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  1. Make the assumption you are 150 yards out and your club for this distance is a 7i... 1. Ball above your feet 2. Ball below your feet 3. Ball on Up Hill lie 4. Ball on Down Hill lie
  2. shot 86 yesterday, 43/43....This is lowest score I have ever shot...No 7's and only one 3 putt...Gonna give it another shot Friday...
  3. Played yesterday and will play again Friday. Will keep playing as long as it stays open. The course I play at said they will stay open as long as they let them...
  4. Osnola

    Love and Hate

    I hate a slow pace of play---I need to keep moving and play better with a little quicker pace of play. I love golf because I love to be outdoors and I always enjoy playing against the course...
  5. Golf Gods giveth and taketh away... My brother on a 122 yard par 3 with water in front tops the tee shot and 3 skips it onto the green. Has 8’ putt for birdie and ends up with a bogey after the par putt lipped out...Golf Gods definitely have a sense of humor...
  6. I struggled today...Shot a 95 at Royal in Slidell, LA. Had broken 90 my previous 3 rounds but had some minor surgery (Dermatologist removed some stuff off my back and stomach so I had some stitches in both places) and I guess that affected my swing a bit. I left 5 pars on the course by leaving putts inches short (not a result of stitches) and duffing a couple of chips...Oh well, gonna give it another go next week...
  7. Don't see a need for a hoodie....good old ski cap is all that is needed to keep ears warm
  8. Listen to this and you will be singing it ALL DAY LONG...and thinking about ME...
  9. I am just waiting for the thing to die and go away...If there is so much hate for this method, etc. why do people keep coming back and keeping it alive. Let it go...
  10. Nothing in my bag from 10 years ago, not even the bag....Everything in it is less than 2 years old.
  11. Remember, we are talking about the average player, not the very low handicapper. I don't think it makes much difference at all which ball the average golfer plays. I would consider myself average and have played with premium balls and cheap balls and the scores are about the same, FW's hit is about the same, GIR are about the same, and putts are about the same. Now, that being said, I do not play used balls, refurbished balls, or balls that are hard as rocks. I have reached a point, as an average golfer, that I like to play the same ball every round and have been playing the Wilson Elite 50. It is not expensive, it is not the softest ball out there and neither is it the hardest ball out there. Doesn't spin and stick like a premium ball but I can get spin off of it with wedges from about 100 yards into the green. Another issue is maybe how many balls a round you lose. I generally lose 1 or 2 balls around, except for today....I played 18 and did not lose a ball... I am a senior golfer (71) and can still get about 200 off the tee with the driver.That is my 2 cents on this topic...
  12. Played Royal in Slidell, LA last Monday and this morning. Shot 87 last week and 88 today. Ground still pretty wet and got breezy as the morning went on. 59* when started this morning and was 70* when started.
  13. I don't think you need to lengthen the golf courses at all. Maybe change the shape/architecture of the course a little bit. Maybe they could make the fairway from tee to green a different shape. Just take the fairways, say from 250 yards and in to the green and make it significantly narrower with a much tougher rough and more hazards for missed fairways. The tougher rough would start at the very edge of the fairway, not a gradual build up of the rough. If you want to go for it and you can hit it 315 yards, that is okay, but you need to hit it accurately 315 yards to be in the fairway or you pay a price. This would make most of the players calculate more of the risk/reward than doing what they do now. The rough and hazards need to be really tough and could make it harder to hit GIR than hitting 2nd shot from say160 yard out. Just a thought that would not require the lengthening of courses or altering the performance of equipment.
  14. Me....Probably would have skipped the hole and just jumped up ahead of them....but would have let them know they were playing to slow...
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