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  1. Do They Really Mind???

    Not being very good at the game of golf, generally shoot mid 90's, but able to get around the course and not slow anyone down. But, i really do not feel comfortable when paired with a pretty good golfer because I always wonder how they feel when they get paired with someone like me. Older guy, 69, and in good health. How do you guys feel when you get paired with someone like me...?
  2. Neck Surgery...

    Did not see a folder so put it here to see what your experiences and responses are. I will try to explain as best I can. I have some issues with the C4-C6 and need to have surgery. I think they call it a radicopothy???? Anyhow, been bothering me for about 2 years. I am 68 years old, athletic my whole life, and it has affected my golf game. At least I can blame my crappy golf on it for now. They have recommended that I have Epidural Injections as a precursor to surgery to see if it gives me relief. After studying it, it looks like it may be a 50/50 "shot" at best. So, if anyone has experiences any of the above, shots or surgery, please chime in and give my your experiences, outcome, etc.
  3. Quirky Course...Franklinton Country Club, Franklinton, LA.....quirky thing is that there is a small local airport near and every hole breaks to that airport, no matter where you are or what hole you are on., no matter what it looks like to your or how you read it..Until you figure that out, you haven't got a prayer...
  4. Cold weather golf?

    Will only play if it is 32* and rising...
  5. When Did You Sell Out?

    In July of this year I sold out on three things: 1. One plane swing 2. Ten finger grip 3. Single length irons
  6. When Do You Lay Up?

    For me, not being that good a golfer, I lay up anytime it will prevent me from making two bad shots in a row...
  7. What are Your 2018 Golf Goals?

    Having neck surgery late January/early February so goal number one will to be able to play pain free. I would like to become a better putter and will study more about putting from now until I can get out and practice more. I would like to begin by reducing the number of putts per round by 5 - 7 per round.
  8. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Shot 93 at Pinewood in Slidell...bad #18, shot a 9--Hooked tee shot OB then hooked shot # 3 OB...#7 in sand trap and 2 putted...shows how one really bad hole can blow up your score...
  9. Age 67 with swing speed in the 80-85 mph range. Been playing with Wilson Zip....not a bad ball, plays as long as any others I hit and probably plays a little better than the majority of "cheap" golf balls on short shots...I get them at Walmart for $19,99 for 2-12 packs...I am going to shoot 90 to 100 no matter what ball I use...that is one thing I have learned, especially over the last 3 years.
  10. Splurging for nicer courses. How often do you?

    I won't pay over $50 to play...generally look to play for $40 or less. I can play some decent courses for $40 down here...
  11. What are some decent courses in Nashville, TN that are reasonably priced, especially for seniors. I will be in Nashville off and on in the next year and plan on playing as much as I can.
  12. Brasstown Valley

    I have played it a few times and it has always been in good shape and very challenging, at least to me...the lodge and food there are great and a nice place to stay.
  13. Mulligans & Pace of Play

    I will generally take a mulligan on first tee if no one else is waiting behind me. Other than that, no mulligans. To speed up play, i will pick up anything inside 2' and take it as a gimme....
  14. How much do you practice?

    I generally play one time per week. I do not live very close to a driving range so my practice is relegated to hitting Birdie Balls in the back yard a couple of times a week, and maybe chipping a few balls in the back yard. Chipping is only shots of 10 yards or so.
  15. Ball choice

    Wilson Zips at Walmart...pretty good ball at really nice price...

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