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  1. Even at my standard I wouldn't use a lake ball. Probably not gonna be anything wrong with them, but in my head I'd be thinking my bad shots could be due to something wrong with the ball. I've seen tests that show if balls are submerged in lakes and bad weather, their performance is compromised. Wouldn't be surprised if the golf companies got some researchers to invent some stats to help convince people that, but still, could be true! Do you use Lake balls Walfice-you are a good player-so maybe if you use them it will convince me to try em!
  2. One thing is for sure-woman players SHOULD NOT be allowed to play on the regular male USPGA, or european tour-this is a disgrace and really annoys me. As for Augusta it's obvious that it is a pretty discrimintaing club, me personally I don't care-not as if Im ever going to get a game there.
  3. Thats interesting. Time to compare a premium ball to my AD333. I wish ProV1 wasn't so good because they are such a rip off! Before someone replies to that statement, Im sorry-they are just overpriced IMO. £31 is the lowest I seen for 12. The new Z-Star from Srixon is £29. So maybe not that overpriced-Im contradicting myself now-Ok, I want to pay £15 for a premium ball-someone make this happen please.
  4. I have it, my pal also has it-he bought it after hitting mine. amazing club-SO forgiving, very straight and long. Its very easy to hit, I have the gold shaft, regular-it goes high and long. My mate actually got the new Monster XLS-Id say the Monster is a little longer and straighetr-maybe 5%. It does have a slightly higher MOI-so to be expected. I wouldnt call it a workable club-its for belting it straight!
  5. You say you don't save money on golf and coffee. Well if that's the case why do all this component stuff-I just don't get the point? And also the brands you have chosen are not top brands, Lynx-I didn't even know people still used them. And aren't snake eyes sort of quality and more budget prices. I just don't get what you're trying to do. Not criticising-just don't get it. Wouldn't it be better to just go and buy some quality clubs-test a load and buy whatever you like-since money is no object to your golf!
  6. With clubs I suppose you could argue the new technology is going to directly influence your game. With new shoes, I think its a little harder to argue this and thus justifying the extra cost becomes hard. I know I just bought a newish Cleveland HiBore XLS Driver, my mate bought a new HiBore XLS Monster driver-I thought the difference would be nothing, but I must admit it is a little straighter and a little longer-all in all it gives you an extra 5%. I'd say thats more significant than the difference a new type of shoe will make compared to last years shoe!!!
  7. The point is, you can get 'good shoes' without having to get the newest expensive ones. Footjoy AQL or a similar quality shoe will do EVERYTHING you require you don't need Synergy or whatever top notch shoe is available. You aren't missing out on anything important by not buying a top shoe. Same goes for gloves, waterproofs and a whole load of golf products.
  8. I checked these out on the t'internet. They look cr*p. The website looks cr*p. No reviews. Prices are very cheap. Begs the question.... WHY DID YOU BUY THEM? You have a very low handicap. You are obviously an above average to good, possibly very good player. Why on earth buy something so cr*p. You could get some used mizuno mx-25 or mx-23 or even mx-200s. Or anything else for that matter. Surely you can send em back. Just break them in some way and claim your money back under guarantee!
  9. There are lots of different CARS. Why buy a ferrari when you can buy a Toyota that will do the same thing? In fact why not buy a little mini. It's the same sort of question really. It's capitalism. There will always be products that are marketed on stupid little gimmicks that we all know don't REALLY make much if any diffference, depending on your finances, status and way you spend money, you either buy it or not. Personally I bought a pair of Footjoy AQL for £40 ish, they are absolutely as good a pair of shoes as you need-to spend any more is a waste of money-it wont save you shots, l
  10. Hey Andre-I have Cleveland woods inc launcher 3 wood, MX-23 irons, 2 Vokey wedges and a YES! putter (Hanna)-very similar bags in terms of brands!!! ha ha
  11. Well at the moment the more i practice the worse I get. My short game improves massively with practice. But my ball striking doesn't. This has led me to book a series of golf lesson starting wednesday. It's too hit and miss on my own. Do you have a coach? Obviously you know what your doing more than me, but still, if you're struggling it might be worth a lesson (hardly a lesson for you-more of a trained eye to check you out). If you have a coach it might be worth getting someone new to have a quick look at your swing. It does seem fairly obvious what your problem is, even to a relati
  12. For my handicap, if I lost 10 yards going from a Srixon AD333 or NXT tour-which both have a little spin, to a Titleist Pro V 1 with exc ellent spin, well, it would not be worth it. I'd rather have the distance and spin compromise. 10 yards is going to be a club and I am not consistent enough to be hunting pinbs down to need the spin control. Plus the ball is almost double the price. Id live with a yard or 2 difference, but 10 yards is actually quite a bit. Im gonna test some premium balls soon when its a little drier. I might just buy a sleeve of prov1s since they have those readily avai
  13. looks like you take the club back shut and not on plane. Nice tempo and flow to the swing, seems like you generate some power. Better than my swing, ha ha. But so is your handicap. WIthout sounding too harsh, it doesn't look like a 1 handicap swing. I'd predict you hit quite a few shots left.
  14. Srixon AD333-soft for a 2 piece, good al rounder and cheap. Im an 18 handicapper so doesn't matter too much on ball as long as the ball is soft enough. Spin isnt going to be important when you miss most of the greens. I generally lose a ball or 2 each round. Is Srixon not popular in the US? I haven't heard it mentioned in this thread once
  15. I the only way I can really see the the changeable head being a real help is if you say get lessons and change your shot shape. I have a draw biased driver, Im hoping to eliminate my over the top motion, I would then possibly want to lose the draw bias. In my case that means getting a new driver, if I had bought an R9 I could of just got my wrench out-thats how I'd sell it if I was a TM rep.
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