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  1. Hi. I've been trying to improve my backswing recently and decided to watch a video of rory doing a backswing with an iron. The part that I'm struggling with is after the club is parallel to the ground at hip height he then proceeds to take the iron on a steep incline. What I want to know is how is this done, whenever I try it and look back on my recordings I never seem to have the same sort of look. I've tried keeping the butt end of the club pointing towards the ball but it never seems to give the same effect. Here is the video, skip to part 1:13 and you'll see what I mean. If anyone has any ways I can replicate this with a drill or a way of imagining it. (e.g. butt end of club pointing towards ball) Then I would be very grateful. Here is an imagine of him in the process of doing it. Thanks in advance!