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  1. The Titleist Players bags have my eye lately. Don't have one, but they sure look the part.
  2. Which 63 was better? Funny question, kinda like 'which 20 carat diamond is better'? I'll give it to Miller, though, for the various reasons already mentioned. For my game, my front nine 63 is typically better than my back nine 63, usually due to fatigue and booze.
  3. Not a great day for a come from behind charge. Today will be survival mode.
  4. Windy conditions today. Would love to see Fowler pull this off a la Scottish Open. May also be a day for a Euro/Brit to feel right at home.
  5. Or they will make it to the kitchen table more quickly. Mmmm. Congrats to the Penguins! My favorite arctic flightless bird.
  6. IIRC he called himself out a few years ago on the green resulting in a penalty stroke that cost him the tourney. The USGA changed the rule in a way that he wouldn't have been penalized, aka the Webb Simpson rule. Signs point to no for this one.
  7. I enjoy hockey on the rare occasion I see it, but I passed through Nashville yesterday after spending time with some folks from there and wow, that town is on fire for the Predators. Their passion is contagious, because I watched my first Stanley Cup final Monday night and had a great time watching it. Catfish on the ice - hilarious!
  8. Bought and am reading LSW - excellent stuff.
  9. I think I'm gonna be sick.
  10. Mine just arrived. You could even say it glows.
  11. Well, if it couldn't be Simpson, I'm happy for Kisner. Lots of guys were in the hunt. Kisner was dialed in. Season's really beginning to heat up.
  12. 2017 D&D Invitational Pretty tight leaderboard with some big names, going out in threesomes due to weather threats. Should make for some good watching. Simpson has been trending this year of late. He's back on with his putting after several changes since the anchoring ban. I'm rooting for him. I also like the D&D shops. Ridiculously high dollar, but some good eats.
  13. I believe shutter speed is also part of the overall consideration, too. A higher shutter speed gives a clearer image for each frame of fast moving objects. The trade-off is that you need good light, sunny outdoor being the best, and the ability to capture as much light as possible, i.e. a nice big ccd chip typical of good DSLRs.
  14. Great to hear @CMartis, sounds like you're up for the task. Since you mentioned your experience in relation to the idea, it seems your workplace may have been the genesis for the idea. As such, you should check your company's employee agreement and/or legal department to check the rules for ownership of intellectual property related to the workplace. Some companies are stricter than others about what is or isn't owned by them or owned by the employee. Even if the idea doesn't directly pertain to the company's core products, if you use company time or equipment in the design of the product/prototyping, they could claim ownership. Food for thought.