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  1. Is Justin Rose wearing Oakley's? Seems a bit odd - I thought he had his own Adidas Sunglasses?
  2. What do we think? To me they look exactly like the Mack Daddy 2 PM grind without the Phil! http://cmp.callawaygolf.com/md3/
  3. Rose and Casey for Great Britain then - Not bad at all! I'm looking forward to it - hopefully it will inspire a few people as well to get into the sport. A little sad but I'm also looking forward to getting myself some GBR golf apparel too!
  4. I would highly recommend the Hole19 app - nice, clean looking app!
  5. Wow - I'm a big fan of Rory but who is he trying to kid? I would of thought that queuing up with everyone else would of caused more of a fuss than taking the VIP treatment!
  6. I'm a big fan of Bubba - how about some bright pink ones?
  7. I know that Rory and Nike worked together on some shoes with Rory's name on some time ago but I'm talking about the way Tiger has his TW brand. Personally, I can see this happening sooner rather than later - Thanks to Speith, Under Armour's golf clothing sales has exploded whereas retailers have raised their concerns of how Tiger's apparel sales have dipped.
  8. I work in an opticians myself and we've got the Oakley golf prizm lenses in store - I think I might pick them up at some point and write a little review on them. The tint is something I've seen before though - its a very strange experience when you try them on for the first time.
  9. I can certainly 'feel' a difference between the range balls and new golf balls I'd use on the course - I usually find that my course golf balls feel better off the face of the club and travel further. I suppose striking the ball on a range mat compared to making a divot on the fairway can also make a difference?
  10. I don't buy into that golf is a costly game at all - Sure when you look at brand new sets of clubs it can blow you away (a full set of Nike Vapor golf clubs made me bankrupt just looking at the prices!) I started out by paying green fee's of £10 for 18 holes with my £20 decent used golf clubs I purchased from a charity shop. Sure they weren't the best clubs in the world but it got me out on the fairway! Edit: Although on the other hand is it much easier and cheaper at times to buy a football at your local sports shop and find a field with your mates. With that in mind thou
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome, guys! - and I wish I was, Tat14
  12. I hear time and time again that golf is a game in decline - that it's a game with a particular demographic and other sports are way more popular! I personally have never seen the game of golf as popular as it is now but on the other hand I hear about golf clubs closing on a daily basis. I'm going to guess that everyone will have a bias opinion on this forum(!) but what are people's thoughts on the sport as a whole?
  13. Hi guys! Posting from sunny England! - I'm hoping to improve my golf game with all the tips from the forum! Looking forward to posting on plenty of threads!
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