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  1. The right clubs

    sorry I am new to forums, I have previously left a post and wondered if you may be able to comment, thanks.
  2. The right clubs

    thankyou for your input it was of great help, i think i may follow your advice an perhaps get the iron set first with driver and 3 wood and leave the hybrid for the moment. You are correct I'm from the UK and havent been able to find a used set with the exact same specs. Just a quick question is there much different in the 90 and 105 shafts?
  3. The right clubs

    I have just had a club fitting of both irons and woods, the pro who fitted me suggested a set of taylormade RSi 1 irons with aeroburner driver, 3 wood and hybrid. The custom spec also included a stiff steel shaft, +1/2 inch shaft, standard club head and a 105 shaft. I am a novice of the sport and am trying to get back into it after years of not playing. With the set suggested coming to a price of £1200, which I currently do not have I wondered if there are any sites or clubs that can be custom fitted to these specs which may be of mid range price?