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  1. Started out the morning saying I did not want to have any 7's....I shot 91, had no 7's, and for the first time ever I played an entire round, 18 holes, with the same golf ball.
  2. Only 2 types of people screw up the green when they walk on it...lazy ass people who shuffle and don’t pick up their feet and drunks who do not care. The same people that don’t repair their ball marks don’t repair their spike marks.
  3. Osnola

    NFL 2019-2020

    Wild Card Weekend--Pick The Winners Patriots Saints Bills Eagles Tannehill has never won at New England Minnesota weak spot is secondary-Saints Strength is passing game Bills just good enough to win this one Wentz and Wilson do their jobs, but Eagles do more with running game
  4. Osnola

    NCAA Football 2019

    Clemson earned the right to play for NC by beating OSU. LSU earned the right to play by beating OU. QB will be key...Clemson's OB has never lost in college while LSU QB is on a tremendous roll . I believe it will be a really good game, both QB's will do what they do and who knows what big play or 2 will shape the outcome. Could be an interception of a tipped ball, muffed punt, big special teams play. Probably be closer game than many think. LSU wins and Coach O is da man...Clemson wins and they supplant BAMA as the Dynasty....Which ever way it goes, will be a great ending to the college season. The fact that we all may not agree on everything and can enter into back and forth banter and sharing of opinions and views is good, and makes this forum good. God help us if we all agreed on everything-that would make for a terrible discussion.
  5. Osnola

    NCAA Football 2019

    Money, Money, Money....Television...The American Way Today--Reward Mediocrity
  6. Making a par on hole #1, it is all down hill after that....
  7. Fish more than I did last year and to play more golf than I did last year...
  8. Played my first round of the year this morning....44* when started and 58* when finished...
  9. Played Royal in Slidell this morning...shot 49 on front and 41 on back for even 90.
  10. For me, it is a topped tee shot with the driver. Your on a straight par 4 that is 368 yards. You swing and top the ball, it hits the ground about a foot in front of the tee, bounces forward about 4' high and goes approximately 23 yards. No big deal, except your 2nd shot is 345 yards to the green.....
  11. Osnola

    NFL 2019-2020

    What NFL teams will be looking for a coach on Monday? Washington Carolina Cleveland Dallas Chicago Jacksonville Los Angeles Chargers New York Giants
  12. Shot 92 at Royal. 48/44. Had an 8 on front (hit 2 balls in the water) and a triple bogey on the back.
  13. At 71 I prefer 5700 to 6000 but will play Longer white tees when playing with younger players.
  14. 383 yard par 4, pin placement was front left....Hit driver off the tee to about 175 yards out. Hit a 6i a little left and it drifted a little back to the right and ended up 5' from the hole....made a lucky putt for a very rare birdie for me....Driver TM M2, Cobra F8 SL irons, and Odyssey 0 works putter....
  15. #10 Would you rather buy an annual pass or membership at the more conveniently located , but not as nice course (15 minute drive, bunkers not maintained, hilly and not walker friendly) or the less convenient but nicer course (35 minute drive, maintained bunkers, relatively flat and easy to walk)? I would take the nicer course 35 minutes away. I have played enough goat tracks in my life...
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