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  1. What do you think about the Burner TP model which has a 2deg. open face?
  2. I do not care for mallet style putters. Thanks for trying though.
  3. You should get on the long drive tour and you should be using a XX Stiff shaft with a 149mph swing speed. Also that's about 15mph faster than Tiger Woods. Maybe it's time for Golf Galaxy to recalibrate their machine.
  4. I am currently looking for a Left Handed Center Shaft Putter. Specifically either a Betinardi, Scotty Cameron or Odyssey. I do not like large mallet putters. I am looking for a classic look or square back style. I'm having trouble finding one. Can anyone recommend some putters for me?
  5. I chose the wrong word. I should have said average. Also the average 9 iron distance on tour is 140-150. I just find it hard to believe that this guy is hitting it 15 yards further than the average pro.
  6. You hit your 9 iron 165 and only hit your 5 iron 187 consistently? That makes no sense.
  7. I'm a lefty and when I was shopping for my new clubs I picked out 4 different kinds and told the sales manager I was not spending 900$ on a set of irons without hitting them. He called the reps and they dropped of my left handed 6 irons to hit.
  8. Nike Victory Red Split Cavity Back's. I'm not telling you to buy them but make sure you hit them when your shopping around. They are very workable while being surprisingly forgiving at the same time. They are forged with a very thin top line and you cannot see the small cavity at address which gives you confidence when standing over the ball. These irons feel so good on a flush shot and they tell you if you made contact with the heel or toe. IU owned Mizuno's and Titleist prior to these and the Nike's are by far the best iron's I ever hit.
  9. By the way, I can hit a 9 iron 165 yards to with a low ball flight. There is no way in the world you are hitting a 9 iron 165 yards with the proper ball flight. Maybe down hill with a 20 mph wind at your back. What is your swing speed?
  10. I ditched my scotty for a Nike unitized retro blade. Very old school and the shaft is actually forged into the club head which gives me a ton of feedback.
  11. I play the Nike VR split Backs with Dynamic Golg X100. It is a extra stiff shaft and I only hit my 9 iron 145. With regular shafts I was hitting a 9 iron 150. I lost 5 yards but I gained more control going to extra stiff shafts. The Nike VR split backs are the best of both worlds. Workable yet forgivable. They only have a very small cavity in them.
  12. I'm trying to figure out exactly which Fujikura shaft it is if you were to by it aftermarket. Some say that the RE-AX TP is actually a Rombax shaft being that some of them say Rombax technology at the bottom end of the shaft. Others say its a shaft that Fujikura made for the guys on tour using a Taylormade driver. Taylormade just stamped RE-AX on it so the people buying the non TP clubs would think that they are getting a tour quality shaft. I thought the Tour Preferred shafts were supposed to be low-med launch? Basically I'm trying to figure out if I should pull my Graffalloy Pro Launch Red
  13. What kind of shaft is the stock REAX TP that comes in the 09 Burner TP?
  14. What is the difference between a R7 Limited and a R7 Limited Tour Preferred?
  15. I keep hearing how long this driver is and how it's the longest on tour. Has anyone hit this that can confirm it?
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