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  1. How Important are Head Covers?

    Yeah I am not planning to sell them any time soon. :) Most of my clubs are so old that they are worth nothing, and the newer ones I love so much that I wouldn't want to get rid of them. Also, I put the clubs in the bag the "recommended way" with wedges / putter in front, then irons, then woods and driver in the top most part so the only way the heads of a driver and iron would collide is if I am belligerent drunk-guy wild when putting my club back.
  2. Rotary Swing Golf

    Rotary swing isn't bad. It's not the magic bullet they would like you to think it is though. I like some of the takeaway videos, 9 to 3 drill. Maybe it's just me, but it had me swinging too much across and slicing the ball badly. I think I do subconsciously keep some op the tips in my mind when I play though. PS. you can watch all the premium videos for free with a private browser... Lol
  3. I just bought a new driver recently, and I've been playing a lot so I haven't been using the head cover. I really don't like head covers on any of my clubs. Especially on the course, I find them to be very annoying, I don't know where to put them, they just get in the way. So what is the point of head covers in the first place, just to prevent the clubs from clinking together? Is there any real danger to not using head covers? Should I be worried that the clinking could damage the performance of the clubs?
  4. He can't putt for squat. The end. If he is at all serious about being the best golfer in the world he'll be putting every day until his next tournament. Also, his putter is cool looking but has the technology of 200 years ago.
  5. Hello from NJ

    Hi Everyone. I'm from NJ too around the same area. Tara greens is the only public grass driving range I know of around here. Rutgers has a driving range for $5 for 42 balls, but the grass is not open to public. And they also have a pretty big chipping putting area with scary monster sandtraps that are good practice. What's wrong with practicing on mats once in a while? You know your swing is on point when you are just skimming the mat, otherwise you are getting the ball fat or thin. If you always "tee it up" on grass then you wont be confident when you get a straight up dirt lie or if you actually end up in the fairway.
  6. Hi from New Jersey

    Hi. I also play in NJ. Do you want to play at rutgers some time?