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  1. I've been playing the Srixon Tour Yellow Z Star and Z Star X since late last summer. I really like the way they feel off the putter face and they spin awesome around the green. Plus, I just got a dozen Z Star Tour Yellow with a free Srixon hat at the local Edwin Watts shop. Awesome!
  2. I just got a box of Srixon Z Star balls with a free Srixon hat. I just wish I could get paid to play with them.
  3. Okay, its my own post, but... Hawkeyes played a great game today, but I was still dissapointed in how the offense was put on cruise control in the 2nd half. I'm getting sick of the conservative ways of our offense coordinator. The defense dominated as usual and held Penn State to only 3 points. 4-1 and with a Bye week, this week, the Hawkeyes are going to be ready for Michigan and the big house in a couple weeks. Bring it on Denard, you've done well against teams without a good defense. Things will change in two weeks and your honeymoon heisman trophy dream will wash away. The Iowa D will ke
  4. acj990

    2010 Ryder Cup

    Yeah, it will be a close one. No way can they do 12 matches and finish the others beforehand. Damnit and I even have tomorrow off from work. Why Lord!? WHY!?!?!
  5. acj990

    2010 Ryder Cup

    Official statement just came down... No golf until 12:00 BST or 7:00am EST, 6:00am Central, and so on and so forth. That's when NBC's coverage was slated to start anyways. Should be interesting to see what happens. GO USA, lets get it together!
  6. acj990

    2010 Ryder Cup

    Hell yeah...Overton's putt was rockin! 3 up with 6 to go...they have that match! Great playing Rooks.
  7. So if you're 18 or 19 years old right now, that means you would have been somewhere around the age of 8-9 when the 1999 Ryder Cup took place. So you're knowledge of all of the "hooligan" acts that took place during the tourney has come from only coverage that has been replayed. And being that you live in the UK, the coverage of that Ryder Cup in particular has probably been biased towards the European team. You're right in that their were some people that should have definitely been kicked out for comments and their ridiculous behavior in 1999, but its nothing that hasn't been done before. Get
  8. acj990

    2010 Ryder Cup

    Well, I like where the US is right now...up in two matches and AS in one. I guess it was a good night to sleep, being the rain delay took 7 hours! So, why does the television coverage not start until 7am (central). I wish ESPN would do the early coverage and then NBC could take it over, oh well. Phil looks very uncomfortable and Tiger is just being Tiger, making a good shot every 2-3 holes. IMO I wish Pavin would have sent Zach Johnson out, not only because he's my favorite golfer, but he's played in that type of weather when he was growing up. Living in Iowa, the weather conditions today matc
  9. acj990

    2010 Ryder Cup

    1 hour until TEE OFF! Anyone going to be up to chat about what happens during the coverage, at least for awhile...?
  10. I bet will see plenty of Knockles (knuckle tapping) going on this weekend...Since that's the "in" thing these days. Damn kids and their cool things and ways about them these days. Okay, I'm 27 and have done plenty of cool guy knocks in my day. GO USA!
  11. I predict the Euro team will come flying out of the gate, and the thing will go down to the final singles matches on Sunday. The USA will start slow, but with the rookies and experienced golfers, they'll win. Not saying the Euro team is bad by any means, just have a feeling about the USA team. I'm just looking for some good matches and TW ruining any opponents week (for the first time this year). Cheers!
  12. I know I am too....sweetness bro!
  13. I had brought up this point a few weeks ago that Overton was a baby and acted like a d-bag out there. You guys are right, he's a PGA professional and needs to start acting like one. His actions are embarassing to watch and it seems like every putt he misses is "because of something out of his control." He's a great putter and good player, and if he grew up a little bit, his fan base would explode. Just saying..
  14. I worked until 3am this morning. Before I went to bed, I watched three hours of The Open. Then woke up 5hrs later and watched the rest of the broadcast that had been recorded by my dvr. Nothing better than watching John Daly play well and enjoy himself. Also, seeing Rory shoot so low (my office pick) and Tiger playing well, this Open is going to be epic. Hopefully my hometown guy, Zach Johnson, will shoot a better score tomorrow. Cheers.
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