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  1. I played yesterday with my two brothers. We are all hackers and normally shoot between 85 and 95. One brother shot an 84, but seemed to get all the breaks he needed to avoid the big score on a couple of hole. Example...He is laying 2 just of the green on a par 3. My ball is laying 2 about 10" from the hole. He hits his chip, obviously going to be long, but he hits my ball and his bounces off my ball and into the cup for a par. My ball rolls about 3 feet and now I have a 4' putt for a par. Miss it and get a bogey. He saved at least 2 strokes and I lose one... Next example...Same brother hits driver off tee box of a par 5 and hooks it left. it is going into some trees and sticker bushes (very thick) that you never find your ball in. Automatic in one, out two, hit three...but no...he hits a tree, it bounces out at a 45* angle into and rolls on down the fairway. Hits a good second shot and ends up on the green in 3, 3 putts for a six...Again, seems to save at least 2 more strokes. So the question is, How Much Does Luck Have To Play With How Your Golf Game Goes?
  2. Shot a 91....had a pretty good round going and them made a 7 on 18, a par 5. Great drive, great 2nd shot, hit chip across the green, chili dipped next one and 3 putted...But overall, I played pretty good for me....
  3. Took me about 6 years to break 100... From there, it took me about 25 years to break 90... Probably will never break 80...I do believe you play by the rules of golf, and if you really want to know what you really shoot, you just play what you hit...no do overs, no mulligans, no move the ball to improve your lie, etc... I am 70 years old and figure I will need to be playing for another 16 years to be able to shoot my age...
  4. Never been a club ho.....I have only had 3 sets of clubs in the 35 years of playing golf. I retired 3 years ago and purchased a set of irons, 5-SW, that I got fitted for. Bought a Driver and a Fairway wood a couple of years before I retired and kept them. Bought a putter for my birthday to replace the SeeMore that I have used for about 20 years. Also kept a 3H and a 4H. I don't anticipate the purchase of any additional clubs until I get to point where I hang it up....I am 70, play at least once a week, sometimes twice. Have been playing with the Callaway SuperSoft since it came out and don't anticipate changing that.
  5. I think the number on the club relates more to the other clubs in the Nathan other sets of clubs. I hit my 7i 150 yds. I hit 9iin another set 150 yds. I play the distance not necessarily the club.
  6. I have tried using a chipper, but decided it would probably be best to just learn to chip with the cubs in my bag...
  7. Osnola

    Practice Clubs

    I only own one set of clubs, so I play and practice with them...
  8. I am on a roll and I hope it keeps on rollin'...Shot my 3rd consecutive round under 90. Shot an 88, and for the first time I played a complete round with the same ball. I did not lose one ball today.....
  9. I use baseball grip. Don’t know what orthodontist grip is. I use baseball grip, use to use overlap be, because of pain in fingers. I have become more consistent with 10 finger grip.
  10. All that stuff catches golfers like fishing lures catch fish....
  11. I turned 70 yesterday and played golf today....I played last Tuesday and shot 85. I shot 89 today. This is the first time in my life the I shot under 90 two times in a row, and only the 5th time that I have shot under 90. I usually make a couple of pars per round. Today I had 4 pars and a birdie on the front 9 and 3 pars on the back 9. Unfortunately, i had a couple of 8's. Gonna play again next week, gonna see if I can make it 3 in a row...
  12. Maybe not for everyone, but have been playing them for about a year. I will say that it does take some getting used to. Not just the single length, but the single plane swing. I am 70, and was struggling. Got fit for a set of Cobra SL clubs. Spent 2 weeks at the range before I attempted to play a round. I generally shoot around 90, and just recently shot 85, lowest score yet. Here is what I would say....my set is a 5i thru SW. I use a 3H and 4H instead of the irons. My distance before changing was: 5i I would not even hit it... 6i is 160 yds, 7i 150 8i 140 9i 130-135 PW 120 GW 110 SW 90 My distances with the SL irons are almost identical, but the biggest difference is that my shots tend to be straighter. I am getting better and have to say that I would not go back and will stay with the SL clubs. I wish I would have discovered them a few years ago. They are not a gimmick, but they are not for everyone. I will honestly answer any questions anyone might have.
  13. 2 scrambled eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, glass of orange juice, and a large glass of water or 2....usually keep gatorade or 2 and an apple in my bag....usually grab a burger or chicken sandwich after the round...
  14. Hit 'em both and see which you like and feel best with and about....no one can make that decision for you.
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