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  1. I'm pretty much narrowed it down to either the taylormade sldr 5 wood or the slds 5 wood both with a stiff shaft . Does anyway have any opinions on either of these and which one is the better club
  2. I'm new to forums like this so I don't know if this is even worthwhile,anyway,currently I play off ahandicap of 25 and I am playing with a cobra baffler t rail 5 wood that I have been using for the past 2 ish years Ican't really remember.It has a regular shaft on it and the rest of my woods are stiff shafts.I'm consistently hitting 210yards.I'm considering changing it out for a new one and what I'm wondering is what type should Igetm and what flex should I get. My price range is anywhere up to 200 give or take