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  1. I was recently in an automobile accident, and while everyone is OK my Callaway FT-i driver was not. The shaft snapped in half. So I called Callaway to scheduled a repair, and wouldn't you know it, the rep treated it like a warranty repair! I was of ready to pay for re shafting, but the rep hooked me up. She even sent me a return label. Callaway golf is tops in my book for great equipment, and customer services.
  2. Argh!! Seems to me that a small noise like a can of Coors opening, or a hiss of CO2 coming from a Pepsi bottle should not cause me to shank or top the ball. Well it does. Human concentration being so fickle. Anyone have any tips on how to inoculate against swing distractions? I was thinking of playing with ear plugs, or use my ipod to play some Mozart or death metal. Sincerely, The Shank Master
  3. Ok, I'll bite. Played a course in Da Bronx- near Yankee stadium (moshulu). On the tee, I was ready. 60% weight on rear foot. Spine angled away from target. Ball- perfect hight. Driver: promised accuracy and distance. < POW POW POW>. Gun fire nearby. If there was any excuse for a mulligan, shots fired would be THE premier reason. This was a couple of years ago. Don't know what it was about, but couple a weeks later- I over heard someone talking with the Starter about a murder/suicide in the parking lot.
  4. Hey fellow shooters, I got a week off coming up in June and was looking at the stay and play package that Foxwoods Casino in CT offers. How is the hotel? MGM Grand? Any bed bugs? Hows the food? Anyone have advise/info to share. Anyone play the north course there? I think its called Lake Isles. Looks like its a troon course. It advertises $240 for 18holes, 3 balls, and a nights lodging, unlimted range use (grass tees!). Hit em long and pure!
  5. I play a muni in Westchester county NY- Saxon Woods Golf Course. Its a nice course, hilly, dog leggy and challenging. The fairways are fabulous, and rough is tough- eats clubs for breakfast. My only problem with this course is when they aerate their greens, they collect the plugs, then sprinkle the plugs around the rough of the green, and on the fringe. My questions: Are these loose plugs- about 1/2 to 3/4 inch plugs of dirt and grass considered loose impediments? If not, and I cant move them, how am I supposed to get decent contact with the ball- any tips? This is the only course in westchester ny where I have encountered this, and its frustrating. Help!
  6. I have found an area to hit off of grass in the area of NYC/Westchester/CT. And I have been using this area for a while, however, shagging my own balls 240+ yards is a bit of a drag. Does anyone know of a grass Tee range in the downstate area? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. Absolutely agree with the above. Chipping and pitching have torn strokes off my game. Instead of chip, chip put put- every few holes, its ptich, putt putt, or chip- put. Of course, sometimes its muligan, muligan, drop drop, slice, pull, bunker, putt, putt, for PAR. :)
  8. I didn't want to incite such a heated argument. I did check the blog about the plant closing. Sadly "Made In America" is now a collectible. The big picture truth is that everything I use and wear while enjoying golf is made overseas. Not a slight against these countries. The products these countries and their workers make are great, and have contributed to my enjoyment of the game. However, I would like to buy something made Here in the Good Ole USA. If $400 shoes, employs Americans, and I can afford it, then whats wrong with that? Cheap overseas labor, even child labor and unsafe labor have a root in this recession. Steel workers of America are being undersold, US Automakers are competing against lower wages, and US Apparel makers are pricing against labor practices that would make Upton Sinclair rise from the dead and toss CEO's into a meat grinder. $345 dollars for a pair of shoes? Of course that's a lot of money- but don't get me wrong, I am a blue collar worker. ( My actual work shirt is blue). I am no Donald Trump, but I can afford these shoes right now. If not these shoes, how are the contours? Cheers!!
  9. I quite smoking a few years back using the nicatrol inhaler. It works. Its a bit expensive as others have indicated but you touch on all the cues of smoking. After you quite, compute the money you saved, and take half that and buy yourself a new driver, as a reward. For me in new york a pack was at the time I quite about 6 bucks. I smoked a pack every two days. so I saved since I quite: about $6,000. Also, quitting lowers your handicap! Good Luck!
  10. I'm looking at golf shoes, and was happily surprised to see shoes that are made here in the USA. The foot joy Classics Dry Premiere seem to be a great golf shoe. Here is the link: http://www.footjoy.com/catalog/mens....&s;=50713&p;=all Has anyone here used them? I'm a walker of the courses I play, and I'm concerned about sore feet/ impact problems. Anyone used these? How are they if you walk the course? Cheers!
  11. I just switched from Pro V1 to Bridgestone's 330RX. My reason for switching is that I was looking for a lower compression ball, with good stopping power on the green. The 330rx is designed for my average speed of 87-97 mph, and still have good short iron spin. As a result of my switch, I have been hitting the driver long-outdistancing decent players half my age-about 240-250 if I hit it on the sweet spot. Green stopping power is great. Anything from 90 yards stops in the center of the green. Prices for a 12 new 330rx- about $45. Way too much for me. So I get mine used from LOSTGOLFBALLS.com. I get the triple AAA at a dozen for 19.00. Good luck!
  12. Ft-iq is a nice club, but it only comes in draw bias. If callaway comes out with a neutral one, I'll pull the trigger.
  13. I have these irons and I love em. They are forged, and stamped TOUR, so you can brag that you have a pro set. Some of the pros on LPGA use these. They are workable, left and right. I'm adding the rockport stinger to my shots this year,. and have used the 6i successfully One thing I would change is the standard shaft is s300 (stiff). Depending on your swing speed, you might want to go regular flex here. I will change my shafts come fall since my swing speed has dropped. Cheers,
  14. I've had the FT-i since middle last year, when they had that 100 dollar gas gift card promo (remember when gas was 4.25). The ft-i is a great driver. My distance is about 210 yards, but I have hit it 250ish recently. That being said, however I do follow the Tom Wishon idea of higher loft, so I got the 13 degree head. It works, since I now don't loose as many balls as before. MAter of fact, I've played one ball for 4 rounds. The FT-IQ looks good, but I don't like that it only has a draw bias. When they come out with one in neutral, I'll def pick one up.
  15. Will the iphone kill the gps market? No but I think its a good healthy dose of competition., Skycaddie is now not the only game in town. I have the iphone, and recently purchased for 24 dollars the ViewTi Golf app. I found the app to be very useful at giving me plain Jane yardage readings to the middle of the green. There is a screen for this called Distance View. This is really all I need at my level of play, and was worth the 24 dollars. The other screen Map view gives a view of the green, and about 200 yards up the fairway. I find this Map view to be too cumbersome to use, and at my level of play not as useful as plain distance. I have used it for about 15 rounds. I am a walker and I have checked it to the course markings, and have also compared it to skycaddie. The app matched markings and the skycaddie. Has it helped? YES! Since I know my iron distances, I am able to use the distance info to try to get on the green. I has worked. I do have more greens in regulation. My last round two days ago, I had 7 GIR. For me thats BIG. Alas, however I choked, and was unable to birdie (very upsetting). So if you have the iphone and are looking at a gps app for golf take a look at View Ti Golf. The fee is a flat $24.00 with no annual fee. Oh almost forgot: battery use. Turn off Wifi, and turn off auto brightness. With these settings I get 18 holes, with about 25 percent battery to spare on a full charge.
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