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  1. I've got a Clicgear 3.0 and I'm looking at adding a GPS holder to it. Right now I'm looking at the following - http://www.amazon.com/View-Golf-Cart-GPS-Holder/dp/B001BRWL5S/ref=wl_it_dp_o_npd?ie=UTF8&coliid;=I3FO80EPUXOWLA&colid;=2LLAJ79LTIOY2 I have a SkyCaddie SG4, which is pictured, so I'm assuming it fits well, and this specific holder appears to allow for other attachments to still work (like the umbrella holder). So do any of you use this one or others? Do they work well, meaning is there any concern that the GPS unit may fall out?
  2. no i don't keep my shoes in my bag, and probably wouldn't. Look for a hand me down or on sale carry bag. I bet you know someone who's willing to get rid of one, or if you aren't too picky, you can get a good quality carry bag pretty cheap on closeout. My personal favorites are sun mountain bags, which may cost you a bit more, but there are lots of good ones out there.
  3. this thread would be a lot more interesting with a few pictures.
  4. Only con is price Pros Size Ease of roll Features Accessories I love mine.
  5. I've been thinking about getting one of these. My thought is that it would: keep my trunk cleaner keep my stuff more organized make it easier to reach my stuff (as it often rolls around) The Samsonite on amazon is cheap http://www.amazon.com/Samsonite-Golf-Trunk-Organizer-Standard/dp/B000EIJDGK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid;=1329929552&sr;=8-1 Are there "better" ones that are somehow worth more money.
  6. Used my clicgear for the first time today. I'm simply amazed at how good the experience was. First the clicgear is a great Cart, but honestly I could see any good cart being a great experience. Only negative is that my cart bag dividers were designed for a riding cart, so they are essentially backwards. Small nitpick, but a new sun mountain sync bag would fix that problem :) Otherwise, I can't understand why anyone would choose to carry or even ride... But each to their own.
  7. I was custom fit for my last driver at Callaway headquarters in Carlsbad. That was several years ago. I'd like to get custom fit for a new driver, 3 wood, and hybrid this season. I'd like to get some thoughts on good places to get this done. I have a Scheels, Dicks, Golf Discount, and a few courses around that do some custom club fitting, but only the Golf Discount has all of the brands I'm interested in, but I'm not sure they have the capabilities or options to do quality custom fitting. I don't mind driving to St. Louis or Chicago to get fit by a better place with a larger selecti
  8. Why would slow swing speed have anything to do with high scores? I don't think this is a reasonable assumption. to the OP, a friend of mine used http://golfballselector.com/ and found it to be very helpful.
  9. After his personal issues I no longer "like" Tiger. I'm not trying to judge him, he's just no longer someone I want my kids to look up to (maybe that is a judgement...). So while "hate" is a strong word, I no longer support him. I do HATE all of the coverage (including this thread) that Tiger is getting. Seriously, I wish he would either start winning again or just go away. The endless discussions of him when he's not winning are pretty painful.
  10. BTW, I just got my Red Clicgear cart the other day. Haven't used it on the course yet, but it works great pushing my bag around the house :) The only negative is the way my dividers are set up in my cart bag. They were obviously designed the exact opposite way of how I now want to arrange my clubs. I'm going to have to get creative.
  11. To be clear, I don't think Tigers shoes look ridiculous because his shoes are athletic. I think they look ridiculous because he wears what amounts to white tennis shoes with black dress pants.
  12. Tiger's shoes look ridiculous. He should at least wear black ones. If you needed a reason to root against him, his shoes are enough... I like Freddy's.
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