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  1. My remedy, that helps, is that I will rub some Australian Dream on both hands prior to playing and I use baseball batting gloves on both hands.
  2. Kind of use the rule 32* and rising...Down here is SE Louisiana, it can be 32 at 7:00 AM and 65 by noon. I try to avoid days when the course is saturated from an incoming or just passing front and has standing water....
  3. shot 46/46 for 92 at Royal in Slidell, LA I was scrambling all day. Missed a few putts that should have made, but overall, ball striking with irons was pretty good. Will give it another shot next week and see if I can break 90....
  4. I shot a shite show today....100. Consecutive rounds sub 90 and this shows up. Shot 57 on front and rebounded to a 43 on the back. Very humbling, as I was ready to get another score in the 80's. Well, back to the old grind stone and play better next week. Will be traveling to Tennessee to play Rarity Bay with my son.
  5. Last week played with the same ball for 17 holes. Lost two balls on #18...I have never played the same ball for a complete round...
  6. I'm a retired old man also (70)...I shoot about 90 and always play a new ball at the start of each round. You can tell by my score that I do not usually finish with the same ball I start with. Depending on the course and how I feel that day, I will lose from 2-4 balls a round. I do not play the more expensive balls, but play the Wilson Duo. Works for me performance and price wise...
  7. Shot 92 at The Oaks in Mississippi today. 48 on front and 44 on the back...missed a couple of putts, missed a couple of fairways (really bad). Hit a few thin, a few fat, and a few just right with the irons. I am okay with this score, course is not easy.
  8. I play 18 all the time. In all the years I have been playing, I don't think I ever played just 9 holes...
  9. Everyone has a different perspective... I have been playing for a number of years, but that is what I do with golf, play. I practice at the range and putt around about 1 time a month, but I play 4 to 5 times a month. I used to just play the least expensive ball I could find at Walmart. Didn't matter if it was Noodle or Nitro, just cheapest. The whole time I would shoot around 100, and occasionally mid 90's. A few years ago, I began to play a softer ball and settled on the Callaway SuperSoft for about $20 a dozen. They do not do everything a premium ball does for you, but at my level, I don't hit many greens in regulation and have learned to play the roll out on chips, etc. My suggestion, find a ball you are comfortable with price wise and with the way it feels and just play it....My brother has played the Noodle for about 10 years and he shoots in the mid 80's on average...You will likely lose 4 balls a round, so do you want to $20 a round or less than $4 a round?
  10. broke 90 for 3rd straight time....last three rounds have been 86, 87, 87...now to break 85...
  11. Do they run true to size? Is size 12 12 or do you need to go up or down a size?
  12. Shot 87 today at Royal in Slidell LA. 43 on front and 44 on back. Putting was better today. Been a while since I broke 90, so feel good about today.
  13. Maybe 35,000 golf holes X 18 holes = 630,000 total holes This a SWAG....nothing based on any scientific fact or conjecture...
  14. Shot 91 this morning....43 front, 48 on back...
  15. I am not an expert or a teacher, but I really struggled putting, trying to do it the "traditional" way. I tried changing ball placement, but that did not help. I found that my biggest problem was that my right arm (I am right handed) was so dominant that I was trying to guide the ball instead of putting to a specific point and letting the contour of the green and the grain do its thing. I changed, about 2 years ago, to a left hand on the bottom grip and saw improvement, especially with controlling pace. It did not fix it and make me an elite putter, but I do have a lot fewer 3 putts using this grip and a consistent placement of the ball in the middle of my stance (under my nose). I also discovered that my putting stroke is Straight Back and Straight Through and when I switched from a toe weighted putter to a face balanced putter I at least became a little more consistent and quit missing so many putts short and to the left. Let me make it clear, I am not advocating that anyone make the same changes I made, What works for me may not work for you. First and foremost you have to find something that you are comfortable with and that works for you. Different mentalities, body types, etc. The key to anything like this is practice, practice, practice, and be willing to make adjustments depending on how the greens are playing. You just can't show up and play and really expect to get better. Having said that, I need to practice more, but practice more now than I used to...
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