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  1. Are tournaments with cash prizes illegal? There are many other companies in different industries offering similar platforms. Regardless of the legality Regarding sandbaggers scammers, etc. Obviously there's no safe guard, this would most likely only apeal to elite level players. Not newcomers to the game of golf. Thanks The bet would only be between players third party bets obviously would not be allowed.
  2. Hey guys, Im new to sandtrap, glad I found the community. I'm working on a golf app that will allow players to find local players interested in playing for a friendly wager. The app would connect players with one another and process the payments depositing them into the winners account. Bet amounts will be capped within a reasonable range. I'm curious to hear some feedback on the idea. I know some may argue this goes against what the game of golf stands for. I completely understand that point of view, I myself rarely if ever, play for money but I know many of my friends and guest at the course I work at enjoy playing for money. Thanks