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  1. New member from New Orleans

    I am also a new member from New Orleans. I am a very novice player and would like to work on my game right now what do you suggest I do? 1. Take lesson from older PGA professional gentlemen with +30yrs experience for only $50 a lesson for an hour. (twice a month) 2. Take a lesson from a younger PGA professional gentlemen that uses trackman but lessons are $120 a hour...ouch! He will fit me for clubs, preferably titliest since that is what he uses. Not sure if I want to switch over since I was fitted for PING 3. Or lastly go to Golftech? they are very expensive but I don't have the exact cost. they just seem over priced. Basically I am looking to learn the short game of golf but every lesson I take it's always on a mat and they have me doing a full swing. I know i can't dedicate time to golf like some and play every day or every other day. But I can play 18 once a week if I'm lucky and go to the range once a week. I know I may not be great but would like to be better for sure. Dancin~