looking at it like comparing todays baseball fields with those of yesterday. Was nothing to see a right field porch at 296' back in the day. But, as the major leaguers got "bigger, faster, stronger" the new stadiums built were bigger and required more of a poke to get it out. Of course, I guess they equipment changed a bit also, like that of golf. The training of todays golfers is probably better and they younger ones spend less time in the clubhouse bar than those of days gone by....
  9. Driver-Wedge at WGC Mexico

    Watching the PGA on the course in Mexico i don't know if the course is just that short or if the majority of the pros just hit the ball further off the tee. Why do they hit it further? Is it the ball, the driver technology, or a combination of the two. Sure looked to me like on many of the Par 4's they would hit the driver, then were hitting wedges into the green. Maybe it is because it seems that we only get to see the really top 6 or so when watching on TV, and not all of them play this game. So, do they need to put limits on the ball, the driver, or both? To put limits would only hinder maybe 1% of total golfers Most golfers playing a 400 yard Par 4 have an initial goal to get to the 150 marker which would be, say, 250 yds. off the tee. Well, the great majority of golfers out here do not average less than 250 yds off the tee. In all honesty, I may average 200 yds off the tee, so my goal is to just get it in the fairway and hope to get there in three.... I am not for changing anything except maybe making the greens smaller, placing more trouble around the greens (not just sand because they all play out of the sand very well) to punish errant shots, and making the putting a little more difficult with the structure of the greens. Of course, not on all courses, but maybe on the courses that the pro tours play, both men and women.
  10. The (No) Sixes Challenge

    Played 18 yesterday. Front 9 made no 6's. Hole #10, there it is, a big 8....then on 11, a 7, then on 12, a par 3--I got 6. So, lesson learned, play each hole as it comes and play smart golf....don't play a shot that is not in your skill level--Play smart... Next round scheduled for Monday or Tuesday, so we shall see...
  11. How to Play Through Another Group

    I do not play on weekends. During the week I try to be in the first group out in the morning..... If I play on a weekend, it is usually on Sunday afternoon when others are watching NFL...
  12. Putters of Choice?

    I am by no means an expert, but the biggest help I got was to discover that my putting stroke was straight back and straight thru....That told me the I needed, I think they call it a face balanced putter. Before that, I would miss short every time and was convinced I could not read even the easiest to read green. It helped with my distance and with my accuracy. You should be able to find an affordable putter on e-bay to fit your stroke. You may find something on this forum about different balanced putter for different strokes....

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