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  1. Shot 92 at The Oaks in Mississippi. Played pretty good, except for a 9 on a par 5 and a 7 on a par 4. Goes to show that if you put your drive in the woods and end up with a lost ball, and add to that a really poor, poor shot between that and the green, it is tough to score....Hit enough good ones that I will be back next week...
  2. I take my medicine and move on...what I score is what I write down..
  3. It does not matter what they cost/charge, someone will pay it.
  4. Figure out what color dot you need and search eBay. They have full set used from$75 up to $150. Would be cheaper than resifting and regrouping....
  5. As said by a couple of guys, I really do not pay much attention to the layout of the tee box markers. I find a level spot, pick out a target and go from there.
  6. How would it work on a wet course? I don’t think very well.
  7. Osnola


  8. Cobra F7 Single Length Irons 5-SW Cobra FlyZ 3-4 FW Cobra FlyZ 5-7 FW TaylorMade M3 Driver Odyssey 0 Work Putter
  9. Played Oso Beach in Corpus Christi. Shot a 92. Made an 8 on hole 18. Not a hard hole if you keep it in the fairway, out from under the trees and out of what is called the Donut of Death sand trap to the left side of the green. Played while visiting my Son on North Padre Island.
  10. I normally play a Callaway SuperSoft. Bought a dozen Bridgestone e6 and played them today. I felt like the ball may have been straight but also that I lost at least a club length in distance with it. My brother, whom I was playing with and even noticed that I was not hitting the ball as far as I usually do. Has anyone else ever noticed that the e6 is shorter distance wise? I most likely will not use this ball again.
  11. I am a Novice that plays like a Beginner...
  12. Osnola

    Lie Adjustment

    Report From Range...you guys are great and really have helped me, and I am sure many others. I went to the range with a roll of masking tape, a marker. And a thing to mark a line on the ball. After I got good and loose, marked a ball, put some tape on the face of my 6i. The firs 5 swings showed me hitting right at the toe of the club and of course to the right. Straight but to the right of my target. After making a slight adjustment in my take away, the next 5 hits were dead center on the club and the line from the marker on the ball was perfectly perpendicular to the bottom of the club. I hit about 20 more balls and then put tape back on the 7i and marked 5 balls. Results were good with the ball mark on the face of the club as desired. Ball flight was good with very little deviation from straigh i will be playing in the morning at The Oaks Golf Club in Mississippi and I hope this helps me hit a rew greens and maybe take a couple of strokes off my usual 90. Thanks again to all for you knowledge and help.
  13. Osnola

    Lie Adjustment

    I got my clubs a little over a year ago after being fit. The lie was set at 2* up. My question is how often should you have the lie checked/adjusted? What are some indications that you need to have the lie adjusted?
  14. They spit in all athletic events....you just don't see it as close up as you do in golf....ever watch a baseball game....spitting, adjustment of nuts, whatever else....
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