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  1. Hey! Im currently using three wedges, one pw (dont really now the loft nor bounce) a 52 degree with 7 degrees of bounce and a 58 degree with 10 degrees of bounce. As i dont have distance gaps to fill, im thinking of getting a 64 degree wedge cause it fits well with the degree differences between my current wedges. It also seems to be a nice club to use around the green for flop shots. I just cant see any reason to get a 60 degree wedge when my 58 degree wedge is so close to it in terms of degrees. I know it's alot of work to become comfortable with the club and actually being to able to use it in a proper way, but i'm willing to take that. Im currently looking to buy the cobra Tour Trusty Satin 64/8.
  2. That's what i thought! Thanks and may the golf gods be with you!
  3. Hey! Im currently in need of buying a new hybrid and a new fairway wood. I have looked up a couple of different fairway woods and it seems like the Ping i25 would be a good choice for me with the regular shaft. The problem is that the new hybrid i would like to invest in is probebly going to be a bio cell cobra 2-3 (changable loft thingy) and my current 4 hybrid is a taylormade rbz stage 2 (22 degrees) and my driver is a Nike covert. That means all my four wooden clubs are going to have different brands. The thing is that i am worried about having different types of brands on all of my "wooden" clubs cause they will all have a different feel from one another. Have any of you guys used mixed brands of hybrids/fairwaywood/driver as described above?