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  1. More trips to Vegas and pancake restaurants. That should get him on the right track again......
  2. I wouldn't be so sure on the demand. I was successful in the Gleneagles ballot but didn't buy tickets since they were non-transferable. What would we be talking per day? 40,000 on the course? I think you have a good chance. Do you think there will be any transportation from downtown hotels for the competition days? Not sure what area to book a hotel in: Downtown, Bloomington, Eden Prairie, etc. I don't plan on getting a car.
  3. Newbie here. Just wanted to see who else had applied for the random drawing and which ticket options they would go for if successful in the ballot? Also, any idea the number of patrons allowed on the course each day? I'm a Scot who lives in Indiana, so I'm looking forward to going since it is reasonably close. See if Europe can keep this run going ;) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TIMELINE • June 22, 2015 through Sept. 30, 2015 – OPEN TICKET REGISTRATION PERIOD • By Oct. 12, 2015 – NOTIFICATION OF RESULTS SENT TO ALL REGISTRANTS • Oct. 13-15, 2015 – GROUP A SALE OPEN • Oct. 20-22, 2015 – GROUP B SALE OPEN • Oct. 27-29, 2015 – GROUP C SALE OPEN • Nov.3-5, 2015 – GROUP D SALE OPEN • Nov. 10-12, 2015 – GROUP E SALE OPEN • Nov. 17-forward – REGISTRANTS ON THE WAITLIST WILL BE NOTIFIED IF ANY REMAINING TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE TICKET TYPES AND PRICING Tickets Available for purchase (with limits and pricing): An additional 6.875% MN state sales tax will apply along with a $6 shipping fee and a $4 handling fee per order Daily Practice Round Tickets ( MAXIMUM OF 4 PER DAY PER REGISTRANT* ) Ticket holders will be provided access to the grounds of the Ryder Cup for the specific practice day. Tuesday = $30 Wednesday = $30 Thursday = $100 (includes opening ceremony) Daily Match Round Tickets ( MAXIMUM OF 4 TOTAL PER REGISTRANT – CANNOT BE COMBINED WITH WEEKLY GROUNDS TICKETS OR WEEKLY INTERNATIONAL PAVILION TICKETS* ) Ticket holders will be provided access to the grounds of the Ryder Cup for the specific match day. Friday = $130 Saturday = $130 Sunday = $130 Weekly Grounds Ticket Package ( MAXIMUM OF 2 PER REGISTRANT – CANNOT BE COMBINED WITH DAILY MATCH ROUND OR INTERNATIONAL PAVILION TICKETS* ) Consists of six separate individual daily tickets and allows access to the grounds for each day of the Ryder Cup (Tuesday-Sunday plus Monday following if play is delayed). Weekly Grounds = $560 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If I am lucky enough to be able to buy tickets, I may go for the Weekly package, keep the Friday & Sunday tickets and punt the others to get as much money back as possible. The PGA confirmed that the tickets are transferable (unlike the ones for Gleneagles in 2014 which had the I.D. of the purchaser on 'em), so they will be easy to sell on.
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