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  1. i tried the Z star, i really like it alot. I can't afford to buy pro v 1 every weekend....
  2. i can't agree more!!!! i gave up 18 strokes just from the tee box, and only had 1, 3 putt around.....
  3. i went to golf galaxy and hit my 7 iron on the black mat with tap on it, it shows i'm hitting off the toe.. so the guy put it back to 2 degrees up right. And it's hitting flat now....so now i need to rebend my irons back to stock location...I'll never do that again....
  4. Now i can't hit a ball to save my life!!! Omg, how can i get them back, i no they were off from standard, so how do i get them back?
  5. Just bought me one, went to the range. Best driver i've spent money on, i kinda played around with the settings. So far neutral setting work best for me, i bought the 9 degree. First outing will be this sunday, that'll be the true test...I'll let you no after that....
  6. How much do you pay for golf a month at your club or guest fees? I quiet my golf course and it was costing me 350$ a month, with no money down.
  7. Are you a member of a course and only use it for the driving range? I was thinking of joining this course, it's on my drive home from work. It's around 55 $ a month and it's unlimited range. The course isn't all that, so i was wondering if anyone has the same situation.
  8. I had g10s very good clubs. Then i got fitted for my ap1 and i haven't looked back. Super nice clubs, i have no intentions on changing irons. I can't say enough about them. Go gettem....
  9. it's not a country club, it's public. 36 holes, it's extremely nice club, walk in customer is 85$ I only been playing about once a week. Cause i got tired of paying for a babysitter for my 5 and 6 yr. olds. So evertime i drop them off at the sitter it's 50$. So that is automatically 400$, so if i take them every weekend it turns into 550$. And that was getting old fast.
  10. I canceled my membership today, after only 1 1/2yr of playing there. It was costing about 350$ a month, and i had to pay a babysitter 50$ to watch my girls cause my wife is a flightattendent. So it was a min of 400$ a month to play. And i haven't been playing that much, so i bit the bullet and canceled it today. It was a sad day today.
  11. 1st yr-100-120 currently i shot in the low 90s i have shot in the 80s a few times. I'm 38 and i'm going on my 2nd yr of golf. I wish i would have picked up this game 15 yrs. ago.
  12. they look like there rubber with a word in the middle
  13. I've notice these rubber bracelets, that golfers wear. What is it? And why?
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