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  1. wannabe

    Cortisone Injection

    Thanks for all the feedback and advice, gang. I'm scheduling an appt. @Lihu, interesting, I have tight shoulders/traps; we'll see what the doc says.
  2. wannabe

    Cortisone Injection

    bumping this old thread as I've been sidelined from golf for the last month due to a sore lead (left) elbow. Prior to, I had really stepped up my practice time -- must've screwed something up on the blessed range mats. I have a sharpish pain just by making a tight fist when my arm is extended (not when my elbow is bent fwiw), and light activities like sweeping the floor or picking things up at the wrong angle give the same pain. I tried RICE method for about a week but the symptoms persist. @woodzie264 - what should be my next step(s)? Dr visit, yeah?
  3. wannabe

    Who is on Golf's Mount Rushmore?

    One of the Tom Morrises One of the top designers - Mackenzie, Tillinghast, Ross, ... Two more golfers -- Bobby Jones, Mickey Wright
  4. wannabe

    Spectator loses eyesight at Ryder Cup

    Insurance will cover costs. Tours have no additional liability. Brooks could slide her a sizable fist key, with a gag order. Do not change anything about the events. Spectators can bring their own hardhats & safety glasses as they wish. If it were me, I'd forever be known as the golf pirate.
  5. Coming in first in FedEx and getting picked for the Ryder Cup is a good start, Bryson. Don't be so hard on yourself. Kidding aside, having some confidence in your game will make the 'social' side easier, because you won't feel like you're burdening others with your poor playing. I like the idea of getting lessons from a local pro and talking to him/her about wanting to find people to golf with. Being in Florida, you're not going to have trouble finding golfers. Welcome to the greatest sport on earth.
  6. It's interesting to me that from the pictures it looks like the head/shoulders do kinda stay 'in the barrel'. Could this be the reason for the comparison, as opposed to the hips - more focus on steady head/shoulders? I know every time I've tried to swing in a barrel, I end up reverse pivoting and spinning out.
  7. wannabe

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    Based on all the talk about the penal rough, I predict the story this week to be on those - poa, I believe - greens. Bodes well for Tiger, a la Torrey Pines. C'mon, 15!
  8. wannabe

    Anyone wear UV sleeves?

    Here ya go 🙂 Phil's UV sleeves
  9. wannabe

    2018 Masters Tournament Discussion Topic

    Good on Patrick for the win. His parents getting media attention at this moment reminds me of LaVar Ball.
  10. Good thread. A couple of years ago, I took a year away from playing golf specifically to focus on fitness - cardio, strength, flexibility. I joined a gym, and since then, I've gained 10 lbs of muscle, am stronger than I ever was, trained for and ran a 10k, and finally was able to touch my toes with locked knees. All of this was primarily with better golf in mind, but the residual effects of a better life are immeasurable. Oh, and I am always tinkering with my diet, now incorporating more veg, less meat/starch-- still carrying around too much body fat. I also don't neglect proper rest/recovery time so as not to exhaust myself. Now I'm back playing golf, and the difference is noticeable. Injury free, zero back issues, better swing, no fatigue. All that said, now whether I'm golfing or not, I'm keeping the fitness routines/diet/rest in place forever. And hopefully the golf, too.
  11. wannabe

    Yea or Nay on Golf Fans Yelling Baba Booey!

    hate. it.
  12. I hope he wins the thing. I voted top 20. #OldEnoughToRemember
  13. wannabe

    Ice Skating Redux - Tonya Harding

    (off topic - I saw the movie - birdie. Some really great performances, and a well told story.) I don't remember much from that time beyond the basic headlines. I remember getting the impression from the stories that she was lower class, worthy of disdain, and capable of such acts. I remember basically thinking she got what she deserved. Now I'm not so sure. A life sentence is a long time.
  14. wannabe

    Faster Greens = Slower Play

    Ok. Since you didn’t think about it too hard I’ll let you off the hook.

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