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  1. If you don't mind, I'm gonna chase my dreams.
  2. UPDATE! I may have been misinformed but I was led to believe that the players on the 'Old Farts Tour' were, at best, playing scratch golf. I mean from those senior tees, I can rip up the best of courses. It is possible that I have been led up the garden path. On saying that my offer is still open and I welcome any deposits. What can you lose? Or should I say what can you afford to lose?
  3. I may be a chancer but I'm certainly not trying to be offensive or provocative. I'm guessing you're a sacker? Paypal: DFLchampionstour@gmail.con
  4. So I can put you down for 50 units? Yes but imagine what I could do with your help. I only started playing the game seriously last year and got down to my present handicap with some reading of this board over the last few years. P.S. DFL, come on! If you take the early bird offer, I'll send you a certificate, a personal thank you note and a sleeve of Titleists. Sorry to lose you. Damn I should have known those facts. I'll take that bet. Send the 100 to me and I'll send back 200 if I never play on the tour. OK 30%, but just for you. Shall I put you down for 50 units? Most people could use some extra funds. I am only centering my focus on those with disposable income and old people. Sorry to lose you.
  5. My handicap would probably get me through the cut but you're right not good enough to win. With the finacial support I would hire Erik and Mike to tune up my game and I think the sky would be the limit. This is definitely not spam and I am only promising 22.4% annual gain on your invetsment. Its not a get rich quick scheme but I'm sure if you can afford the investment I'll enjoy the project. There's no limit on the amount of units available and each unit costs only $5 with a minimum purchase of 50 units. I also have a early bird special, 100units for $450. I plan to use bribery in order to qualify and if that doesn't work, I will rely on skill. With the proper sponsoring and marketing, I am going to be one recognised names. Omdalla Ndgo? Not possible, I need the money. Yes exact translation of 'bile yer heid' is 'boil your head'. We often say, "Awa' an' bile yer heid ya mug ye" meaning WTFO. 'Don't be ridiculous' is also a pretty accurate translation. And of course I am not being ridiculous, if you can afford the investment, I promise to put my heart and soul into it.
  6. OK I've got the point. I'll be sticking around and looking for other threads. I just found this one quite interesting.
  7. I am a very very good golfer. I'm 49 years old and although my handicap is not yet plus, I will be winning big time on the Champions Tour within the next twelve months. My question to you is this, "Do you want to be a part of this BONANZA?" I recently approached my local bank for a loan for this endeavour and to my surprise they refused. So, I am offering, wait for it, an APR of 22.4% to anyone who finances this. That's $22.40 per year for every $100 you invest in this project. I don't want to go into the fine details at the moment, lets just say this is an opportunity that could hound you for the rest of your life if you don't take it. What's my advice? Go for it!
  8. I say, 'toe ma toe' and you say, 'toe may toe'. Yeah, in your dreams. They have not got an inclin. what a closed face feels like. I would like to think that the path has been chosen relative to the target and I still maintain that face angles are easier to apply to the path. Am I the only golfer on this board who lines face to path?
  9. Exactly, no mention of target.
  10. I think they should have gone with a two ball foursomes format with the pro playing with his caddy.
  11. BTW, surely a minimalist or uncomplicated view of the flight laws can't be a bad thing. IMO we should refer to face angles relative to path, then we wouldn't have to do any sums. It's also easier to align and feel face angles relative to path than to target. It would also help stop the confusion about hitting outer quadrants with open club faces. I understand your stock draw but I think it would confuse the OP. I'm sure your brother in law and Trevino and co would feel awkward aiming right of target no matter what. As I mentioned earlier in this post, the OP would have a better chance of learning to swing in to out if he understood the simple basics of path. It behooves this board to explain the mechanics of the inside out swing with the simplist explanations. Phew, I seem to have got that off my chest.
  12. I agree. Its kevin Costner's fault for putting his hands and other things too close to the lady getting the lesson in the film 'Tin Cup'. I would have probably told him to stop and would definitely not return. Its a poor substitute for finding a way to get you to experience the movement for yourself. I once had a similar experience with a pro who kept getting behind me during my back swing and pushing his left knee into the back of my right knee. I told him to stop and never returned.
  13. After much thought I have decided that for this shot, the club face is 2° open to path at impact. What complicates this equation is the loop in the path in the down swing. Am I right?
  14. Understanding path and face angles.
  15. Only relative to target, not relative to path. point your line relative to path and you'll see that only a closed face can hit the outer quadrant.