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  1. Pretty sure I'm going to switch to titleist 695 mb's fairly soon. Just waiting to get a good price on a set.
  2. I actually bought them brand new 4 years ago. The marks are from me, I used to be a single digit, now I suck. By a lot of bad iron shots I just mean i either hit it too far or too short a lot. The main thing I'm asking is just whether the wear marks could be taking away any playability or whether they're alright and just need a little cleaning. I'm not a huge proponent of buying new clubs, I tend to think people do it too much, especially when it comes to irons, because the only real advances I've seen worth buying new clubs for have been in drivers over the past 5 years.
  3. Even with those marks they look good to you though, like grooves and all? I don't really care about the chrome, that lasts like a month on new golf clubs.
  4. I don't think it's rust, I literally just think its worn away from me striking the ball on the same spot so many times, I do take care of them. Does a brush take those wear spots away though?
  5. I currently play mizuno mp-60 irons, but the more I look at them, the more I feel I have used them too long. I included some pictures of the 7 iron and PW below. I am a 14 handicap, but I play these irons as well as any others i've tried including game improvements. I hit a lot of bad iron shots, but its operator error and has nothing to do with the irons themselves. That's the part of my game I'm trying to work on the most, but I could just use some opinions on how worn my irons seem and if so maybe some suggestions for some new ones. As you can tell, I play a lot, usually 4 rounds a week
  6. I played the 905t an r before I got my d2. The d2 is a lot more forgiving for me and allows me to hit more total fairways. I never liked the 905r at all as I thought they forced it out on the market just to compete with other 460 heads. The 905t was my favorite, I had a speeder shaft in it and it allowed me to hit the furthest and work the ball the most, but I played a lot more back then. I still keep my 905t around for fun, but probably the overall best driver the majority of the time is the d2. Hope my thoughts help.
  7. These clubs are really sick if you can hit them. I know a lot of people that still play these and they love them, but they are all single digits. And yes haha, you will definetly know when you mishit them.
  8. Yeah, I've heard good things. My MP-60s are getting pretty beat, major wear marks on the 7 and 8 iron. Trying to decide whether to get a new set, or just save the money and keep playing them.
  9. I play MP-60s, but in your guys opinion, especially with people who have hit both. Which do you feel is more forgiving, the Mp-60s or the titleist 755 cb's?
  10. I'm about to buy a 15* and 20* sonartec hybrid, only problem is that the shafts in them are regular flex. Since they stopped making sonartec hybrids and the 15*'s are super rare, I'm going to buy them anyways, but I want to put stiff shafts in them. How much does it generally cost to get a hybrid shaft put in and can I get any hybrid shaft to put in, as long as its made for a hybrid club? Those are the two questions I have.
  11. Nothing looks better than a brand new set of mp-60s or mp-57s with the chrome all around the cut muscle. However, that chrome quickly fades and mellows, leaving them bland haha. I've found that the titleist chrome irons tend to stay shiny a lot longer so maybe they take the cake?
  12. I've had it so bad, that on two seperate occasions in the last 5 years I was extremely close to quitting golf, and I am a player that can hit the 70s quite frequently if I'm on my game. When it comes, it is single handedly the most unstoppable and unforgiving experience you can face. Notice that I refer to it as "it", I never say the word anymore. The first step is to never let it come into your mind in the first place, cause once its there, it won't leave. Whenever i get it, its usually towards the end of the season thankfully, and sometimes I just call it quits for that year. However if
  13. Hey guys, anyone try these out yet, have any opinion on them? They look really nice and I was thinking about trying/testing one out. I currently have a scotty newport 2 that I've had for around 4 years. No real need for a new putter, but these look extremely nice. Anyone get to try them out? Let me know what you think!
  14. I'm just about to put some new winn 6xi's on my mp60s, im hoping theyll take away a little of the sting I've been experiencing when playing in the cold this spring.
  15. I currently am playing a Sonartec 17* Hybrid (which I love), but it's more of a fairway/driving hybrid with how to face sits on the ground. The country club I play at has super thick high rough and I need to add a hybrid that will be able to slice through the rough (as best one can, sometimes an iron is a must), and also has a good degree of forgiveness because let's face it, you dont have a lot of control in thick rough. I was thinking maybe something from 19-21*, so if anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them. Thanks!
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