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  1. Well, it's official. My home course is now crap for the winter. Greens are practically unputtable. Was walking up to my ball on #3, the ball starts to move...rolls off the green and 20 yds into the fairway. Hit a drive straight down the middle that wound up out of bonds...there's just no grass. After 2 rounds of 74 and 75 last month, I shot a 95 Sat. Forget this.
  2. I had to read this twice to make sure I didn't write this post! I'm in the EXACT situation...even down to the newly found playing partners who are better than me. However, I already confronted my friend about my dilema, and this is what he told me. He said "Jay, I think you could be pro if you really tried, but you can't play good around me. So, if you get to the point where my bad playing and slow pace doesn't affect your game, you'll be able to play with anyone, anywhere." I couldn't help but agree with him, and he had presented a challenge I'm still trying to rise up to.
  3. I play 4-5 days a week. A bad day is a good thing for me. It means I've gotten a little "lax" and makes me focus again. A really good day usually follows a bad one.
  4. During the Volvo Matchplay Championships this year, I was watching Luke Donald and Ian Poulter duke it out. Before each tee shot, the computer model would show an animated ball flight to the ideal fairway position...usually about 265 yds. I paid close attention to where on the fairway the animated ball ended up ....Luke and Ian hit their tee shots with +\ - 10yds of that spot consistently, making their average drives 265 yds during that competition. It was their accuracy that impressed me. On the other hand, I play with some members here at home for which 290-310 yds is an average dri
  5. I laugh at myself that I can consistently (off a tee) hit my hybrid 3iron 230yds...and can only get another 10-15yds out of my driver. When I get those "downhill, downwind, roll-forever drives" that cross the 300 yd mark....I know I just got away with something. Here's what I've learned, personally, provided I hit it straight and get a little roll: Uphill drives - my average = 210 Level drives - my average = 250 Downhill drives - my average = 280
  6. Ran a little experiment with the driver in question here.... Went out and hit a dozen or so drives at 3/4 speed....got my distance back! Apparently some new-found confidence had me swinging harder than before, and the shaft wasn't supporting the new speed. I was having to move the ball more and more forward in my stance to keep it straight (to get the club face to close)...therefor the "whip" of the club had already released mostly before impact. Makes sense to me anyway. What do y'all think?
  7. Well first thing to consider, I have hit thousands of balls with it, and I bought it used, so no way of knowing how many were hit before I owned it. I guess it's not that big of a deal to know, I can always buy a new driver. Was just curious.
  8. I have a Titleist 983, love it and have grown with it for the past 3 years. When I first got it after my motorcycle accident which left plates and screws in my shoulder and arm, I could only hit it about 210 yds. As time went on, got stronger and stronger and for almost 2 yrs, could hit it an average of 275. However, lately the sound of contact with the ball just isn't the same regardless that all ball marks are still in the center range of the face. Also, am noticing a slight drop in yardage, now averaging about 260 yards. I have inspected the face for cracks and what not, not
  9. I collect my "retired" golf balls, also. I think it's an accomplishment. I've also noticed that in spring and summer, I lose very few througout the season, but here in Texas where you can golf through the winter, but the fairways are like glass and won't hold your shot, is when I lose quite a few. I absolutely LOVE when I have time to nose around in the bushes and find a whole double handful of golf balls that have only been hit like once! I get A LOT of ProV1s that way. : D
  10. For the most part, it's not extreme, just noticable. Some commentators are worse than others..don't know their names right of the bat, but they really throw out some fluff.
  11. I thought this thread was about commentators exaggerating?
  12. I hate to burst your bubble, but I watched Phil (who I AM a fan of) go from the tee..to the bushes...to the sand...over the green to the rough...chip on...and 2 putt for double bogey. I do that every time I play!!!!!! But somehow, the commentator made it sound like if it had been anyone else, it would have been MUCH worse?????? Meanwhile, young Rickie birdied the hole.
  13. Wonder if anyone would watch my show if I had a camera follow me everywhere I went, every day, all day, and I staged little dramatic episodes now and then to keep it half-way interesting? They could even watch me on the golf course shooting 80 and talk about how I dream to one day play on tour. LOL !!!!!!! Then watch me go to sleep....then watch me and my wife have a little tiff...then make up....then get up the next day.... Anyone, doing ANYTHING can be a star now days. I can just hear that deep-voiced narrator now!!!!..... "Meet Jay....a common working man. But this working man h
  14. ...or how the players takes just a honey swing at the ball, and they play it in slow motion 30 times telling you to "just look at the POWER he produces as he comes through the ball!!!!!" : D ....always using words and phrases like "a tremendous amount of" and "incredible strength" . LOL There's definitely athletes on the tour, but...to me, incredible strength is a phrase that should be reserved for the strong man competitions, football, and weight lifting comps.
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