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  1. Dear friends, I have been playing my TM Tour Prefered irons for about 4 years now. Shafts are Dynamic Gold S300. My tempo is fast, specially in the backswing (trying hard to slow it down), but my ss during the downswing is not fast really, to give you an idea it´s about 98 mph with a 3 wood. The distance I get with a well hit 5 iron is about 165 yards. I hit it pretty straight, medium trajectory (I don´t flip my left wrist but I do not compress the ball either). When I swing my irons, I don´t feel them heavy, but I have the feel that I don´t get the shaft work because of, probably, lack of s
  2. Hit some nice irons yesterday. At stance i tried to play the ball just left from center for middle irons and during the swing i got good impacts trying not to flip my left wrist at impact. Still a lot of work to do but finally i hit decent shots from the fairway.
  3. Hi there! You may want to check your ball position at stance. I have to check mine as well so it´s an easy tip for me to give you. If you see 3 nuckles of your left hand, that´s a strong grip that can create some hooking....
  4. Thank you all for your tips and comments. I will give them a try and let you know if i progress.
  5. Hello everybody, today i got really frustrated at the golf course. I can´t stop hitting it fat with my irons. I hit my driver / fairway woods pretty well, but when i grip an iron disaster is about to happen. I guess i don´t transfer weight to the left properly during the downswing, or i just lower my right shoulder.... anyway i can´t continue playing like this; i am also struggling with my putting (3-putted 6 holes today for a total of 40 putts). Any tip to fix this? Thank you for your help.
  6. I guess this is a late reply, but for incoming tournaments you may play: 1. Play your normal ball. Playing a better ball "for the big moment" can add pressure or make you being more worried about not losing it instead of focusing on playing. 2. If you know the course, try to spend some time at home thinking the way you will play each hole. The goal is to stay away from trouble at the tough holes and make a good score at the easier ones. 3. Try to stay away about other players' comments like "I think you can win", "you will definitely drop your handicap today".... focus
  7. When you say you can´t hit your driver, what is your problem exactly? Is it a matter of missing fairways? Aren´t you able to hit it dead center? It´s strange you can hit a 2 iron consistently well and not your driver, a much easier club in my opinion. If i were you: 1. Make sure your current driver shaft fits your swing specifications --> Shaft weight, shaft flex, shaft torque... 2. If you think point 1 is ok, I would go to the driving range and hit 80 balls with your driver. Make sure, at stance position, the ball is in front of your left heel. No more than half of
  8. I've been Playing Golf for: 25 years My current handicap index or average score is: 11.4 My typical ball flight is: straight / draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: fat shots with irons -- weight shift? Videos:
  9. Thank you very much for your help and comments. I do not have virtual certain he picked my ball, although the person i was playing with was quite sure he did. Anyway now i know how to proceed if this happens to me again. Thanks again
  10. Hi to all, today at the first hole, i hit my driver left to the rough, while i was walking towards my ball, another player playing the 7th hole whose drive had gone way left was (i think) pretty close to where my ball was, but i didn´t pay too much attention........... until i arrived and saw my ball was not there. I am sure he played my ball or just picked it. The thing is, when this happens and you can´t go back to the tee to play your third shot because of all the time it takes you, can you place a new ball to the closest position you think your first ball was and still have a
  11. Most drivers in my opinion are quite forgiving. In my case, i feel safer from the tee hitting my driver than hitting my 3 wood. Just make sure to choose a club that fits your swing (proper shaft flex, torque, weight,...). And some mind aspects as well --> you feel confortable at address, meaning that in stance position you don´t feel that the clubhead is too big or too small, you feel it has a good shape that makes aiming easy.... Good luck!
  12. Due to long working days, I just can practice once a week. I hit 80 balls and then practice some pitching and chipping. I wish i could practice more, but all i can do from monday to friday is take a 5 iron after dinner and practice my stance and backswing in my living room, and some putting swings as well. About playing in the golf course, It costs me 51 euros ($68) to play 18 holes here so i just can afford to play twice a month.
  13. I first place the clubhead on the ground, and check it´s squared, i don´t aim yet. Then i grip with my left hand first and then place the right one; once i have gripped the club, the clubhead must keep the same original position, meaning that both hands are in good position and will work as one. Then i aim and hit.. It´s easier to do than to explain.
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