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  1. Hey thanks for the info! I'll check it out, maybe sign up for a few lessons. Do you think they would be interested in putting me into a certification program to teach with them? I think i'm pretty good.
  2. OK, my apologies, not trying to offend anyone. I'll defer to the expertise of the professional who a run this site. I think I may be just a little hyper-sensitive to the fact that I felt violated. Lets go a different direction I suppose. I've been thinking a lot about this the last couple days and I've been playing golf nearly 2 months now and really really love this game and sport. I've decided I love this game to the point that I believe I would sometime love to teach golf as a secondary profession. I believe I could do just as good a job as 'happy hands' (j/k) and believe I will be regular
  3. No sorry I live out in the sticks in an avocado grove. Spend most my time farming so I'm not up on the current lingo. I'm not familiar with 'pieces' or 'noodles' when it comes to golf sorry. Let's just get hypothetical for a little bit though, I mean there is NO question in my mind this instructor was getting to close for comfort and using his authority as a professional to touch me inappropriately. If we had to put a % on golf instructors who were either homosexual- openly or still in the closet, would it be around 50%? Would make sense to me, spending significant time around men moving in wh
  4. OK now I'm starting to question the golf teaching business as a whole. I mean, you're the second guy on this forum alone to make subtle sexual references here in regards to teaching golf. The other guy was talking about feeling 'pieces' and here you are talking pushing your 'pool noodle'. A lot of subtle sexual undertones in play here. I know this is a sport dominated by men, where men are working primarily with other men but jees uh....this is getting a little suspect. Now I've spent my entire life massaging greasy, oily avocados and have had a few experiences with my cousins that we won't ge
  5. Look man, I don't particularly care about your sexual orientation....hell i'm an organic farmer, there's a lot of hippie fruity types in my business. Doesn't bother me the least. Last thing I want during a damn golf lesson is feeling a man's 'piece' pressed up on me. End of story. I think I may stick to online lessons.....how much do you guys charge?
  6. Yes I agree...he was most certainly trying to get me to feel his 'piece'. Thanks for the heads up, i'll most certainly make sure he shows me another way.
  7. Trying really hard to turn my shoulders more level instead of dropping my right shoulder too low. Also trying to pump and thrust and turn my hips all at once. The feel is a groin throw.
  8. Wow, if he had said that the perverbial golf glove would have come off. I'm just wondering if this type of hands on instruction is an old-school method type thing or if anyone else around here really gets into it on this sort of level. I've heard talk about pressure mapping and other such things...not too sure what that is but it sounds similar to my experience.
  9. I don't know....thought he might kiss me. Interesting. What did he tell you was the point of the knee pushing? My instructor tells me the hips need to slide forward a tiny bit and really thrust hard toward the ball. The motion he was groping me toward kinda felt like I was pumping and turning at the same time if that makes sense? Feels like i'm throwing my groin in an upward fashion.
  10. Hi everybody! So in my quest to break 90 and be the best golfer I can possibly be I've begun taking lessons and scouring through golf forums to try to absorb as much as possible. My instructor seems like a knowledgable coach but I has an uncomfortable experience in our last session. This may sound bizarre but he tells me I've got 'jumpy' hips and we need to quiet them down. He got me into posture the other day, and He kept putting his hands on my hips and was getting uncomfortably close to my backside. He said he was guiding my hip motion, but it felt borderline over the top. Is it me or does
  11. I'm not a good golfer and I apparently definitely shallow everything when my right side drops straight down. I'm no golf instructor but if you look at the pictures you posted it looks like the only reason his hands are higher is because his head drops and shoulders seem to get steeper on his downswing. My instructor tells me that your hands work out and away when you start down but if the wrists are working right the club can still shallow or at least not get steeper. All I know is when I saw myself in slow motion video my head works higher and backwards and my hands and right shoulders seem
  12. My instructor told me that most players shift their hands out from where they are at the top and that is not considered 'over the top'. He said when the shaft and club head get working over the top of the backswing plane that's when you get into trouble. Couldn't your hands shift outward in the swing without letting the club get steep? We've been looking at my swing on video and it turns out i'm in no way OTT. I actually drop my right shouder too far down when I start down which we now think is causing me to flip the club shut at the ball. This picture of Sam Snead's move is what we're actuall
  13. Hi i'm pretty new around here but man your comments seem pretty harsh? Why are you bashing a guy online? Seems like a lot of folks around here like to make others look bad? Just the initial impression i'm getting.
  14. Really? Wow, now i'm super confused. This guy is supposed to be the best and has been teaching for like 20 years. He's been telling me to swing in the direction I want to start the ball. He said it started left because I was swinging left. So all I've been doing for the last week is exaggerating ( what feels to me) like a huge inside out swing. The ball does seem to start a little further right than where it was before, but it's definitely still going left when I hit one bad. Where are you guys learning this information from? Not saying anybody's right or anybody's wrong...but this doesn't qui
  15. I'm confused by this? I hit the ball sometimes that curves to the left and low and my instructor says it's because i'm swinging over the top. He told me all balls that start left and curve that way are from swinging in this fashion. He's been having me swing more to the right as hard as I can to the point where it feels really uncomfortable. Its been almost a week and it doesn't seem to be working though. He didn't say anything about the face of the club however, only that the swing path going more in to out would fix the ball going left?
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