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  1. I also hate it when I play by myself and end up playing with someone else. I tell them that I am not that good, will probably shoot 90+. If they want to still play together we do. There have been times when I play with someone else that just joins in that I quit after 9, throw the clubs in the back of the truck and head for the coffee shop. Doesn't matter how I am playing, but some people can be fun and relaxing to play with but some people are just assholes and I don't want to play with them, but don't find out that they are an asshole until you have started playing with them...
  2. Osnola

    NCAA Football 2019

    You can show all the "advanced metrics" you want, but they do not show anything about preparation for the big games. You have 19 days to manipulate and study your "advanced metrics". Statistics show the past....not necessarily a prediction of the future. So much can happen once the ball is teed up and play starts. This is different because it is "one and done". I never said Clemson should be #1....I just said that I think Clemson is the "best" team. So, if you had your choice, everyone would rather play Oklahoma first and not Clemson. Why? Because Clemson is a good team and can beat any of the other 3 teams... Now, a little switch....looking at the bowl games you have Michigan vs Alabama...will Harbaugh be coaching Michigan during that bowl game or will he take another job in the NFL, like with Carolina Panthers. Harbaugh has to know that he will never beat Ohio State and it is only a matter of a short time before all at Michigan understand this and give Harbaugh a ride out of town....Will Alabama show up or kick the can because they are not playing on the "big stage"?
  3. Shot 90. 46 on front and 44 on back. Left a few strokes on the front...
  4. Osnola

    NCAA Football 2019

    No....I just made the claim like everyone else...a hunch, a feeling, an examination of how close these teams are...the fact that Clemson has been there, their players and coaches have been there. Just wait til the end and we will see. Who knows what factors could pop up. What if one of the teams loses their QB early in the first game on the 28th, Don’ get your panties in a wad, this is all conjecture, back and forth banter, and poking and provoking.
  5. Osnola

    NCAA Football 2019

    Wait til the dust settles and you will see. The x factor in all of this is coaching...Dabo is best of the 4...
  6. Osnola

    NCAA Football 2019

    LSU vs Oklahoma OSU vs Clemson
  7. Osnola

    NCAA Football 2019

    Who would you rather play...Clemson or Oklahoma...Clemson should be No. 1 but schedule prevents that.
  8. Osnola

    NCAA Football 2019

    1. LSU 2. Ohio State 3. Clemson 4. Oklahoma That’s how I see it...
  9. Osnola

    NCAA Football 2019

    OK....Playing "What If" Ohio State Beats Wisconsin LSU beats Georgia Clemson beats Virginia Oregon beats Utah Baylor beats Oklahoma Who are your top 4 teams that could come out of this weekend? What if...OSU beats Wisconsin Georgia beats LSU Clemson beats Virginia Utah beats Oregon, Oklahoma beats Baylor Who are you top 4 teams coming-out of this weekend?
  10. Osnola

    NFL 2019-2020

    Cowboys are done and Garrett is Gone....
  11. 1. Shoot under 90 more than 6 times by playing smarter and playing more 2. Walk more rounds in the spring, fall, and winter 3. improve my wedge play by practicing with the wedges more. 4. Play more than 52 rounds of golf
  12. How does this weight difference affect the playability of the golf balls? What might you attribute the weight loss to? Could the loss of weight affect the density of the inner or outer portions of the golf ball?
  13. Shot an 87. 43 on front and 44 on back...
  14. Bought 2 dozen Srixon Q Star Tour balls and have played 2 rounds with them. Last Friday shot a 78 and this morning shot a 77. This morning shot a 43/44, made 5 pars. The ball felt pretty good off the driver, a little longer, and performed pretty good in cooler and breezy conditions. Felt pretty good off the putter and I seemed to putt pretty good with them. These balls were at a good price of $19.99 a dozen...Hoping to play again this week an getting same results.
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