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  1. Yea or Nay on Golf Fans Yelling Baba Booey!

    hate. it.
  2. I hope he wins the thing. I voted top 20. #OldEnoughToRemember
  3. Ice Skating Redux - Tonya Harding

    (off topic - I saw the movie - birdie. Some really great performances, and a well told story.) I don't remember much from that time beyond the basic headlines. I remember getting the impression from the stories that she was lower class, worthy of disdain, and capable of such acts. I remember basically thinking she got what she deserved. Now I'm not so sure. A life sentence is a long time.
  4. Faster Greens = Slower Play

    Ok. Since you didn’t think about it too hard I’ll let you off the hook.
  5. Faster Greens = Slower Play

    Maybe, but I’d wager that’s a stretch that more approaches end up closer to the pin on faster vs. slower greens. Other variables: Most pin position placements on fast v slow? Most green tilts (toward/ away from fairway) on fast v slow? Difficulty of approach shots on courses with fast v slow greens?
  6. Faster Greens = Slower Play

    Softness being equal, though, faster would tend toward less receptive.
  7. Faster Greens = Slower Play

    I surmise that the reason for significantly slower pace of play due to faster greens would be due to the need for more strokes from off the green because approach shots didn't hold the faster greens as often as the slower ones. From what I can tell, though, the study didn't include this aspect in their stats. They only considered time spent on the green. To which I surmise a similar effect, in that approach shots that stayed on the faster greens were relatively speaking further from the hole than on slower greens, resulting in more time spent. Ultimately, though, 7 mins per round difference? I don't understand how that can be considered statistically significant over a 4-5 hr. round.
  8. consider me jealous. beautiful clubs.
  9. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    swing looking good. And it just dawned on me that his logo is reminiscent of another W brand (apologies if already posted elsewhere) :
  10. No idea, but that thing is awesome. Please tell me you can take it out on the course with the buddies for a round. "here come da judge"
  11. El Nino for me. lag. closer to my body type.
  12. How old are your irons?

    titleist never gets old. My DTR's are 80's vintage.
  13. saw these in person for the first time today. The AP3's looked much better than in pics - wow, is that a unique looking and beautiful club. The AP2's and 1's were also quite nice, but I was most surprised by the 3's; one of these days, I'll be more than just a browser.
  14. Tumble in the Golf Swing

    typically I tumble just before firing the glutes.
  15. Jamie Donaldson Driver off the Deck

    I keep hoping it will go in.

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