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  1. First I would hit them before I would cut anything. The thought that popped into my head was, sense they are only 2* apart maybe it would be wise to cut the 20* more than the 18* this in theory would make more of a distance gap between the two.... just my opinion hope it helps
  2. I to vote for the 58*.. I have played a 58* for years and love it...
  3. AXE

    13* 3 Wood

    I recently purchased a 13* cb2 and it is LONG off the tee at least 20 past my current 3 wood. It has only been a few rounds but I think I will keep it primarily for tee duty. I will also add a 4 or 5 wood to fill the distance gap between the new 3 wood and 21* hybrid.
  4. 58* for me, my perfect 100 yrd club. I also use it for all my shots around the green.
  5. Helps me putt better, I don't see anything wrong with that. If belly putters were that much of a menace to society I'm sure the USGA would outlaw them. Stacey_E I had completely given up on my putting stroke. Also I always walk and have never had a problem with it sticking out of my bag.
  6. Never a hat, but always lots of sunscreen (hats make me hot),
  7. I had a similar issue myself, my 54 went 110 yards and PW 135-140 yards. I was tying to put my 4 iron back in the bag as well to help with my long game distances. Original lofts: 58 54 47 43 39 35 31 27 24 24 degree hybrid, Had all the lofts weakened 1 or 2 degrease so new lofts are: 58 53 48 44 40 36 33 29 26 24 degree hybrid Love the changes. My new yardages are 53 115 yards PW 130-135 yards. hope this helps
  8. My favorite club is my 3 wood, but I recently picked up a new 905R off of ebay it may have a chance to become my #1.
  9. I play golf in the Midwest, where it's soft all spring and rock hard late summer and fall. Anywhere from 10*-14* of bounce should work great, it does for me anyway.
  10. Your PW is 45*, so a 50* GW would be perfect. I would stay away from a 60* LW, unless you have time to practice or are very comfortable with high lofted wedges. I would hold off on your longer clubs until you replace your driver and fairway wood/woods. best of luck with your new bag
  11. I play a Titleist 906f4 3 wood and love it, very easy to hit off the deck as well as the tee. I haven't hit the 909 series yet, but if its anything like the 906 series you won't regret it.
  12. Now I play 47* PW, 50* GW, 54* SW, 58* LW. I am thinking about changing to a 3 wedge system, bending my PW to 48*, SW 53*, LW 58*, so I can put my 4 iron back in the bag.
  13. I play Project X 6.0 in my AP2s High launch with spin. I am 1/2 club longer than I was with DG S300, great strong trajectory. I have not noticed a difference holding greens even with my longer irons. Not to worry Titleist Man, Project X are great shafts.
  14. I play 3 vokey wedges, love everything about them. I can spin them, hit them high or low whatever the shot calls for. I can't see myself changing wedge brands for a long time. That said my wedges work great for me but maybe not for you. As with all aspects of this game personal preference should trump all other arguments.
  15. Worst i would have to say Paul goydos. Probably not the best but I love to watch Jay Haas swing the golf club. Jay has great rhythm and timing, effortless power. Watching Jay helps me smooth-out my transition from the top.
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