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  1. No idea, but that thing is awesome. Please tell me you can take it out on the course with the buddies for a round. "here come da judge"
  2. El Nino for me. lag. closer to my body type.
  3. How old are your irons?

    titleist never gets old. My DTR's are 80's vintage.
  4. saw these in person for the first time today. The AP3's looked much better than in pics - wow, is that a unique looking and beautiful club. The AP2's and 1's were also quite nice, but I was most surprised by the 3's; one of these days, I'll be more than just a browser.
  5. Tumble in the Golf Swing

    typically I tumble just before firing the glutes.
  6. Jamie Donaldson Driver off the Deck

    I keep hoping it will go in.
  7. Do I need a 60 degree wedge?

    If I remember correctly, Jack Nicklaus gamed only a 54 degree wedge for every shot around the greens. So there's that. But of course, he is the Golden Bear.
  8. Justin Thomas workout

    Yeah, I remember my 20's. Ate and drank anything in sight, didn't gain an ounce, in fact had to work to keep it on. And nowhere near the amount of activity a pro golfer has. These days, different story. To the OP, those are some good exercises. I was especially impressed with the one legged standing cable rows/pulls.
  9. Struggling with shanks

    Yesterday. Ouch. Good thing my station was toward the left end of the range. I only hit a small bucket of balls, but a good third of them were shanks. Never really fixed the problem, but tomorrow is another day, and I have some ideas, similar to others stated. One I'll use for sure is the obstacle outside the ball -- I'll use a tee.
  10. "Lowest Score Wins" by Barzeski and Wedzik

    Thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot. Surprisingly large amount of never before read content. Very glad I bought it, and will be referring back to it often. Well done!
  11. The Films and Movies Thread

    I hope SHAUN OF THE DEAD and ZOMBIELAND were part of your zombiethon. Birdie/eagle territory for both. THE BIG SICK - birdie. Atypical indie-ish romcom that uniquely delivered for the genre, some really funny stuff, and a great cast.
  12. Nice Stand Bags

    The Titleist Players bags have my eye lately. Don't have one, but they sure look the part.
  13. Which 63 was better?

    Which 63 was better? Funny question, kinda like 'which 20 carat diamond is better'? I'll give it to Miller, though, for the various reasons already mentioned. For my game, my front nine 63 is typically better than my back nine 63, usually due to fatigue and booze.
  14. 2017 U.S. Open Discussion Topic

    Not a great day for a come from behind charge. Today will be survival mode.
  15. 2017 U.S. Open Discussion Topic

    Windy conditions today. Would love to see Fowler pull this off a la Scottish Open. May also be a day for a Euro/Brit to feel right at home.