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  1. Osnola

    John Daly and the Hall of Fame

    No....John Daly does not warrant HOF. Some one else....neither of the ones offered as choices
  2. Chattanooga TN...gonna play Black Creek and hopefully get to play Council Fire
  3. Used to play a course in New Orleans East called Eastover. Was a nice cause, quite challenging. Never came back from Katrina...
  4. Post Katrina some of the courses were completely submerged under feet of water--salt water. They, for the most part never recovered. Some, a bit further from the flooding lost a lot of trees and it took them a while to get back to where they were functional. Many are still not the same but good grounds crews do make a difference...
  5. Osnola

    What tee to play from?

    Generally play the tees that are from 5700 to 6000 yards....I am not ashamed to play the forward tees, but not fighting playing the next set back when playing with other folks...
  6. Osnola

    Can't Seem To Get Better...

    3 GIR's...all par 3's
  7. Osnola

    Can't Seem To Get Better...

    I played today from tees that were 5900 yards....I like to play 5800 to 6000 yards...
  8. Osnola

    Can't Seem To Get Better...

    Played today and shot 93. Shot 50 on the front and 43 on the back. Crazy thing is I do this all the time and the back is a bit tougher than the front. It is narrow. I hit 7 Fairways, and had 36 putts for the round. I had 3 pars today, all on par 3's.... I did discover something today, and when I fixed it I hit the ball better and with a bit more accuracy. I was setting up with the face just slightly open, probably the reason I miss 90% of my shots to the right....(I am right handed)... I had one, 1 putt green, and one 3 putt green. Conditions were pretty wet. We had TS Gordon go through on Wednesday and got rain again on Thursday. Ground was wet and played early so there was a lot of dew on the course which slowed the roll a bit...Grass in rough was long since they have been unable to cut it all week.
  9. Osnola

    Can't Seem To Get Better...

    I have been playing golf for about 15 years. I am 69 years old and this is my story. I have shot scores over the past 10 years in the low 90' . I have broken 90 three times. I play by the rules, no mulligans, play it as it lays, no gimme putts. Play it from tee to in the hole. I have taken lessons a few times over the past few years and have seen all aspects of my game improve. BUT....I still shoot 90...I putt better than ever before, my driver is better and more consistent (I have lost a few yards in distance), my iron play is pretty good, play around the green is better....But I still shoot 90. i know that if I have all parts working but one (say putting) it will be hard to break 90 regularly. Just curious, has anyone else out there experienced this? If so, what did you do to get over the hump and get into the high 80's?????
  10. Osnola

    What tee to play from?

    Being a senior golfer, I generally play which ever tees put me about 5800 to 6000 yards...par 4 I should be able to reach the green on second shot with a 7 iron (150 yards)...I don't mind playing longer and do when I play with others that play from longer tees.
  11. Osnola

    What Has Happened to Golf?

    What happened to golf? Over the past 40 years I would have to say: 1. Television, technology, too many distractions. Easier to do something else. 2. Just like expansion in other professional sports--the pool of good players is only so big and the increase in tournaments and level of play has been saturated by what would really be called mediocre professionals... 3. Lack of commitment...to be good at anything you need to practice and commit to it. 4. In many instances, cost as compared to what you can do with the same amount of money. Like the movie theaters, cost of admission and snacks will scare the hell out of a $100 bill todayl... 5. Time--for many, they just won't set aside a half a day for golf...by time you travel to and from the course, play 18 holes, you have shot 6 hours... 6. Generational differences...us older guys are not driven by how fast something is (other than women and cars) like the younger generations that wants instantaneous gratification and they tire of things quicker today.
  12. Plenty of food opportunities in the area. Kiva Dunes is a very nice course, not easy. Good amount of sand and water, and you will likely see an alligator or two or three.... Pricing is not bad and you will find it challenging. There are a couple of other courses not far away that are nice and are reasonably priced. Check out The Peninsula Golf and Racket Club. It is open to the public, or at least it was a few years ago....
  13. Osnola

    What's your biggest problem in golf?

  14. Osnola

    You're Down to 4 Clubs in Your Bag...What Are They???

    3W, Putter, 7i, and GW

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