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  1. Wooden tees

    If you want to stick with wood tees instead of plastic but want durability I HIGHLY recommend Frogger tees. They are made of bamboo and are very resilient. They cost more ($5-7 for 50) but I probably only break one per round so I think its definitely worth it.
  2. Taking good balls from range buckets

    It's rare that I'd find a ball in good enough condition to even want to take. I'll see some Z-stars once in a while, but I could count on one hand the times where a real ball I've found in a bucket wasn't s cuffed or chipped and good enough to use in a round. Just save 'em for the driver and 3-wood. We've all found plenty of balls when looking for our own by hazards or near OB. Don't get greedy.
  3. Whats the strangest thing you have ever seen on a golf course?

    Came out one morning, we were the first people on the course that day, and we saw something really strange on the 7th green. The course was really deep inside of a neighborhood, and a really nice neighborhood which made this even more bizarre to see. Somebody had taken one of those giant horse stuffed animals -- like the 5 foot long ones -- and set it on fire on the green. There was a nice giant scorched spot, and all that was left was its tail, nose, bits of fluff in the middle, and it's googly eyes just laying where the head was staring up . . . it was actually a pretty creepy sight. I three-putted.
  4. Nice review. Similar results to this review. Definitely for someone who values looks in addition to performance.
  5. TaylorMade unveiled a new teaser promo yesterday promising a new piece of equipment (likely driver) due 10/8/15 -- Today, an interested golf fan with coding skills peeked around the site and found photos which may be the aforementioned driver. Link to the photos What do you think?