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  1. Indoor putting green? Yes, I have googled quite a bit and read as many posts as I could find on WRX. There is a lot of insight and a lot of opinions. You can find posts that are in favor of any of the putting green products out there. A matter of taste, I get that. So what I’m doing is getting a green that would be within a 4x14 area. I could go slightly wider and longer if needed, 5x15 max. So what I’m trying to decide is between three ready-made greens or buying a section of high quality turf from several companies. I’m looking for the best roll for the money. So the ready-made choices are two of the more popular ones plus one I found and was wondering if anybody had experience with it. I have looked at Tour Links and a few others and they are slightly more than I want to spend. The Truline Big Murph: http://www.trulinegreens.net/shop/product/big-murph/ Comes in 10 or the tour speed 12 stimp. Would the tour speed made me a more accurate putter? Play at various courses that have either or. Big Moss: http://www.bigmoss.com/The-Original-EX2_p_114.html http://www.bigmoss.com/The-Original-EX1-_p_113.html http://www.bigmoss.com/The-Augusta-EX-Pro_p_124.html They are a little less than the Big Murph and would work unless people who have tried both think the Truline is worth the extra money. Here is one more I found that would work and I’m wondering if anyone had any experience with it-Master Green- http://artificialturfandputtinggreens.com/proddetail.asp?prod=MasterGreen4 Or I could order a piece of 4x14 from one of the following companies, wondering if the quality of this turf could be better: http://starprogreens.com/starpro-master-putting-turf-spgmpt-1starpros-master-putting-turf-is-the-finest-in-the-world-period-nobody-anywhere-does-it-better-if-you-want-second-best-keep-looking-we-use-it-for-all-our-profe/ http://www.synlawngolf.com/shop/synlawn-precision-putt/ http://stiturf.com/products/np-50/ Or there may be some that members are also aware of. So the help I need is whether I should get a pre-made, and if so which one. Or if the quality is better from buying a custom cut section of premium turf, and if so which one. I think the bulk piece would run about $260. Any advice would be great. Thanks.
  2. Well, emailed Titleist about issue again and they said there was a 50.08 connected to the serial #. It was a custom set. PHEW.
  3. Hello, Not new to ordering clubs online, and knowledgeable about ebay. I have been tempted in years past to snatch up the "great deals" on clubs listed on ebay. Knowing that counterfeits are out there I googled everything about fake clubs, what to look for, tell-tale signs etc. I asked seller questions, he has great feedback, and he seems to sell some high end clubs, some with custom shafts every now and then. These clubs are usually just about new-one round or so. The club I bought was hit in his living room a few times. Anyway, it was the loft and bounce I wanted with a Project X 5.5 upgraded shaft. Not Ridiculously cheap-$105 shipped. So I wanted the specs on the club, more to see what Titleist had on the serial number to have peace of mind on authenticity. Customer service replied back it was a 56.10S, Project X 5.5 and MCC red grip. shaft and even grip were a match but my head is a 50.08F I even went to Dicks's with the club and compared it to same model. I could not see any differences what-so-ever. Took my time and looked at every detail. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks