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  1. I regret buying the TM R5, I never hit it as good as the Nike it replaced. Also wasn't too overjoyed with my SC Red X putter, it didn't seem to have any feel. I regret selling my TM Tour Burner irons, I should have keep them in the shed for those times the Mizuno MP 52s misbehave or when the ground is super-wet it'd be nice to a bit more sole on the club.
  2. Went from four wedge (47, 50, 54, 60) to three (47, 52, 58) about a month ago and I love it. Less options, less confusion I think. Also love having both 4iron (penetrating, lower ball flight) and 4 hybrid (higher ball flight, stops on any green and great option off the tee) in the bag now.
  3. According to a Golf Digest instruction thing I watched ages ago, Tiger uses a similar putting path to you and he has an Anser style putter like your Ping. It's probably a good idea to find a practice green and put them both into a Putt-off. See which one puts more balls in the hole. It may just come down to the fact that you like the look of one more or you feel more confident with one. I personally don't think that one kind of path needs one kind of putter style. I have all kinds of putters and seem to get a similar result from each of them - some days they seem to be with me, other days th
  4. +1 Phil (Sometimes it feels a bit like waiting for a train-wreck but you've got to love the excitement factor) -1 Adam Scott (For only sometimes living up to his potential and making it frustrating to support him) -1 Martin Kaymer (Looks like Hymie from "Get Smart" and shows a little less emotion. Tiger Woods(11) Martin Kaymer(6) Phil Mickelson(8) Steve Stricker(10) Jim Furyk(10) Paul Casey(10) Luke Donald(12) Graeme McDowell(11) Rory McIlroy(11) Matt Kuchar(4) Ernie Els(12) Dustin Johnson(14) Hunter Mahan(11) Retief Goosen(6) Adam Scott(10) Zach Johnson(11) Padraig Harring
  5. Having just come out of our winter here, I found them to be pretty good. I have an interlocking grip and didn't have any problems.
  6. There's no doubt my White Ice Rossie feels firmer off the face than my SC Pro Platinum Newport 2. I haven't tried the Black Series but I found the White Hot Odysseys to be very firm with little feel, the White Hot XG series to be too soft for me and the White Ice to be just about perfect firmness (Cue the Goldilocks jokes). I'm not sure how Odyssey grade them but for me it would be (Softer to Firmer) - White Hot XG, White Ice, White Hot (original). I think the White Ice is good combination of firmness and feel. Plenty of info here: http://www.odysseygolf.com/Global/en...nnovation.html
  7. I'll take the deafening silence as a vote of no confidence in the X3.
  8. I was wondering if anyone of the SandTrappers had any experience with this putter. I currently swap between my Ping Redwood Anser and my Odyssey White Ice Rossie depending on mood/greens and was thinking this might be the perfect in-between. I'm pretty sure it's been discontinued and was wondering whether it might be a bit of a dud. Things that I rate from a putter are feel and distance control, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  9. I shot 86 today but only had 26 putts, so today I hit 60 pure crap shots. It would've been funny if it wasn't so annoying. I topped 5 drives, I sliced, I hooked, I hit them fat and thin and I definitely shouldn't have stayed so long at my work function last night.
  10. It's a second, slightly panicked, more urgent and much louder "FORE!!" that really sends everyone ducking for cover. Better to have everyone on the course take shelter just in case.
  11. Nice work Forest and congrats on the presentation. Very clear, entertaining and bonus points for the fast-forward section on the repetitive stuff. I for one will probably just keep my existing wedges for a couple more years and then buy wahtever is available. I figure that by then the wizzes at the club companies will come up with new ways to increase spin whether it be ball technology or more of the grooved faces,
  12. Funny old round today, some greatness and a lot of mediocrity. This isn't so much Best shot of the week, rather 11 shots that all fell into place. Standing on the 16th tee, I knew I needed to finish with a couple of pars and a birdie to get down to single figures for the first time ever. Scored my par on the Par 5 16th with a regulation two putt,; hit a beautiful wedge to 3 feet and sunk the birdie putt on 17 and then dumped my drive on 18 (Hardest hole on the course playing into the wind today with pin back left) in the fairway bunker, managed to just get it out leaving myself with a full 9 i
  13. It's been about 20 years for me so far (Off and on - more off than on actually but the last 2 years I've been more focused dropping from 18.0 to 9.5) and after leaving a putt on the last hole yesterday 3 inches short, it'll be just one more week until I reach singles - hopefully. I shot a +7 79 to come into 9.504, had the putt dropped I'd have been 9.4 and playing off 9 next week. (Incidentally that's what I consider single figures, playing off 9. Not a 9.5 like I am which means I'm still off 10)
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