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  1. They spit in all athletic events....you just don't see it as close up as you do in golf....ever watch a baseball game....spitting, adjustment of nuts, whatever else....
  2. They do not mind being called professional golfers and making their living playing golf. Them complaining about courses and how they are set up gets no sympathy from me. They are "good" and should be able to adjust their game to whatever the course throws at them. I hear them talk about how conditions of a course change from morning to afternoon...yes it does, but they know that and should adjust their game to it. Other professional sports have to make adjustments as conditions may change from the start of an event (game) to the end of the game.... Here is the bottom line...one has to hold himself accountable and not pass the blame for a bad performance on others. Just play, enjoy it, and take your lumps when they come and enjoy the good times when they come...
  3. I wear 2 gloves. One reason is for protection from the sun (dermatologist told me to after have 3 melanomas removed) and another reason is because it helps eliminate pain in my fingers after a round. I quit wearing golf gloves and have been wearing baseball batting gloves for a while. I find that they have a bit more padding, have very good stickiness, and feel better. I put them on before I start a round and they do not come off until i put my clubs in the back of my truck....Also wear solar sleeves when I do not wear a shirt with long sleeves....
  4. I wear New Balance...they have a wider toe box than most of the other shoes, are light, water proof (because of the heat in SE Louisiana I play early morning and they have to be water proof because of all the dew on the ground) and just fit me better. I take the innersole out that comes in the shoe and replace with a good quality innersole. Get a good innersole and do not be afraid to spend a little bit on them because they really make a difference in the comfort of your feet... Also, wear good socks.
  5. Shot 88....missed 5 par putts....could have really done well today.
  6. Congratulations....I have gotten close my last two rounds. 90 and 91...I'm gonna make it soon....
  7. Mr. Puddle, I would think most on here have been, or, are where you are. I am not good enough to give you technical swing info or instruction, but can only share what I have learned over the years. Most people want to get started with the driver and learn to hit that. I have taken a few lessons, but the two that helped me the most were putting and chipping.... Also, I have learned to "manage" my round of golf and play more sensible. I accept the fact that I cannot hit the perfect shot or make that 1 out of a 100 shot from the trees. My goal is to just keep the ball in a position that on the next shot I have an opportunity to advance the ball to the green. My objective over the past few years has been consistency and giving myself a chance. My focus from the tee box is to just get it on the green. A bad first shot can be overcome by a smart second shot. Do whatever you can to avoid 7's or 8's on a hole. Don't give up. Keep at it.
  8. Age: 70 Height: 6'1" Where are you from: Covington LA How Long have you been Playing: 10 years off and on...more regular the past 4 years Best Score: 84 Favorite club in the bag: 6i and 3W Golf Books Short lesson book on Plumb Bobbing and putting by a guy named OnePuttLarry Where do you play: SE Louisiana and South Mississippi Best courses you've played so far: Innisbrook, Golden Bear, Trent Jones Course in Auburn AL Things you enjoy most about golf: It is outside, just play and don't sweat the small things (bad shot/missed putt) Goals for 2K10: I set a goal at the beginning of the year to break 90 more than once....I did it 3 rounds in a row and then have been stuck at 90-92 since...But I am getting close to another sub 90 round, I can feel it...
  9. 450 yard hole...driver 210, leaves me 240 yards....I hit 2 pitching wedges and hope the second one gets me on the green and the worst I do is 2 putt for a bogey....thats my game...
  10. Good question. I do play from the forward tees. I started doing that when I turned 70 last February. I like to play tees from about 5700 yards to 6100 yards. Anything longer than than and i really struggle. I just do not have the distance I used to have. Drive is about 210 and 7i is 150 to give you and idea of my distance....
  11. I have tried them all. They are made different and some brands just will not fit right. First with me is comfort. For the past 5 years I have been wearing New Balance golf shoes. They come in wide and are very comfortable and light. I would recommend replacing the innersole of your golf shoes and buying a good pair of innersoles, it makes a world of difference...
  12. Me, I am a grinder and plodder. I do not shoot really low scores and am thrilled when I break 90. Age wise, I am 70, but overall in pretty good shape. By a grinder, I mean that I do not always hit the fairway off the tee, and I have to kind of grind and plug away to work the ball onto the green. By a plodder, I mean that I know what i need to do and I just push on through a bad shot and keep moving forward. Forget what happened and work to make the next one a good one... I am a friendly golfer, will play with anyone. I do not have temper tantrums, do not throw clubs, and don't cuss a shot that I made. I realize it is the Indian, not the arrow.... I am not afraid to hit any club in my bag and have learned that sometimes going sideways is better than trying to go over every tree between me and the green.
  13. Shot a 92. Haven't played in 3 weeks due to illness, but just had to get out and play. Shot a 47 on front and a 45 on back. Probably left 4 strokes on the course because of putting and 2 or 3 because I was chipping like a duffus on the front....Overall, hit the ball pretty good and will play at least once, maybe twice next week....
  14. I hit it well today and shot a 98. Of course, I putted like a blind drunk man today. Last week, I struggled hitting the ball and shot an 88. Putted a lot better though...I would rather score well than admire a well struck ball...Actually, I guess I would prefer to hit the ball well and score well....just never happens for me...
  15. When I wear them, I wear them from beginning to end....
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